I'm Back to Socks


Just as I was wondering if I had enough yarn for another garter wrap , I found my unfinished pair of pretty pink socks.  This is a good sign for me.  With my  new medication,  I am not shaking anymore. 

The shaking thing worried me . I knew it was just a side effect, but for a knitter or crocheter unsteady hands are the worst. It took a bit to get back to my norm. I'm so happy I am ab1e to knit a sock again.  Thank you Regina, for giving me the push to do something about it.  

I have two hyacinth that I might show you when they have opened up more.  They have such fragance!  

If I have not posted , it is because I don't have anything to show you.  It doesn't' mean I'm not reading your posts.  The ideas I get from each of  you, teaches me even after many years of knitting. 

I'm off to read your posts now.  Have a steady day!  


Araignee said…
I'm so happy to hear the shaking has stopped. That had to be so annoying. It's so nice to pick up a friendly project from time out. I know I've got a couple waiting for me.
Tired Teacher 2 said…
We all need a push every now and then. I’m glad you went for help. I know what you mean about posting. Not much happening here to show, but I’ve mustered up a few posts in the last two weeks, not so much before that.
Dee said…
Yay for socks!

I get you on the shaking.

I have talked to my doctor about the shaking I experience. There is a medication that would help, but I can't take it. As an insulin dependent diabetic, it would make it so I didn't feel my lows. I do hit some lows ------so sometimes I shake. I actually don't mind the shaking so much as the feeling of being super, SUPER caffeinated. Thankfully, it passes quickly and I'm just left with a little bit of a tremor.

I'm glad that you were able to find something to help.
karen said…
beautiful socks and they are nice to always have on the needles!
Nance said…
I understand the reluctance to keep trying meds. It gets tiresome and defeating. I'm glad you have found something that seems to be the answer.

I haven't posted in almost a month. I'm just not feeling it, you know?
Suck a cute little sock! Get knitting!
KSD said…
It's amazing what the right medication can do. Happy for you.
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