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Trekking Socks with Cheese Jocks

I have finished this pair. A friend from WI sent the Packer cheese. She knows this is Bear Territory. She also send Cheddar Cheese Fudge. Delish. Right now, working on a Mobius. Am straight knitting and will do the join twisted to create the look. My LYS has two pretty Mobius' (that's the plural or is it Mobi?) that inspired me. They were knitted up with the real Mobius instructions. Maybe I'll try that next. It is just comfort knitting. Nothing wrong with that, right? Please leave me your email or blog so I can thank you for your comment.

Posting pause

Please leave me your email or blog so I can thank you for your comment. Sorry for the pause in posts. I am very thankful for my knitting these days. Al finished the toddler sweater. It is a gem. I'm still just churning out socks, slow but sure..... current image issues with computer. Hope all are well in your knitting homes.

Too late to start Christmas knitting?

At the LYS where I work people have been knitting their Christmas things since January, although most people seem to start around August. So I ask you, is it too late for me to start now? Well, I hope not because I have big plans. I have already started a secret present for my mom that is going very quickly so I am confident that I will finish that. Then I am making this adorable sweater from Miss Bea's Band for my cousin who turns one in December (sorry, I would post the WIP but I cannot find my camera-my version is brown and tan and is made of Bazic Wool). I love all the Miss Bea patterns because they are so cute but it drives me crazy that she does not give specific measurements. As you can see this sweater has a lot of straight knitting and the pattern asks you to count rows. So I dillegently wrote out 1-52 on a sheet of paper and crossed them off as I went but now I am working on the back and after 52 rows it is not long enough! Obviously I need to go back to third grade and l