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I hope I don't have to change this again!

  the new name you can find my writing at is; Knittinggenes  sorry for the confusion.  Kathy b.

For the Post of 12/29/21


Puzzling, not an Olympic Sport....yet

Nancy showed her fantastic puzzle finish.    This 500 piece puzzle has 227 pieces In place.   Keep in mind dear readers ,We have just added puzzles to our options here at wintercamp. Fireman and I tried a thousand piecer right after his surgery. It made us feel Inept  to say The least. We quit.  Yup.  Packed up every piece and shelved it. So feeling very certain we could conquer a 500 piece, I rushed to buy this one. I made a very rookie mistake as this one is three D. We are expecting inches and more inches of snow , so I will leave it up until Saturday.    It is kept away from the felines because it is on a yoga mat we can roll up. Yoga camp is down the street folks.. below: The mug and the yarn This gorgeous mug was sent by high school  Pal Eileen.   It is so light , even filled to the brim.  The amazing g Al  had to fill my heart with this gorgeous sock yarn.   It is Uneek sock yarn in color way 69.     Where is the photo?   I am still training myself with this format......sorry. 

Where there's a wil, there's a wa

Perhaps there is a way to work off my new fire tablet for posts. .  Did you notice I can post photos......I think.  *Thought just occurs that I can put photos on laptop.   So.I can put the photo as on as preview, then find the preview on my kindle and adds the words .      Sure it is an extra step but worth it to me. I only knit one 7 foot scarf for charity so far. I am knitting a bright pink one next.   The paint by number is for fireman From Allison.   It is FINALLY snowing here.   I am so.happy ! Please pass along the blog info to our pals. I know I missed some.     

I think I want to try b1ogging again .....

 Happy End of 2021.  It was a year of tremendous, gut-wrenching times .  My Fireman had the benign tumor removed from his head before Ha11oween.  He's doing great.  Me and anxiety sti11 know each other too we11.  I'm gratefu1 for my doctor and my therapist.  My therapist is such a do11 .  We actua11y have said we want to vacation together . Thanks to their care and God's he1p, I'm doing we11 again.  2021 begone!  I am fortunate that I was on my game before and during the procedure and hospita1ization .  It was 6 weeks 1ater that the anxiety decided it needed to rear its ug1y head.  It was a1so around then when I bounced off the wordpress b1og.  Their te11ing me I wou1d owe them  money if I continued , put me off.  SOme o f you sweet1y said you missed this si11y b1og.  Judy encouraged me to try b1ogger again. I am.  Vera, thank you too.  As far as knitting here at iso1ation camp, I've been fortunate to stay motivated and keep the need1es moving.  If you