I am still around.

 I don't have much knitting to show but, like many of you, the Spring we have wait for has arrived. 

All of the tulips and jonquils here were planted for others and now, we enjoy them . 

For Fireman's birthday we got him a rain chain  .   See below:

The brassy colored tulip cups are joined by  chain. 

When the rain falls, and this is hung instead of a gutter, you get a beautiful sounding gift of water running down the chain.  A year ago, when we were in Mexico, the patios were often strung with a rain chain .  This reminds us of Zach each time we go in and out the door as well as when it rains. Have you a rain chain ?


Besides the  dandelions by the thousands, our clematis is up and moving fast. 
I could barely see their tips coming up last week .
Now they are unfurled and ready to chase up the lattice.  This yellow leafed kind, is early spring.  Then it settles down and the dark leaved purple plants will take over for the heat of summer. They are beautiful plants if you want a climber.  They like wet feet, so keep those hoses running. 

Another sign of Spring round here, is Tank gets shaved.  Can you see how stripey he is on his side? 
He complains more during the bath afterwards, than during the shave.  He benefits from the occasional bath because he is pudgy and isn't great at grooming.  He is quite proud after the ordeal. 

In Knitland, I am working on a shawl whose complete and total enchantment depends on it's yarn.  I' hope to show you some work tomorrow. 

Regina, who knits solely for charity is coming to knit with me!  Our husbands will go for a cycle in the country roads while we knit and chat chat chat  .  We remain very vigilant and are starting to enter society with others who also prefer to mask.  Did I mention our four plane rides from Milwaukee to Oklahoma and back were full?  Not one empty seat.  Fireman and I saw less than 5 others with any mask at all.  Including the pilot and staff.  I hope they are right and we are wrong.  IT added to my stress level to re-enter the land of flights and buses, with  so few people masked.  

Finally, it has been heavenly to sleep with the windows open.  I love the night sounds in the country.  


KSD said…
I ran a couple of errands last week and saw only two other masked people. I'm just not there yet.
Araignee said…
I love the idea of a rain chain! I had no idea something like that existed.
The Mister got summoned for jury duty in the month of June and I am having a fit about him having to go when I know no one is wearing a mask anymore. The Wash Post just had a headline that 48% of those who died of Covid in Jan and Feb were vaxed and boosted. Too scary for me. Unless it is outside, I'm not going.
Tired Teacher said…
Tank is adorable with his Spring shave. My dentist has rain chains on his office building, but it rarely rains here. I haven’t worn a mask in weeks, and it feels great! Positive cases are nearly nonexistent I’m this community.
karen said…
happy birthday to your husband!!
Nance said…
I never even heard of a rain chain, and now I want to get one. What a lovely thing!

Masking is still hit or miss here, but I do it in crowded indoor venues. Cases are going up,and this new variant doesn't care about previous immunity, vaxxing, or boosting. Can you believe this is where we are, still? Such an outrage.

Love Tank's stripes!
Oh - I've seen those rain chains at the hardware store but I never knew what they were! I must get one now!
Judy S. said…
I love rain chains, too, and yours is very pretty. I agree with you completely about masks. Like you I'm just not comfortable being unmasked either. Give Fireman a belated Birthday Hug from WA! Hope he had a nice celebration.
Lots of people still wearing masks here and they don't have to outside only on public transport(+planes),chemists,hospitals and medical centres. It seems a large portion of the Spanish public choose to continue wearing masks. I had a peek on Amazon for a rain chain I didn't know what it was. I think it is a brilliant idea and a lovely gift. Beautiful tulips! Keep well. Amanda x

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