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Bernat camouflage hat pattern ....done

The leftovers hat is done..... now to see if it suits Zach. It is wool so he cannot put it in the wash or it will felt. I like how it turned out. I used a free Bernat pattern in which they used a yarn called Camouflage. I don't remember what the leftover yarns were that I used. I will make the next hat in this pattern with a 92 stitch cast on to make it just a bit snugger in the ribbing. (Pattern called for 96 st cast on, but I can see it loosening up in time) I've picked a very masculine grey in Berroco Vintage machine washable blend for his next hat. Somedays here in Chicago the weather is cool enough for hats again. I can bring his hat to him at school and make a good excuse out of it, to see him. While I was at the knit shop buying the Berroco, Karen showed me the new needles they are carrying by Swallow. They are an Australian based company. The needles have some glide to them and a tiny bit of flex. I knit a bit with them and really was impressed. Karen s

Leftovers Hat

I made my son a hat a few years ago using these yarns. It was a drop stitch maze like creation that came out great. He has been hinting, or rather remarking, that he'd like another hat. I found the rest of the yarn from the old hat and decided to just trial another pattern. This is such a simple 5 inch rib which will be followed by 6 inches of stockinette in the round. I am sure I don't have enough of the off white color to knit 6 inches, but it will make a nice stripe. Now, I'll have to dig through some more leftover stash to find another color.... I intend to knit him an entirely new hat of entirely new yarn for his birthday, but I wanted to practice and make sure this one fits his head well. Hats can be difficult to fit, I think. On another leftovers note, I mentioned a new recipe I might share. Well, it simply wasn't good enough. I did bring the leftovers to work with me last weekend, but tossed most of them. (It was a garbanzo bean salad base) Are you

The Shlowly Knitted Shawl image

I finished the shawl last night. It is all cotton and all comfy. I intend to bring it to work with me. Some nights get so cold with just scrubs on. I can wear it without any arm interference. I still need a security blanket as an adult sometimes. This is my new one. I know the stitches are not the most even; it was knitted during a stressful time for me. I will look at it as a shawl of getting through this time in my life. I am grateful to Grace for the yarn. It is an even nicer green than shows up in the image. I am trying a new salad with garbanzo beans and roasted tomatoes tonight. If it is good I'll share the recipe. Next up. Time to buy some sock yarn and start a new pair. Likely it won't happen until next week. Thanks to all who have welcomed me back to posting. I appreciate it. Hope your weekend is great. I talk more in the comments!

The Shlowly Knitted Shawl

My lack of posting days is over, I hope. Grace from LovingComfort blog sent me this little gnome for my birthday in August. He's brought me good luck. I made a typo earlier today and liked it. I am shlowly knitting a shawl with cotton yarn from Grace. It is the most boring shawl ever which is ironic, because if you know Grace's shawls they are sophisticated and complex creations. It seemed fitting that I knit a shawl with Grace's gift yarn. Knowing how I can't deal well with wool, of any sort ,on my shoulders and arms, the yarn turned into a shawl. I actually began it as a dishcloth. How does one go from a dishcloth to a shawl? The summer was full of complexeties and this was the least of them! I talk more in the comments!