Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Here I go Asking you questions again. .....please advise!

 *Al's Alfajor Hat in Spud & Chloe Yarn.

*We bought the yarn in the Outer Banks 15 months ago.
It marinated just perfectly don't you think?

*I've been marinating some thoughts in my mind lately.
Winter is coming and I have to embrace the cloudy days.
Help!  How do you handle the cloudy dreary days?

*Our big fundraising Gala is Saturday for the shelter. 
I've been in charge of the cork pull.
Translation: Get Wine bottle donations of 30 to 50 dollar value.
You pay 20 bucks, pull a cork with a number on it and get that bottle of wine.  
We have almost 50 bottles for this year, so that's a thousand for the shelter right there. 
Last year they sold out in 7 minutes. 
I have to say people have been very generous donating the wine.

This is one small part of the big Gala. 
I feel that being on the Board of Directors is a big donation of time and energy, but I think we are making good changes. 
I think fundraising is a big part of being on a Board. 

I do think I'll transition to volunteering in my own new neighborhood in some way next year. 
As much as I love the shelter, its a 90 minute drive to complete my term and responsibilities there.  
I guess I didnt' imagine the house would sell so quickly etc when I was ask to run for the board in April. 

What are your thoughts?
So many of my bloggy pals volunteer in one way or another. 
I do think it very important to give back. 
Have you learned from your volunteer experiences?


Kim in Oregon said...

I think you need to be sure you are getting something out of the volunteer experience or else you risk ending up hating it and being upset with the organization. If the commute is worth it -- great---but if you find yourself angry with the commute then you should rethink.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, I'm not typically bothered by "dreary" days (and we get plenty of them here in Michigan in the winter), but lighting candles and turning on lamps with small wattage bulbs is cheerful (I have a small crystal lamp that takes a 7-watt bulb). I also like to light the gas logs in the fireplace when it's snowy outside. I do love the coziness of winter.

I volunteer two mornings a week as a hospice volunteer at a local nursing home. I absolutely love it. The lonely are so grateful for visits.

I've been enjoying your blog for several months. This is the first time I've responded. Ruth Ann in Michigan

Araignee said...

I love cloudy, dreary days like today. I don't feel guilty playing with my projects. Bright, sunny days make me feel like I have to clean. Ugh. I also use night lights and candles to brighten the long nights.
As for volunteering, after being a teacher for 20 plus years in a rough urban school I feel I've satisfied any obligation to the community. I'm not much of a joined anyway. I donate lots of money though to lots of charities.

Katherine said...

I've always volunteered with local Historical Societies and have learned a lot about the areas we've lived in from the experiences. I also volunteered in the schools when both our children and our grandchildren were in school. Now THAT'S an experience!! So many personalities and politics!

I love dreary days. Is that crazy? I like to curl up with a good book and nap a little. My mom always wanted to go to the movies on dreary days or when it was raining.

Teresa Kasner said...

I also think grey dreary days give you the go-ahead to lounge and crochet and watch mindless tv. Put on lots of lights in the house, that helps. I volunteer quite a bit and it gives me purpose in life. You'll figure out what you want to do.. as for keeping up with the commute or joining in a local project.... or both! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Vera said...

Love Al's hat - looks so cute on her! I'm another one who doesn't really mind "dreary" days. I look forward to them. I nap (that would be weekends...week days I am at work - lol), read, knit, stitch and cook. Emphasis on the nap part. My husband gets antsy and now uses one of those lights. Vitamin D helps also. I don't volunteer with any particular organization, but we do a lot of community things through my work (toys for children at the holidays, food collections and drop-offs at Thanksgiving and other times, etc.). Once I retire I do plan to volunteer either at a library or animal shelter or somewhere. You will figure out what's right for you Kathy!

Delighted Hands said...

I keep busy indoors with tons of interests so grey days won't own me!
AS for volunteering-it's essential for you to be a part of the community you belong to.
I don't think the what you do is as important that you take part in some way regularly!

