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Finished Before the Storm

  My friend Anne, made me this vase.   It is square with "Frogs" on the bottom to catch the stems.  I didn't know how it might show; but I adore it now that I have used it.   I wanted to cut them before the storms hit.  We were under a tornado warning for a bit, then a watch.  I wanted to show you my finished socks just after the warnings were done.   I have to remember that it easier to knit both socks without months between them.  But things happen.  I am keeping these for me. These are to demonstrate that I do know how to knit socks that fit me.  See the cuffs? They aren't tight.  I have fat there and I don't want them tight and irritating.  Just another pose outside where the photos seem better.   To end, I want you to see that we have green starting around here.  Tomorrow is May first and we are supposed to have another week of 50 degree weather.   It has been a bugger of a Spring so far.  You may say it wasn't Spring, save for a few days.  What is next?

More Gift Hats Regina Made

Regina is  much admired by me for her constant giving of time for the needy.   The hats are too fun.  I am sure someone needs a hat in this crazy Spring.  Thanks Regina. Im working on that second sock.  I'm in the home stretch.  So much going on here , a11 good, but the darndest things are happening. 'The DH1 truck arrives today, after we have stared at the front door Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   They never de1ivered a package.  We had to trave1 to get it . THen the truck shows up today, and natura11y he cant find the package  .  I was my very nice person and said,  "That's because we picked it up today"  And "Its not your fau1t"  Goofy things going on!

I'm Back to Socks

  Just as I was wondering if I had enough yarn for another garter wrap , I found my unfinished pair of pretty pink socks.  This is a good sign for me.  With my  new medication,  I am not shaking anymore.  The shaking thing worried me . I knew it was just a side effect, but for a knitter or crocheter unsteady hands are the worst. It took a bit to get back to my norm. I'm so happy I am ab1e to knit a sock again.  Thank you Regina, for giving me the push to do something about it.   I have two hyacinth that I might show you when they have opened up more.  They have such fragance!   If I have not posted , it is because I don't have anything to show you.  It doesn't' mean I'm not reading your posts.  The ideas I get from each of  you, teaches me even after many years of knitting.  I'm off to read your posts now.  Have a steady day!  

The Rainbow Shawl

 I finally have something to show you.    I had to correct many mistakes with this garter shawl.   I used a sock yarn and I had no idea how it would pool.    I really love the outcome .  My dear yarn obsessed Fezzik snagged it in one place.  Allison will help me fix or hide that soon.  This is a gift to her friend Lucy, who we love. The pattern was made up by my old knit shop friend. I told her I wanted a shawl with no point.  She called it a shoulder drape shawl.  Cast on ten stitches.  Row 1 increase every stitch. Row 2 increase every stitch (40) Then increase in first and last stitch each row until desired length.  Bind off.  The biggest issue for me was to look at the worked stitches frequently to be sure  I had not dropped any stitches. I will add the photo in a few minutes.  I have to have my photographer help.   There you go!  Finished ready to gift to Lucy.  I'm going to start another today.  I like the drape you get with garter.  I just have to be careful.  Did you see we

Snow knitting

 I wish I could tell you that Spring temps have arrived, but I awoke to sleet and snow.   There's a 70  in our forecast for Thursday.   If you are stuck in this never ending cold with a sprinkle of hope , you are not alone!  Our days will come.  We will be gardening, opening the windows and porch knitting .  Its almost Tuesday right.  ???? Then just Wednesday in the 50s and the long awaited 70 on Thursday I may be pulling the blinds again later.  It helps if I don't look at it.   Until then I will spare you the snow pictures.   I am making progress on the garter shawl for friend Lucy.  Just as soon as I can I will show progress . Oh wait I have a question....... Can I post from my kindle and put a kindle picture on the post?  When I use my kindle it has a full keyboard with real " l" s.   But I usually have to download a photo to the fire mans computer and edit the post from there to put a photo in.      So no winter snow images from here pals.   How are those frogs t

Spring Holidays

 We found the tiniest ham in Wisconsin.  Just Fireman and I for Easter so asparagus. Shredded potatoes, and the teeny ham for dinner.   We are very concerned about Covid despite double vaccinated and 2 boosters.  I am afraid people are just weary of masking and distancing and the numbers will soar again.   I don't know when we will relax a bit. I can hope for warmer weather soon and we wi!l feel safe being outdoors.    I got a text from the local wildlife rescue. They needed a volunteer to pick up baitfish for the heron  and other birds that are back and getting injured.  It is a simple job and the fish hatchery and the wildlife sanctuary appreciate  it.. I miss the barn but I may have other roles at the sanctuary. I cannot go back to the barn for many reasons.  I am frightened to be around horses now. I will have lots of time to knit this cold weekend.  I linked back Many rows but am back on track again. This time I look at each row after its finished to be sure I haven't made

