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Old news......but new to me!

Here is the kitchen with new walls and new color. All in good time....all in good time. My mantra! Truth be told I don't mind not cooking one bit......still! Today I read a snippet in a Thanksgiving issue of Family Circle Magazine about knitting. A man said you could send him your favorite old sweater and he would give it to his mom to unravel and knit into something else. For twenty dollars! Twenty dollars seems like a steal to me! The graphic showed a sweater turned into a scarf. I wonder how the response was.......... What a cute idea for something you may have outgrown or seems outdated that you still love! I talk more in the comments!


I've started the little red scarf which may or may not have pockets! I have to get to the yarn store tomorrow and see if there are any skeins left to match. I had time to knit quite a bit this weekend. Just a simple rib pattern. The color is very raspberry and pretty. I dont think it shows up quite true in this image I took. I wasn't sure who the scarf was going to be made for. Then last night a very dear woman I work with saw the scarf and admired it. I decided then and there I'd give it to her when I finish it. Now that I know who I'm knitting it for, there is an added joy to the knitting for sure! The kitchen is coming along. I'll post pictures soon. We have been eating out quite a bit. I have some opinions to share!! Maggiano's Corner Bakery........disappointing. Sort of blah. I remember it being better Noodles and Co......I guess you get what you pay for. The four of us ate there tonight for 35.00. Just so so again. Lou Malnatti's pizz

On to the next knit

I finished these socks on Wednesday. Although they do not match perfectly, I think they came out great. They belong to Zach now. Next up: I'm using up some leftover yarn and making a pocket scarf. I think having pockets in a scarf is a great idea. For as long as I've been knitting I've thought it would be fun to make one. So here goes. ... My sister in law gave me a belated birthday gift at our Thanksgiving. She baked 3 boxes of Christmas cookies for me. I love cookies. What a fun and perfect gift. Since the kitchen is in the middle of a makeover, the cookies are especially appreciated! The hopes for the coming week are priming, painting and laying the floor. :) One day at a time..... I talk more in the comments!

Happy Thanksgiving

I talk more in the comments! I've so much to be thankful for, and that includes YOU! Blog friends are a rare breed! So kind and so true.

Do you wish you bought more?????

Well, no, not yarn. (that's a given) I bought this candle at our Historic Grove holiday sale a few weeks ago. I am giving it to my sister this weekend so she can enjoy it through the holidays. It smells so good. I so wish I had bought about 7 more of them. I think it is so pretty. I could use 7 gifts at that price in the coming weeks. The tiger colored sock has been asked for. I am busy and up to the gusset with the second sock, for Zach. I think Marguerite was right about the colors in the sock. It is an Opal color that includes some colors from a painting, hence the occasional red and green strand, amid the tiger colors. Thanks for solving the mystery for me. I am thinking of knitting coffee cup cozies quickly for some gifts. Do you have a pattern for cozies that you would like to share??? I talk more in the comments!

One Tiger Sock done

This is the Opal sock yarn I showed last week, knitted up. I think it is fun and tiger-like. Mostly tiger-like. Every once in awhile the strand of yarn sports a red and green for some reason I can't fathom. Have any of you found this is the Opal yarn? I wonder if it is a mistake...... Speaking of mistakes.........there is one dropped stitch on the underside of the heel of this sock. I tacked it down with a tiny thread. I get absolutely disheartened when I see a dropped stitch and can't bear to rip out the sock. I swear I was counting the whole sock. Does this happen to you? How do you fix it. Especially if you plan to give the socks as a gift....which I may. I knit the sock on 3's with 64 stitches. Used a basic sock cuff down pattern with a round toe finish. Second sock start this afternoon! It is a kitchen work day off. :) I talk more in the comments!

Socks instead

This Opal sock yarn caught my eye yesterday. I just couldn't do another boring hat right now. The colors of this yarn are really pleasing to me. There is one part I cannot figure out however. Amide the golds and beige and black, there are tiny bits of red and green......I'm interested to see how it knits up. I love self patterning sock yarn. It keeps me interested as it knits up. I talk more in the comments!

Wasp nest in the kitchen wall

We knew we had some wasp issues a few years ago. We hired a man to come and get rid of them. Yesterday during deconstruction, I'll call it, we found the nest. Amazing. Have you ever found a nest in your walls???? I talk more in the comments!

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

and the refrigerator for now! That's all that is left of the kitchen. I think I know why they say, Everything but the Kitchen Sink. I dont' mind losing the rest of the kitchen, but I want the kitchen sink to stay operational. It is the go to place, the central place, that I've been going to here at home for years and years. I think losing the sink will be disorienting. Lest you think no knitting will be done, think not! I plan to finish the little teal hat tonight. Perhaps I've been unenthusiastic about my knitting because of the boring yarns I 've been knitting with lately. Maybe it is time I find some yarn to be excited about.........I'd love to get my knitting mojo back! I talk more in the comments!

The light coming through....

I took this image of our ash tree a few weeks ago. I am beginning to feel like the light is coming through in my life again. I don't have much knitting to post, but wanted to say hello! I am working on a hat for me, just like the one I made Zach, only in teal. Al tells me her boyfriend Pete would like one for Christmas. So another hat it will be. That is a good goal for me next. We begin a long overdue kitchen demolition tomorrow. I may have to post about it as we go along. What are you knitting? ANything???? I talk more in the comments!