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Christmas craziness coming to a close

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't updated in such a long time but I'm still recovering from the holidays! Hopefully New Year's Eve will be low-key (full of knitting!) Now that all my gifts are finished (yeah!) I have picked a new project for me (Thanks to Honey and Papa-my grandparents-for the money with which to buy the yarn):The 'Lucky Wrap Sweater' from Stitch and Bitch Nation and I am so excited. Being my first sweater, it may be a little ambition, but oh well, it will be a learning experience if nothing else. The pattern is not that diffucult, it's an all over clover lace stitch. The yarn is Rowan 4-ply Soft in dark green and I think it will be great for spring and summer (when I will most likely finish it). Hope everyone had a great holiday and I hope I get the chance to post again soon PS- Does anyone own Stitch and Bitch Nation because I just photocopied the pattern and I'm not sure what needle size to use (4?)? I would appreciate all your help!
Surprise Jan and Maureen! 
Is this cute or what? 

Knitting Gifts : Not knitted gifts

Cafe Press helped Santa with this gift for Al. I think she ought to wear it to 3 Bags Full today while working. I plan to go in today as well, for some complimenting Cascade to stretch my Noro purse yarn a bit farther. The needles are the gifts I had made for Lynn, Jan and Maureen. A very talented Katie W. painted them for me. Katie is a freshman in high school and has already received another order. I like to make very easy to keep Resolutions. I haven't committed to any of these yet, but here are some of my thoughts: *Knit first, clean later. *Clean first, knit later. *Eat first, knit later. *Knit first, eat later. you get the idea....

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. We had lots of fun in Disney World, although we weren't thrilled to come home to a temperature of +8 with below zero wind chill. I was able to knit on the plane on our way down, and also got some sock knitting in waiting for our plane home which was 3 hours late. Yes, the Weiler flying curse lives on. Before we left, though, I finished the Christmas socks for the Weiler girls. You can see our happy feet on Christmas morning. Becky and Katie were very surprised and happy with their socks. I only have 1/2 a sock left for my niece; we'll see her on Friday, so I should be able to get it done. I didn't get any knitting-related gifts, but I have lots of things waiting to be knitted. I'm eager to get them started. I'll tell you about them tomorrow.
My niece Amanda wearing her birthday scarf. 
Christmas socks! 

A Christmas Kitchener

I'll post the picture later, but let me just say there was some Christmas Kitchenering going on mid-morning yesterday. Santa was really wonderful to me! I'll be knitting with beautiful Noro Kureyon thanks to Mr. Claus. I see a felted purse in the New Year. (I said in the New Year, not by the New Year!) I'm thinking Drawstring maybe. Or maybe Keyboard Biologists' red line purse. Al remembered a book that caught my eye at Stitches Midwest in August. Knitting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves by Carol Rasmussen Noble is all mine! How does a 33 stitch 25 round repeat sound for some mittens! I'd love to hear what Santa brought you!
Christmas afterall. Al and Karen with new glove in hand....on hand... 

Al's already finished one new glove for Karen

A holiday mystery update: So many neat thoughts came from people who sent Al a little note regarding someone stealing her gloves for her friend Karen. She was told among other things, that in some cultures if you were caught stealing, they cut your fingers off. (hence, that person will really need those fingerless gloves!) LOL. She was told that imitation is the finest form of flattery. She was told that people had things stolen from their lockers in high school also. Then she told me, lovingly, that I was a dork for telling you all about it! So I will post a photo of Al and Karen by the Christmas tree last night, with one of the NEW gloves already finished on Karen's hand. I love the new Koigu colors she mixed. The pattern is , of course, from Peace...
All cotton and so comfortable 

I loved making this sweater.

My cranberry sweater is ready to wear for the holidays and after. I loved making this sweater because there was no finishing. Weave in a few ends and done! The Mission Falls yarn was a bitty wavy so it is extremely forgiving. I am asking for other Knitting Pure and Simple patterns for Christmas. Thanks to everyone who consoled Al after her gift was stolen. She's over it and knitting another pair for Karen. Thanks for all the kind words. I am working on Troy's second sock, and its moving right along. I do love socks. They are my comfort zone. Couldn't resist making a quick scarf for my neice Erin, for Christmas. Its lovely but the acrylic yarn is the meanest stuff I've worked with yet. It tangles while you aren't looking, and a certain very patient man spent over an hour wrestling it during his favorite TV shows last night. Lynn is off to Disneyworld for a few days! With the bitter cold settling into Chicago later today, she picked a g
Top down sweater finished for the holidays! 

How could they? Al's broken heart

Al's heart is broken. Someone stole her fingerless glove gift from her locker at school. She knits at school all the time. She left her gift for Karen, who has adored my fingerless gloves whenever she is at our house, in her locker last night. This morning when she handed the bag to Karen it was empty. If you scroll down a bit you'll see her Koigu gloves, finished. Before the crime. Of course, like all of us, she choose the yarn colors carefully for her friend Karen and was so excited to give them to her. She's looked everywhere in disbelief thinking no one could possibly want them and leave the rest of the gift, a gift certificate, in the bag. I told her kids at school have money, but maybe money can't buy such a neat gift as hers..... Lots of tears on her way to work at 3 Bags Full this afternoon. Does anyone have ideas how I can make her feel better? I know you are supposed to let your child have their feelings without trying to fix them......bu
The back of my sister's triangle scarf. 

