I was in OKC for Mother's Day

 OKC was warm and dreamy.   For those of us who have long tortuous winters, and recently endured SNOW, Allison's city was so warm, humid , windy and sunny.   Here's the great part, her and her man, Will, are doing great together.  

OK ..... C , her knitting just blows me away.  Look!  see!  I'm such a proud mom.  This is just one of her three main projects on the needles.  She is knitting a cabled sweater for her Will.   Despite the horrid Lore that its the kiss of death, she's thinks she knows better. !!!! I do know Will will love it.  It has cables and that fisherman sweater look.  

I think we were headed out to dinner. She normally doesn't knit in a gorgeous dress, but we were headed out for Fireman's Birthday Dinner.  I love this dress on her. 

Al gifted me this sharp hat.  It fits me, not her  so winner winner chicken dinner. 

Now this is an interesting shawl she is also working on.   The construction of this shawl has 3 triangles that come together somehow.  When she finishes her 3 products, I'll give you all the details regarding patterns and yarns. 

She has 3 bags from Amy Beth the Fat Squirrel.  One is the library fabric, one is outdoor animals and one is bright yelllow sun  and flowers  (an early bag. )

Al and Zach bought me a gorgeous robins egg blue skein of yarn .  They know their  mom.  I will be so happy to show it to you soon.  I love it.  Just prior to that gift, Al took  me to her yarn store.  We needed a fixing needle and she was able to weave the boo boo that Fezzik caused by catching his nail in  a bit of the yarn.  She's something else this girl.  She knows how to knit and fix knitting!  I left that yarn shop with two pretty skeins for a dk weight cotton shawl.  For now, I'm working on the yarn NothingButRed gifted me and making a shawlette with it.  Photos this week for you. 


So we had to get up at 4:15 a.m to catch the first flight out of OKC .  It goes to St. Louis.  The airport is apparently closed until 0500. I cannot confirm this, but I doubt it is true.  We Entered at 0501 and the place was a zoo.  Where was everyone going on Mother's Day? We raced to our gate, after the TSA check.  We always get stopped, because they HAVE to feel my ankles.  I have fat ankles.  I'm used to it now.  What do shoeless people hide in their ankles? Oh well, I d rather they be ridiculously thorough than go down due to something someone snuck on their ankle.  

OKay, then the race to the gate in time to board and find seats together began.   At Southwest it is a grab a seat whereever you can plan.   I have to praise my Fireman.  He figured out all the boarding passes on his phone for us .  He even had the car park set on his phone.  

I love seeing my girl.  We had very fun time until the last day.  I started to try not to cry but by 4pm I could not hold back the tears .  It has been 10 years since she moved away.  I have to stop this.  I see a family therapist and she's helpful.  But , By dinner I had to apologize to Will, for my losing it .  He was incredibly kind about it.  I have been battling some anxiety for a few weeks.  

We went from COVID isolation for 2 years, to Troy's surgery, to an isolatied 2nd Chrismtas, before this  ,5 day trip that included: wearing the N95 uncomfortable masks in the air and the airport.  We were in large crowds at the OKC Farmer's Market and I wore my mask their too.  Very very very few folks were wearing masks.  Not even the pilots or flight attendants were wearing masks.  

Will and Al did ask what we wanted to do.   We said we wanted  to enjoy their home, back yard, and warm weather.  We said we were not ready for crowds yet and were masking.  We wanted to eat outdoors in non crowded diners and the like.  Those were great parts of the trip.  Al was hopeful I would be okay going to the ballet of Swan Lake with her, but I was too tired and emotional to go.  I got next to no sleep that night.  Al has a PRIDE flag and it was banging and hitting the pole for HOURS.  It finally broke off and I think I slept 45 minutes or so. 

We got home safely with the same mad dash race through the airports to security and gates.  I'll just say this: a camper is looking mighty good .  I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night and slept without getting up until 0930 a.m.  I have never slept 13 hours in one night.  Never. 

So, we loved being with Al and her Will.  My anxiety still gets spinning at the end of trips.  I have a long history of this.  The flight plan was just too tight for my liking.  Running through the airport fromTSA , to the gates, and grabbing seats .........I'm just not made for it.  We thought I would do better flying out of Milwaukee instead of insane OHARE, and flying back to Milwaukee.  I didnt' feel any less stress.  

I'm thinking about Betsy and her campers.  Back to my knitting . Sorry I've been gone awhile. I'll catch up with your blog posts tomorrow! 

HOw are you doing with Covid, with visits , and with air travel these days.  ?


KSD said…
I was by myself for Mother's Day. My children have never, ever bought yarn for me. Nothing knitting-related at all, even.
I'm glad you had a wonderful visit. Al's knitting is stunning!
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Nance said…
I understand your trip anxiety completely. I detest flying and all that baloney you have to go through to do it. It feels invasive, like prison intake. I get why, but I still hate it.

I'm glad you got a lot of rest when you got home. You surely needed it.
Tired Teacher 2 said…
Bless your heart- I’m glad you and Fireman were able to visit Alison and Will and had a safe journey. I haven’t been on a plane in nearly ten years. I’d have to learn how to book a flight and get a boarding pass online since I’m so out of touch.
Araignee said…
You are braver than I! I still can't even go in a grocery store since no one is wearing masks anymore. Everyone has their own comfort zone when it comes to risk and mine is at zero I'm afraid.
I would love to have a camper so I could travel safely but The Mister won't even consider it.
karen said…
I am SO HAPPY for you that you were with your family!! What a wonderful visit.
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