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Take my Dishrag Yarn Part 3

Hooray. Kim of Knitswithasilentk blog will take the yarn ! She has over 50 dishcloths in her Ravelry queue. Check out her blog for her latest beauty. Thanks for all the other offers but I can only take the dishcloth from Kim now. Just think if I had yes to all of you! I'd have the best dishcloth collection in town! It was tempting.......however :) This is a candid shot of some tulips. Some of many that are cheerily blooming. You know I prefer candids. Happy knitting to all today. Are you ready to stay in and knit if the Health officials declare a shut in? Im ready!!!! Lace it will be. And an emergency supply of Coke, wine, and pajamas. What is in your swine flu shut in knit preparation kit???? I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Take my Dishcloth Yarn Please, Part 2

I'll talk to you in the comments. :) Well isn't it funny that we all seem to have more dishrag cotton than we need? Thank you all for your kind offers to knit me a dishrag, but I can only accept from the person who takes my yarns! I think the yellow would make cute doll hair.....all you dolly knitters out there. Let's just see if I really can't give it away! I went to my LYS sale today. I went with specific ideas in mind. I came out empty knitting handed! I think it is good that I am getting very particular about my yarns right now. I was in a phase of buy something with no project in mind when I began to knit. Then I hit a phase of buy it if it is a good deal, with no project in mind. Now I am in a tired of stash stage of mind. For me right now, it feels right to only buy it as I am going to knit it. Let's see how long this phase lasts. W WHat phase are you in? :)

A dishrag story

I fell in love with knitted dishcloths I love how they look in my kitchen at the sink. They say something to me. They say cozy, sweet and almost Mary Engelbright. Alas, having recovered from my injury, I know this truth: I cannot knit with this type of yarn. Not for along time. Do you love to knit dishrags? I'm willing to trade all this cotton yarn and a bit more, To someone who will knit just one for me in return. If more than one of you wants the offer, we'll have a drawing. I have to clear some stash, in the interest of space and being grown up about staying well! Dishrags, who knew I'd be a dishrag nut as I turn 50?????? I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

I'll be candid

(3 Bags Full in Northbrook offering this necklace class. Can't I just buy one? Big yarn sale begins on Tuesday. They will be open late for the sale on Tuesday) Candids. I love them. I have to get a camera that allows me to take candids well. I take two kinds of pictures: still knitting and all the rest candids. I prefer candids. I don't like group posed pictures at all. I don't like being in the them I don't like seeing them much. I love candidity. Is that a word? Just be candid. Be yourself. Candid knitting? Fo rme it this righ tnow: I like my sock knitting worsted or sport. I like my lace knitting sock If I could have a supersttich power it would be to never drop a stitch. Candid Kathy I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

10 Things to Tell you

1. Louet skirt Pattern. Knitted by Lynnette at 3 Bags for runway show. Yarns: Linen Louet Euroflax and Claudia Handpaint Linens. 2. This sort of knitting inspires me. Not that I am going to knit this skirt.... but it inspires me nonetheless to see someone else did. 3. Pretend Kitty came through surgery without a hitch. 4. The Linen skirt felt scratchy to the touch. 5. I have two things on the needles. The Red River lace scarf. AND a pair of socks. I had to start socks because I am running out of my old socks. Necessity. 6. Porch knitting likely this warm weekend if the forecast holds true. 7. No new camera yet. 8. Must find good porch chair for knitting. 9. Must clean porch first...ewww it is a dirty dirty job. 10. I'm going to raise some eyebrows here: I think medicinal marajauna has its place in pain control. I'm all about less sufferering. There is too much suffering. I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Pretend friends, I have a pretend cat

Seriously. I'm volunteering with the Univeristy of Minnesota's Veterinary School. For a week I communicate with a new vet surgical resident as if I were a pet owner. The pont is to help these new Vet surgeons with their people skills. So...... My new pretend cat is named Fuzzbucket. (I didnt get to name her.) (I call her Uzzy) She is having surgery this morning. Please do not send me anything to give her. I have already showered her with pretend gifts. I am being a bit of a pain as a pet owner, because that IS how I would be if my cat was having surgery! Aren't these knitted kitties cute? I know some real surgeons who could improve their people skills. Meow. I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

NOT a sad baby story

(shown is debbie bliss vogue L baby blanket image) One of the mom's in our neonatal unit is knitting her baby a blanket. She sits at the bedside on days when she cannot hold her son and knits a blanket for him. (NO CRYING pretend friends) I swooped down over her as soon as I saw the yarn in her hands. She told this is the first thing she has ever knitted. I took a look at her yarn. It is a grey blue with some flecks of color, and it is acrylic. I tell her this is a great choice. The blanket will be able to handle lots of washing. She is supposed to be knitting stockinette but a few rows of garter appear in a cluster. I tell her it gives the blanket character. Then, I asked if she was counting her stitches................. she didn't know she was supposed to. Me and my big mouth. I showed her how to add a safety pin as a stitch marker. She isn't very far into the little blanket so I hope I helped her. There is no way on earth I could have learned to knit with m

little red needles

I'm trying a new lace scarf. It isn't going so well. It is a simple enough 2 row repeat and I keep messing it up somehow. But, I am in love with my new little red needles from Katherine. The are just the right length for me. I knitted my first lace scarf with needles that were just a tad too long. Just long enough to be in my way. Not my new little red needles. And they are as light as air. I am picturing this scarf worn with a blue jean old blue jean and bandanna theme. I keep coming back to it. Do you keep coming back to a color theme? (these are aslo Cub colors.....) I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

The Glory of Finishing.......Rebecca Lacy Scarf

I couldn't resist. Fireman took the photo for me. I have to block it, but I was too excited to take the blog picture to wait. I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