Anonymous said...

Do what you like. A 90 minute drive is a long way from home. If that's tiring and you feel you're ready to move on to more local, then do it! You'll meet new people and new things.

KSD said...

Has Al ever thought of becoming a knitwear designer? She has such an eye for color, and isn't afraid to tackle anything!

I can't help with the dreary day thing, because I relish dreary days. Grey skies and clouds put me in the mood to snuggle down with my knitting, some stationery, a book, and have a cozy, productive day.

I agree with Twinnie Kim's assessment of volunteering. I would add that you have to be absolutely sure you can do it. I signed up to be a Meals on Wheels driver shortly after my mother died, and I simply couldn't make it through. In my mind, I was helping in the name of all those who helped Mama, but the reality was seeing people in declining health, which was more than I could handle.

Betsy said...

I don't mind the cloudy winter days because I tend to be a bit of a "hermit" anyway in the winter time as I don't like to drive in the snow. I have always volunteered in many ways. I think you need to find what makes your "heart sing" and go for it.

Anonymous said...

Steve and I are currently looking for some way to volunteer here in Duval County.

In the past I volunteered at Stephen's elementary school (long after he was no longer a student). I worked in classrooms with underachieving readers and was a field trip chaperone in special needs classrooms. THAT was my favorite volunteer job.

Tired Teacher said...

Volunteering is important and the organizations and causes desperately need volunteers. I wish more young people would do service projects. It's necessary to introduce children to the idea of helping others when they are young. A major part of society's problems today is that the idea of watching out for number one (self) is too prevalent. You know that I regularly volunteer, and I love it. I find it satisfying to help others in both small and large ways.

Judy S. said...

I've always admired your dedication to the shelter, Kathy, and I'll bet you could find something similar closer to your new home.(And I'm sure they will understand your decision at the current place as well as miss you lots!) Dick and I like to volunteer both to give back and also to have a schedule for our week now that we are retired. Having worked for a nonprofit, I am well aware of the importance of volunteers; they keep lots of wonderful causes up and running. As for grey days and we have lots of them, it helps us to get away somewhere sunny for a few weeks. It's something to look anticipate, breaks the monotony and makes good memories. Hugs from the PNW!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I did some volunteering at the shelter where we used to live. It was a 15 minute drive then. When we moved, it became a 40 minute drive.
I was also limited in when I could go because of their hours - basically I could only go on the weekend, and while I would have liked to volunteer more, I just couldn't manage going every weekend. That, coupled with a very disorganized volunteer organizer, and I made the decision to give it up.
It wasn't easy. I took pictures of the adoptable cats, and I loved it. But it's got to jive with your day-to-day.
I say there's nothing wrong with transitioning to something closer.

AsKatKnits said...

I think it is okay to volunteer closer to home, and I would not feel guilty about that either!

As for grey days - one or two are manageable, however long strings of them are a challenge. I try and compensate through some additional meditation and some brightly colored knitting projects! Good luck!

Amy at love made my home said...

I have done - and do - a lot of volunteering. This is what I have learned.

It is a great thing to do. I love it.

Only do what you love. If you fall out of love with it it is time for a change and that is OK!

Do what you want and don't feel pressured to do more.

Do what you enjoy in the role.

If it is a long way to drive you will feel pressure, find things that are easy to get to, and easy to fit into the rest of your life.

Have a go, if it doesn't work out that is OK, you tried and will find something else.

Follow your passions!

As for grey days. Well I struggle with those too. Keep busy, see friends, go out - volunteering! - and keep a stack of good books to read, films to watch, blankets to snuggle under and something good to drink - hot chocolate or a favourite tea are my preferences!

Hope you figure it all out in the best way for you! xx

Al said...

I'm with you, not a fan of dreary days. I could do 365 days of sunshine- maybe a late afternoon thunderstorm to break it up. The only good thing abouto clouds is better for running

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