Knitting in Public (Part 2)

Last night I was knitting (on a sock, of course) waiting for the high school band concert to start. The lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder to see what I was working on. She was a knitter too! She was making a poncho for her mother for Christmas. Knitting in public is everywhere at this time of year. We were both knitting happily away until they turned the lights down for the concert to start. I tried to continue knitting my heel flap, but I dropped a stitch, and thought I'd better stop. Today I will be knitting in public at the hair salon!

All I Want for Christmas is Socks!

At least I hope that's what everyone wants for Christmas! I have been knitting socks since the dawn of the millennium, or so it seems. The 2 pair of Christmas socks are for my girls, Becky and Katie. The second sock of the last Christmas pair (for me) is on the needles, about to start the heel flap. I need to finish that by Christmas Eve. The other 3 pairs in the picture are for my nieces. I have one more pair for a niece to finish (first sock on the needles), but I have until the 31st to get those done. I'm bringing them to work on on the plane and in Disney World. The last picture shows 2 scarves made out of Classic Elite Parade, one for my niece in Florida, and one for Tina at work (because I'm always making work for her). The yarn is kind of chenille-y and very soft. My Christmas knitting is almost over!
Parade scarves 
Deb's triangle scarf 

Knitting in Public

Now that you can nurse your children in any public place in the State of Illinois, thanks to our Govenor, or his wife I suspect, I am feeling pretty good about my chances of knitting anywhere too. My problem isn't so much that I mind knitting anywhere, but some family members seem to be shy about being seen with me knitting anywhere. The Hungarian attitude is pretty much....just try to stop me. Thankfully Al seems to have this gene of mine. Zach was embarrassed but resigned when I knitted at Champs with him during baseball season. The waiter made some comments that embarassed himself I thought. Zach thought otherwise. But, now that there are 12 days left to Christmas, ....well, just try and stop me. I'm the one Knitting in line at the post office, (not really, but its a nice image eh?) knitting at the the Museum, and soon to be knitting on any work break I am able to catch. The best part? I love the holidays as an excuse to knit so much!
Al's Baby Blanket 
Baby Hat 
Baby Hat 

Finally a Pattern I Trust

My sweater is getting there.......I am a superstitious knitter. I won't jinx it by saying it's nearly done.....I am not sure if this is an Irish or Hungarian trait. You be the judge! I have to say how relaxing it has been to trust a new pattern. I am so thankful to Diane @ Knitting Pure and Simple. The Neckdown pullover removes me from all the stress I feel with finishing work. I am normally tense at this point, wondering if all the work will pay off or if I will end up with the dreaded homemade look due to a finishing nightmare. I will most definitely purchase other patterns written by this woman. My sister's gift triangle scarf is very close. Photo soon. I have to love someone an awful lot to bother with seed stitch for an entire project. I despise having to rib, what on earth was I thinking with this........???? Al is designing her own baby blanket for our neighbor's baby due in Jan. She's using Berroco Pleasure; a heavenly angora, mer

Margaret's Baby Blanket

Well guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while, school has been killing me! However, my neglectful behavior will soon end, seeing that winter break is coming soon! Speaking of, the X-mas knitting continues here at the Boyer household. The fingerless gloves I am making for a friend are coming along, however, I still haven't figured out how to make the finger hole. I cannot understand the instructions that they give, it is very frustrating! However, I am excited about my latest project, a baby blanket for our friend and neighbor, Margaret (who is due in January). It is especially exciting because it is my first project of my own design (although I borrowed the diamond pattern from this month's interweave)! I will try to post a picture as soon as possible, hope everyone's doing well!
Kathleen from Ireland paper doll 
Hungarian tree 
Museum Irish Eyes 

Knitting Overtime and loving it!

My sister Deb, invited us to go to the Museum of Science and Industry last night as her guests. The Title company was throwing their annual Christmas party. I nearly declined, citing a need to keep knitting for the holidays excuse, (very true) but she invited me to bring it along . Enjoy the photos I took for our blog! While the night before I knitted between acts at the Keith Urban concert, (AL did too of course), Al talked me out of taking the camera for a blog photo then, nothing would stop me last night! I knitted during the IMAX FORCES OF NATURE movie. Wow, a weather nuts dream. Must check for any dropped stitiches this morning! I noticed I was knitting tighter than usual...... I joined the MEbius ring sponsered by Stasia's Place of Grace blog, thanks Jan for the tip. I'm thinking socks.......I know, I know, but they comfort me. I, I, I, many I's are in this post? My Irish sister Deb's triangular scarf is coming along nice
Fingerless gloves by Allison in Koigu, of course!

A Holiday Verse

My sister has the best of news, She says she feels the baby move, A dozen patterns in my mind, the softest yarn I have to find, but first I have the Christmas knits, to finish and to hope they fit, a funny thing to knit a gift, the knitter's spirit seems to lift, with every row and SSK, imagining the give away, who gets more joy when knitters knit? (wink wink) I'm off to knit and sit.

Let's be Careful outThere

So now you know I'm old enough to have loved Hill Street Blues. I believe it was Jimmy Schmitz' role I loved the most! Anyhow, I have the scanner on, as always, while I am gift knitting, and If you are a Chicago area reader, the ONLY thing I am hearing this morning is calls for FALLS. I've heard at least a dozen since breakfast. Is it possible to knit while sleeping? Not sure the Christmas deadlines are realistic! More later, photos too. Triangular creme scarf for Irish sister Deb, here I come. Al's gift wristwarmers from site are beautiful. Koigu of course. Will ask Lynn to post the photos later.