Monday, April 27, 2009

A dishrag story

I fell in love with knitted dishcloths

I love how they look in my kitchen at the sink.

They say something to me.

They say cozy, sweet and almost Mary Engelbright.

Alas, having recovered from my injury, I know this truth:

I cannot knit with this type of yarn.

Not for along time.

Do you love to knit dishrags?

I'm willing to trade all this cotton yarn and a bit more,

To someone who will knit just one for me in return.

If more than one of you wants the offer,

we'll have a drawing.

I have to clear some stash, in the interest of space

and being grown up about staying well!


who knew I'd be a dishrag nut as I turn 50??????
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Chris said...

I don't need the yarn--I have more dishrag cotton than I can use in a lifetime. But if you go to my profile you will find my e-mail and send me your address, I will be glad to knit you a coupla dishcloths. I can't live without my knitted dishcloths. What color is your kitchen?

Lushorama said...

I'm with Chris - I'd happily knit a dishcloth or two for you!

(go to my much neglected blog, and you'll find my email addy)

Jennifer said...

I love knitted dishrags. They remind me of my Grandma. I made a bunch for my sister and she only uses the handknit ones to wash her kiddos faces.

: )

Deb said...

I suppose crochet is worse for you then? I love to crochet dish rags and love the look of those even more. Count me in and I'll knit you one or two!

Bianca said...

I'll knit a few for you if you like!

Kim said...

I'd be happy to knit a dishcloth for you! And if you've been reading my blog lately, you know I've been very productive with them this year!

Debra said...

I don't need this yarn either, but if you'd like to email your snail mail addy I'll gladly knit you up a dishcloth or two. Any particular color in mind?


Debra in NC

Marty said...

I don't need any more cotton either, but I would totally knit you a couple of dishrags. I like to make the round lace ones-so pretty yet functional.

Katherine said...

I too will happily knit you dishcloths Dear One!! I also have more cotton yarn, both organic and Peaches 'n Creme, than I can ever use for me, my whole family and thee. I'm sure someone will take you up on your offer though.

Don't feel bad about not being able to knit with cotton yarn. I don't have any injuries and it makes my hands/arms hurt.

Georgi said...

I will be happy to knit disrags for you.

Unknown said...

If you like dishcloths, check out Kris Knits. She make some killer designs. They are on ravelry.

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