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Every Once in a While I Might Post

 Is that vague enough for you?  It has been a too busy complicated Spring.  I had no energy to blog.  All is well now, so I can share some things with you:   1. When I shoot photos of the moon I think of Dear Teresa.  Gone too soon. She took fabulous moon pictures.  2. I did not see one shooting star last night.  I only got up for a few moments around 3 a.m.  The local weather guy said he saw a few quick faint ones.   3. How can I can have one grown child in Oklahoma under flood watch, and One Child in Mexico under hurricane watch?  On the same day.  Tis true.  4. What have I knitted lately?  I am pretty sure I've ripped more than I've knit.  I ripped out a shawl that I was making up.  It was cotton and pretty.  I need to follow a pattern.  5. I was trying to make socks and decided to make mittens instead.  I haven't worked a thumb in a long time.  I may have to frog it too.  So I have been knitting, but not making things.  6. MY gardens are growing.  I have 3 main areas I

I am still around.

 I don't have much knitting to show but, like many of you, the Spring we have wait for has arrived.  All of the tulips and jonquils here were planted for others and now, we enjoy them .  For Fireman's birthday we got him a rain chain  .   See below: The brassy colored tulip cups are joined by  chain.  When the rain falls, and this is hung instead of a gutter, you get a beautiful sounding gift of water running down the chain.  A year ago, when we were in Mexico, the patios were often strung with a rain chain .  This reminds us of Zach each time we go in and out the door as well as when it rains. Have you a rain chain ?        Besides the  dandelions by the thousands, our clematis is up and moving fast.  I could barely see their tips coming up last week . Now they are unfurled and ready to chase up the lattice.  This yellow leafed kind, is early spring.  Then it settles down and the dark leaved purple plants will take over for the heat of summer. They are beautiful plants if you

I was in OKC for Mother's Day

 OKC was warm and dreamy.   For those of us who have long tortuous winters, and recently endured SNOW, Allison's city was so warm, humid , windy and sunny.   Here's the great part, her and her man, Will, are doing great together.   OK ..... C , her knitting just blows me away.  Look!  see!  I'm such a proud mom.  This is just one of her three main projects on the needles.  She is knitting a cabled sweater for her Will.   Despite the horrid Lore that its the kiss of death, she's thinks she knows better. !!!! I do know Will will love it.  It has cables and that fisherman sweater look.   I think we were headed out to dinner. She normally doesn't knit in a gorgeous dress, but we were headed out for Fireman's Birthday Dinner.  I love this dress on her.  Al gifted me this sharp hat.  It fits me, not her  so winner winner chicken dinner.  Now this is an interesting shawl she is also working on.   The construction of this shawl has 3 triangles that come together somehow