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Sunrise Babushka

Here is my newest babushka. Coif from KnitWit Amy R. SIngers book. This pattern is so cute and easy and fast. It is my hoping for spring colored babushka. I cannot say enough about the feel of faux cashmere. It is soft against my neck. I'll let you know how it holds up over time. I'm looking for a way to buy more faux cash. It is costly. I have a question. Do you need new glasses when the word verification always changes 3 times before you put it in correctly? I have such a hard time with blogs that are black in the back with white print. It is really hard on these eyes. Time for the eye exam......or do you have word verification issues too?

Al's last day as a teenager

Here's a clue: it is Al's last day as a teenager! You are all so funny. I feel like Howie Mandell. Why can't this woman give away some prize yarn???? All your guesses made me smile. St Patrick's Day? This is a HUNGARIAN irish eyed knitter, remember? Lent? What a great idea. To give prizes during Lent. I'll have to remember that one, Sr. Mary Suffer won't approve.... A blog milestone.....always a good guess Stay tuned. I 'll be having another stash giveaway soon.. This was fun!

Guess why?

I'm giving away a little stash. First one to ask, gets the kidsilk haze in blue. It is a full skein, just tag missing. First one to ask gets the lace green/purple yarn. First one to ask gets a skein of Misty Alpaca. All the usual apply: non smoking household, kept away from beloved pets etc. If any of you guess the reason for the giveaway, you win a special stash giveaway not to be revealed........ let the guesses begin!

Rubber Chicken loves Acrylic yarns

Well, despite the best of intentions I won't be entering my rubber chicken in the Mason-Dixon Project Runway Contest. No time to knit for the rubber chicken. But, I do want to share that Rubber Chicken is very fond of acrylic yarns. (of course) Rubber chicken LOVES the bright raspberry Phentex Chunky yarns sent to us by Grace during our Acrylic Swap. I keep finding RB amid the gorgeous skeins. I'm thinking baby blanket gift. It is the year of the blanket for me, you know. Have a great weekend. I'll be finishing faux cashmere babushka and working on mineshaft throw. Oscar knitting anyone?

My other Blanket: inspired by Knitting Nonni

Image has a ninepatch pattern that I am loosely following. This blanket is being made from washable wools. It's all Knits on circulars. Sometimes I add some fairisle. Nonni knit hers squares in tubes so all the ends are in the inside and the blanket is extra warm with front and back knitted at the same time. She knit 9 patches. I am lazy and afraid of seams, so I am making 3 long tubes and I'll only have two seams to sew. I can't wait to get back to it. I'm denying myself this until the Mineshaft is completed. I am on the last skein of Lorna's Laces and there will be no finishing with Mineshaft. So it won't be long. I stopped by 3 Bags Full in Northbrook today to pick up charity knits. Faith and Hope have knit for charity. Seriously. These woman have knit blankets and hats that are going to be loved by the entire nursery. If you knit for babies, try to remember Intensive Care infants do not have round little heads. Their head

Irisheyes Lynn family plays birthday games for winter entertainment

Now most of us play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, at children's birthday parties. Apparently things have gotten so bad at Irisheyes Lynn's house this winter, that they are amusing themselves with party games. The freshly finished gorgeous garter scarf was a gift to Lynn's lurker hubby. We'll call him Alias WannaPost. C'mon Rob. leave me a comment. I know you read the blog!

The afghan my friend is blowin in the wind.....

the afghan is blowin in the wind. The temp is a balmy 24 degrees. The sun made a very brief appearance that allowed me to take the close-up of the afgan. DId I tell you that my sister who now lives in MN, had never seen Fargo? Well, I made her watch it. Then she made me watch Ice Age. It was minus 40 with the windchill when we watched the movies. What other chilly movies should I watch while I knit this cozy warm Heirloom afghan? Any ideas? The afghan is a take off of the garden party shawl. I put a big spin on it. THe yarn is colorway MINESHAFT , Lorna's Laces silk/wool blend. I have a few skeins left to go. It is really a throw, not a full afghan, but there is no song about a throw in the wind is there?


I do love each and everyone who reads and lurks at You make my days so fun. Here are some heart related knitting blogs for you : Google the Graywyn's Bib. Lovely baby gift and quick. Dec 29, 2006 has a heart hat. Very cute. We will have our tradition Barnaby's heart shaped pizza for dinner tonight. MMMMMMMMM. Do you have heart shaped goodies in your town?

Happy Birthday Huck, My Best in SHOW

Double digits now. Huck Alias Wannacookie is 10 years old. His only wish is that you give your own pet a cookie for him.

