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I've MOVED my BLOG ....

I moved my blog to  a new name and site: I had several days of issues with Blogger and no professional to turn to.  I have been on blogger and loved it for 12 years as Irisheyes. I feared the blog was gone.  I couldnt post, couldnt leave comments for you and I became acutely aware of how much you all mean to me.  My dear son was up with me late into the night from Mexico trying to help me.  That alone was so sweet, it was a silver lining.  I had no idea what I"D done to get shut down.  I kept getting a URL not found whenever I tried to use blogger, or go to your blogspot blogs.  I spent all day yesterday with computer folk to try to get it back.  This morning, after 3 days of angst, I'm can get on blogger again, but I think its too late.  I've made the move to Wordpress and alerted everyone I could.  So Join me there folks! Some of you found me like KayT and I almost cried at

Saturday Clocks Back

Turning back time here.  These fingerless were made years ago. . I didn't like the look when they were finished.  Turns out I love them now.  I thought they were like the abominable snowman's fuzzy coat.   I swear they are from 2004.  They machine wash and dry.  They are crochet edged in angora.   I'm knitting fingerless now in an angora bunny blend.  I'm suddenly all about fingerless again.  Useful for keyboards and driving and all those good things.  Haha: I'm designing a simple pattern and calling it :Wringing My Hands fingerless for the Cubs last game win!  We have our shelter Gala tonight.  It's been a big chuck of time and energy.  I hope we are very successful in fundraising.  I'm nervous.  Isn't that silly?    All of your volunteer comments were enlightening to me.  I'm thinking them all through.   Happy Turn Back the clocks night!  Welcome darkness, you have your strong points too!

Allison's Vitamin D Sweater FInish

* Vitamin D pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier pattern on Ravelry. *Allison knit it In Madelinetosh Merino Light in Silver Fox colorway.  She used size 3s and 4s needles .   *I'm a proud braggin momma.  My girl knits way better than me!  I'm thrilled we share a love of knitting. So thrilled.  *We also share a love of  AMY BETH the Fat Squirrel. She makes us laugh and she is a great knitter and natural story teller/teacher.   *Best part is that Allison loves this sweater.  She has knit some wonderful sweaters that she has not particularly liked in the end.  Congrats my Girl.  Enjoy this one!


  What Joy!   Thanks to each and everyone of you who sent the good luck. I am hoarse.  I am happy.  It is just a game, but it felt like so much more than that.  It felt like family , because we all texted each other throughout the entire post season each and every game.  Thank you all (Ruth Ann from Michigan too!) some of you texted me after WE Won.  Some of you emailed me.  I appreciate each loving gesture.  It feels so darn good.  And it felt so awful in the 8th .... the ups  the downs the hopes, I have to say I was trying to cheerlead the family in the 9th and 10th.  I kept saying the rain delay was for regrouping! And it was.  I kept saying, WE CAN DO THIS. GO CUBBIES. We have come back in extra innings before.. I'm not entirely sure I believed myself, but someone had to hope.  I managed to knit on angora fingerless to the tenth.  Then I just had to put it down.  There is joy in Mudville..... let's rewrite the poe

A Very Big Irisheyes Day!

  Today is my incredible son's birthday!  He was born on the Day of the Dead and if you've read irisheyes for any length you know, he loves Mexico. (and he is there for his birthday for the second time in his life.) Happy Birthday Zach. ! I can't control outcomes, but oh gosh I try! I know what I wish for this very special Birthday.. we text with Zach and  Allison during all the Cub games! During this WORLD Series, I have managed to knit a pair of Fingerless.   The yellow yarn was a gift from Kim at Handeye for the Hunks and Chicks contest.  Whoever donated it to Kim Thanks! I added the pumpkin buttons.  You like? I dropped 4 stitches( only ) on Sunday nights game during the 4th inning.  It is more of a recipe than a pattern: Sock yarn cast on 64 on double points knit 2 purl 2 around for your cuff Stockinette until thumb placement Buttonhole for thumb More Stockinette 1 by 1 rib for knuckle part. Add buttons of your choice.  

Here I go Asking you questions again. .....please advise!

  *Al's Alfajor Hat in Spud & Chloe Yarn. *We bought the yarn in the Outer Banks 15 months ago. It marinated just perfectly don't you think? *I've been marinating some thoughts in my mind lately. Winter is coming and I have to embrace the cloudy days. Help!  How do you handle the cloudy dreary days? *Our big fundraising Gala is Saturday for the shelter.  I've been in charge of the cork pull. Translation: Get Wine bottle donations of 30 to 50 dollar value. You pay 20 bucks, pull a cork with a number on it and get that bottle of wine.   We have almost 50 bottles for this year, so that's a thousand for the shelter right there.  Last year they sold out in 7 minutes.  I have to say people have been very generous donating the wine. This is one small part of the big Gala.  I feel that being on the Board of Directors is a big donation of time and energy, but I think we are making good changes.  I think fundraising is a big par