Easter Goodies

  I did not expect a lovely box of Easter egg chocolates, gorgeous cotton blend yarn in my favorite colors, Bunny Napkins, and the cutest bag of coffee labeled with Peeps.  The coffee was aptly  named: : For Peeps Sake.  We had to try it right away.  It is mellow and a sweet way to start the day . Lovely GIgi who has picked up the sole Moderator position for the socks for amputees, sent ME this gift.  I was truly touched.  I needed to step down after the Wisconsin 'On This Leg ' group was given over 50 socks from our group.  Gigi cheerfully kept the group going.  I'm sure she would take a sock if you have a lonesome sock that someone with just one leg could use. She is working with an Indiana amputee to try to set up their next recipients.  She has contests and she updates the chat board frequently.   It made my day.  It is just Fireman and I for Easter, so these thoughtful treats will help us celebrate. I was very tempted, to stop my current WIP and cast on in the gorgeous

In Which I Talk About Mistakes

  It is warm out! Finally.  Fireman took my knit photos for me, and I'm thankful. Selfies for my  Knitting aren''t as nice as a real photo.  This little shawlette/scarf  was knitted in  the alpaca wool I've been raving about.  It did NOT increase in size when blocked.  What it did do, is show a few mistakes made along the way.  Allison and I were chatting and she agreed that no one will notice it when its being worn.  The picot bind off was cast on 2, bind off 8, so you get picots farther spaced apart, and,  the process goes much faster.  Nonetheless, I hate a mistake in knitting.   I won't give anything away if it is imperfect.  But I do think anyone who wore this picot edge sahawlette which increased  every other row, would love it .  So I won't be without mistakes.  I'm much more mistake prone with garter, but I refuse to purl again this week.    Any mistakes lately?   

Just a few more days of gloom.

 The weather folk said yesterday, we had 10 days in a row without sun. It is supposed to snow today.  Somehow the weather is supposed to improve Monday.  Im sorry to complain about it,  again and again.  This wintery weather is not giving up.  It is getting to me . I love a warm to hot, sunny day.  I love hot nights with the windows open.  I loved the screened porch all bug-less and steamy.   I know that many of us here are just so sick of this pasty sky and cold snow.  Sometimes I think of moving to a place with a shorter winter.  Today I may close the blinds again.  I could start a fire in the fireplace and try to enjoy being in.  Very late last night I finished my simple shawl.  It was knitted up in Cloudborn fibers, Limited edition Alpaca worsted.  I made my last shawl in this soft alpaca in brown.  I am blocking the shaawl to see if it will stretch a bit.  I finished with a picot edging, It measured 36 wing span, and 12 inches deep.  So not too big .. I"m hoping it stretches

Dress UP

  I loved to play dress up .  Did you?  My Allison loved to play dress up as well.  I know a little girl who would like this for dress up.  I decided to add the flowers to the leaf shawl . I hope her momma will take a photo of her goofing around in it and send it to me,  My little garter shawl is going slower now.  You know, the rows get longer and the knitting slows to a crawl.  But it is great knitting for when you are watching TV .  Come Thursday I will be knitting while I listen to the Cubs.  The Marqee network continues to make it impossible to watch the Cubs in Wisconsin.  This is beyond aggrivation. I am grateful for the radio .  Once it warms up, me, my knitting and my radio will sit on the screen porch and enjoy the Cubbies. Also in the works, 7 of us who are friends from our McDonald crew circa 1970s, are having a masters contest.  We had a blast working at McDonalds back then.  The years have made us all closer.  It is pretty amazing.  Several of us married.  When I think of

The Snow was my Fault

  She's just a decorative leaf shawl, but I think Mother Nature thought she should send snow when she saw me.   Some of you know I've made this scarf quite a few times before.  The pattern is Spud & Chloe  Leaf :a scarf or a bookmark.  Mine have had to be wetted and blocked or the leaves don't pop out at you.  If you roll it and puff the leaf up just witth your fingers, the design is more leafish.  This will be a decorative scarf, not meant to be tied, just big enough to wear with a shirt and put around the back of your neck.   The sun has come back. FIckle doesn't cover it. When it is out, I am definitely inspired by Spring . Signs of Spring in Wisconsin:  warblers come through, Walmart put their kayaks outside for sale, the golf course IS open for play , the sun stays out longer, Orion begins to leave the night sky, and jelly beans are a staple here.  Oh and the piers are going in on Lake Geneva.   We do a family and friends NCAA pool yearly.  I've had good ye

First Wrap, it's a Wrap

  I finished my wrap during the Buck's game Thursday. It is so soft.  I am keeping this one and I'm usinig this one.  The picot edge bind off took some time, but now that it is finished, I think it is charming.  Besides knitting, I have been putting photos and patterns on a thumb drive. I saw that I had a number of patterns  in my documents that I have not used. It was fun to discover or rediscover this treasure trove of patterns.  The sun is shining and that is to be noted.  The snow is going away.  It is a mere 32 degrees out, however, so that hinders things again.  We may have to burn some wood from the dead trees we took down in autumn.   That's fun to me!