Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take my Dishcloth Yarn Please, Part 2

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Well isn't it funny that we all seem to have more dishrag cotton than we need? Thank you all for your kind offers to knit me a dishrag, but I can only accept from the person who takes my yarns! I think the yellow would make cute doll hair.....all you dolly knitters out there. Let's just see if I really can't give it away!

I went to my LYS sale today. I went with specific ideas in mind. I came out empty knitting handed!
I think it is good that I am getting very particular about my yarns right now.
I was in a phase of buy something with no project in mind when I began to knit.

Then I hit a phase of buy it if it is a good deal, with no project in mind.

Now I am in a tired of stash stage of mind.

For me right now, it feels right to only buy it as I am going to knit it.

Let's see how long this phase lasts.
WHat phase are you in? :)


Kim said...

I'll take your yarn too!

JustApril said...

It is funny, because I have knit all of ONE dishcloth and have tons of dishcloth yarn. I don't think I knew what I was buying exactly

Ling said...

I'm tempted by the yarn - cheap dishcloth cotton is hard to come by in the UK. But really, I don't need any more yarn.

Grace said...

i just love acquiring yarn, I never thought of it as phase!

Emily said...

I haven't bought anything but toy yarn in a bout a thousand years. But before that, anything larger than sock yarn was bought with a plan (just because that plan wasn't executed doesn't mean there wasn't one).

LizzieK8 said...

I would be happy to help you out! What color dishcloth would you like?

Katherine said...

I agree! I'm in a knit from stash phase having just passed the buy for a specific project phase. I seem to be tailoring knit projects to my stash. You know the world is changing when knitters change their yarn buying habits!

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