NOT a sad baby story

(shown is debbie bliss vogue L baby blanket image)

One of the mom's in our neonatal unit is knitting her baby a blanket. She sits at the bedside on days when she cannot hold her son and knits a blanket for him. (NO CRYING pretend friends) I swooped down over her as soon as I saw the yarn in her hands.

She told this is the first thing she has ever knitted. I took a look at her yarn. It is a grey blue with some flecks of color, and it is acrylic. I tell her this is a great choice. The blanket will be able to handle lots of washing.

She is supposed to be knitting stockinette but a few rows of garter appear in a cluster. I tell her it gives the blanket character.

Then, I asked if she was counting her stitches.................
she didn't know she was supposed to.
Me and my big mouth.
I showed her how to add a safety pin as a stitch marker.

She isn't very far into the little blanket so I hope I helped her.
There is no way on earth I could have learned to knit with my baby in intensive care.
Talk about knitting under pressure.

This lead to my thinking about how most baby blankets aren't that cute.
I like this debbiebliss because it is colorful and playful.
I have yet to see many really cute baby blankets.

I guess having worked in nurseries all my career I am tired of pastel, boring, easy patterns.

If any one knows of a fun unique colorful blanket, leave me a link please.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said…
I like the rambling rows, and then there is the dishcloth variation with the hearts in it I did, and Leisure Arts has a great book, some of Debbie Macomber's knitting pamphlets have some easy adorable ones too!!

sorry but this pretend friends' eyes did well up
Mom has the baby taken care of I will be sending a shawl for you to give mom!!
Ling said…
I like the blankets in Lucinda Guy's books - Handknits for Kids and And So To Bed. There not colourful, but quite whimsical.

My thoughts and prayers for the Mom with her baby in the neo-natal unit. Having gone through worries with having a premature baby myself, I certainly didn't have the focus and ability to knit.
kathy b said…
Rambling rows is beautiful. I loved the images that came up on google images.

Al has the Lucinda Guy book, I'll have to revisit it. Thanks
Birdsong said…
It is a very good pattern, and would look even more fun in brights... you saw I am working on the pastels, but also planning a bright quilt. I really don't care for the baby theme of pink-white-blue, and prefer bright reds, dark greens, happy yellows, sunny oranges....
Bianca said…
Prayers are going to mom and her baby. I think it is wise that she has something to do to pass the time. I'll send a little something your way that you should pass on to her...
Monika said…
I like the blanket you pictured. I have this link for you:

Scroll down a bit and watch out for my dog. He's on a Baby blanket called "Bliss". It's a free pattern and I love it. You can find it on ravelry.
Ewe-niss said…
I did a variation on the Parcheesi afghan to make it a baby blanket.
This is a fun pattern. It isn't free, but close. They ask for you to make a donation to Heifer International.

Very sweet story. Not sad. Really not sad. *sniff*
Beverly said…
I don't have a blanket pattern, but I loved reading this.
kathy b said…
Thanks everyone for the wonderful blanket links. I enjoyed looking at them all!!!
JustApril said…
Great story, I don't think I could have learned to knit under those circumstances either.

I have made 2 very colorful baby blankets, I'll email the links to you.

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