Valentine Tea Cozy

I'm a very lucky felter. This is the prefelted tea cozy I made for Grace my SwapSaver. She had a great idea to send some acrylic and make a little something for one another too. I had never made a tea cozy. I followed a Knitty Tea Cozy pattern. Fast, easy and fun. Hoping that Grace at LovinComfort shows it around her tea pot. I find Felting Magical. I've been really really lucky. I've never had a felting mishap. DId I just jinx it? Nah. It is my area of knitting luck I've decided. Do you have knitting luck?

Come ride the little train that is rolling down the tracks.

To the junction.....(Cmon, sing it) PETTICOAT JUNCTION! Today's guest bloggers are Heidi with her incredible fairisle sweater and her current knitting, a lovely cabled hat AND Clarina our train sterward who is a knitter. I rode the train from Chicago to St Paul Minnesota to visit my sister for the weekend. My own knitting for the trip is a new blanket. You know I'll bre showing it to you soon on the blog. Clarina is holding it in its infancy. I was going on a trip and this is what I saw: 21 Eagles perched on naked trees on the Mississippi River The backs of doggy day cares, with happy dogs playing in the snow. Beautiful barns and beautiful farmhouses. Homes within a few yards of the tracks, and in their homes, after dark I saw: lots of mounted deer heads Deer running in a line down a snowy path they made on farmland Church steeples, lovely and rural Couples hugging before boarding Hunters dressed in oranges with black dogs in the snow and the faces of people waiting in thei

Valentine contest over at

To enter her contest, I need to post about her fun contest. Check out Very cute dogs. Gnat is looking for how we found love this Valentine's day! Grace told me about the contest. I think if you say you came from irisheyes who came from Grace she gets extra points.

Grace made me a entrelac babushka! I LOVE IT

I love when women wear babushka's. My sister and I laugh when the weather gets cold and windy because we were once in an elevator with a woman who told us it was babushka weather. Well, this Hungarian LOVES her new wrap so much she is calling it her babushka. Grace at LovinComfortKnits blog sent this little something, as she calls it, with my acrylic yarn for our swap. Wait till I show you the gorgeous raspberry acrylic she sent. Gorgeous. Grace rescued me from Alias ashamed acrylic swap failure. Yes that's right Grace took pity on me and was the only swapper for my swap. Let me tell ya, the logistics were so easy. Who says running a swap is hardwork? Everyone participated and was thrilled with their packages. All 2 of us! I found a sweet blog friend and a great knitter in Grace! I'd have to say I've blown her cover, but I'll give her an alias: Grace, Alias, SwapSaver!

I spilled the Beans

Confession: My floor is dirty. I spilled the coffee beans this morning. So, I made the best of it. Blog fodder! I can't wait to show you my little gift for Grace. Nope, sorry , can't spoil the surprise. Spent much of last night fussing over what I'll knit next. Then I heard about the tornadoes and it snapped me right back into reality. I think I was overtired. I should have just kept knitting away at wonderful Mineshaft throw. I've decided this morning, that I'll try to go to the little knit shop that is one block away, before the big weather hits here in Chicagoland, and get my yarn for a new blanket. Baby Blanket. I'm copying one, colors and all from Nonniknits. If I can get to the shop, there is always the possiblity that she won't be open. You understand don't you? Some people in this house just don't understand that all the yarn I have stashed isnt going to work on the new blankie. Most of it is leftover sock yarns. You unders

IF you haven't got a heypenny then God Bless YOU

Al's HalfPenny from an Old Interweave Pattern. It's Halfdone. Original McDonald's store in DesPlaines. I met my sweet husband at McDonald's when we worked there. We tallied the bills by pencil and paper. I will always heart McDonald''s. Ohhh I could go there for Valentine's day. Besides gettiing ready for Valentine's day, alias Wannacookie is turning 10 this week. I'll be posting about it. Did anyone knit to the big show this weekend? The Dog show that is. My absolute favorite name for a dog was the Chinese Crested whose AKC name is I SHAVED MY LEGS FOR THIS! If you read Irisheyes for any length of time, you know how I love CLEVER. Alias Wannacookie's AKC name is : Driftwood Huck's Alibi. I'm going to visit my sister in Minnesota this weekend. Must prep for knitting on the train. First train trip for me in 30 years. Any tips? One more thing: I had a ball knitting a little something for my new friend Grace who is doing a

By Al, for Al

Frosty the snowgirl was a snappy, happy soul with a handknit hat and some button eyes and a head made out of snow Frosty the snowgirl was a knitter through and through and the children say she could knit all day just the same as me and you!