What I learned about lifelines and lace

I don't always understand a concept until I've done it myself..... usually the wrong way first. Part of the process for me. I don't see it as a fault, just how I do things when I knit :) So here I am showing you my lace and lifeline so you don't have to make the same mistake. They say you should put a lifeline in your lace in case you make a mistake. Well, they should say for when you make a mistake. So you knit a bit. Then you take a threaded needle and you run the thread and needle into the bottom lowest part of your stitches a few at a time all the way across the stitches. Leave those stitches right on the needle. Dont take them off. Don't thread it at the top of the stitches like I first did. Then you take the nice long thread or piece of contrast color yarn and you make it so a nice long strand hangs out both sides of the work. Here's the tricky part. When you knit the next row, do not KNIT the life line into the stitches. Keep it down there at the bot

Easter Candy Knitting

We broke into the jelly beans last night. I need a sugar rush to stay sharp when I knit lace late in the day. I ate about 10 in an hour. The lovely Peep Van Gogh is courtesy of Jessie at Cakespy. She gave me permission to use it on the blog today. Cakespy is a cyber snack for me. Google it and enjoy great tips on bakeries everywhere. Peeps are not as clean to eat while knittng. Apparently chocolate bunnies are mostly gone in the Chicagoland area. We are a creme egg family now, not a solid bunny family. WHat kind of family are you?? I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Review of the VIEW Stick

***** 5 stars. Given to me by Katherine in Frugal swap. Made by Sundown Products in Cape Coral GL Makes itsby bitsy lace chart much easier on the eyes. Eliminates need to enlarge chart at Kinko's. I have been able to correct my last two lace mistakes on my own. Eliminates need to drive to yarn store and ask for help Eliminates need to beg Al to find a spare moment to fix it for me. The lifeline is very much still there, and I move it up just about every repeat. I have not memorized the 6 different rows that are involved in this diamond like look. I take it one row at a time. I am able to take it along in the car. I can knit it with baseball on the TV. I thnk I can say I am hooked on lace. and charts. I feel like I've learned a universal language. No wonder I have ben so tired. Good tired Brain tired. Im off for a nap. :) . I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Here's what is needling me

I read part two of a LACE article in an old Interweave.....guess who can't find the issue with part one? So what's needling you? I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Guest Blogger NATALIE at the Apple Store

Part of success with the guest bloggers is the speed at which you make your request. Now this is a busy Apple Store. While Natalie was ringing up the NEW battery we needed, I slipped in my request. Her response, "Oh sure, let's go up front where the light is better." Today's topic is the frugality. (again!) My hope with the frugal hungarian yarn swap was to see if we could all behave responsibly. Part of the success with swappers is having such a theme that few people actually participate! Remember my first swap was made up of Grace and I. I think Grace wins the nice to the pitiful award for that one! This time we had 5 and me. Apparently frugality scares the masses. Admit it, you probably thought it was going to lead to acrylic exchanges, garage sale FREE yarns in 1970s colors. (imagine Kitty's afgan from That 70s show) I love Kitty but that's another story. Instead I can report that 4 of us have swapped so far. The results: impressive ladies, very i

When you send them to the mountains.....

They bring you Mountain Colors! Fireman and Zach returned from vakay with presents! They found a yarn shop in Frisco called, What's Needling You. They found some Moutian Colors and then left. Fireman then remembered that I like to have a guest blogger. So they returned and asked for a picture of the salesperson with the Mountain Colors for the blog. She said NO! Her perogative of course. She said she had a blog too, and she didn't do that. She thought it was weird. It is a bit weird, but my pretend friends always like it. :) I think it is a riot that Fireman tried! The gorgeous bag you see is from my Frugal Swap Partner Katherine. She sent me my swap box and it arrived yesterday. She included this great bag. I am delighted with it. I'll tell you more about the swap but not until Katherine gets mine. I just mailed it this morning. The deadline was Tax day. I was smiling all day with the goodies she sent. I know that Grace and Kristen have had a good ti

I knit a little lace and Im okay!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :) I think someone's watching over me by having me discover lace right now. I can only do one 13 row patern repeat before I must put the scarf down for fear of losing concentration and making a mistake. That little effort exhausts my mind as it is used to garter garter garter or stockinette in the round. I haven't had access to my camera this week. I cannot wait to show you some new things when I have the capablity again. Tomorrow! Fireman and zach went skiiing in the Rockies and took my thing a ma bob that downloads the images from camera to apple. In the interest of every knitter who is a woman and needs to knit comfortably, I give you my new bra story. Olga is now Christina's line. Apparently Olga bra owner named the new line after her daughter Christina. This I know because the bra deputy, well call her Tutts, for the story, announced it to me and the other shoppers when I told her I needed help finding the Olga brassieres

Permission to knit GRANTED

This is not an April Fools joke. Hooray. Hooray. I'll spare the details as you all have been so incredibly supportive. I can knit as of the weekend. When it hurts I must stop. I plan to drink champagne the first time while I knit, so the pain won't be felt even if it was there! JUST kidding. My fun Carol, OT, says the thing Im not talking about anymore, has a very high WHINING factor. She was just at a conference which discussed it. So Im not whinin anymore. No country songs for me! No country songs about me! Here is a sheep I found. I like his sweater very much. I think I am over the angora bunny wish. I joined the ravelry group re:buns and they were an honest bunch. The paragraph someone wrote about how much they poop just popped me right back to reality. My Uncle John always said he only wanted a dog that had a head at both ends of it. If the thought ever hits me again, go ahead and slap me pretend friends. That is what you are for! I was on Rav last night a