What I learned about lifelines and lace

I don't always understand a concept until I've done it myself.....
usually the wrong way first.
Part of the process for me.
I don't see it as a fault, just how I do things when I knit :)

So here I am showing you my lace and lifeline so you don't have to make the
same mistake.
They say you should put a lifeline in your lace in case you make a mistake.
Well, they should say for when you make a mistake.

So you knit a bit.
Then you take a threaded needle and you run the thread and needle
into the bottom lowest part of your stitches a few at a time all the way across
the stitches. Leave those stitches right on the needle. Dont take them off.

Don't thread it at the top of the stitches like I first did.
Then you take the nice long thread or piece of contrast color yarn
and you make it so a nice long strand hangs out both sides of the work.

Here's the tricky part.
When you knit the next row, do not KNIT the life line into the stitches.
Keep it down there at the bottom of the stitch.

I made the mistake of knitting it into the next stitches.
Then it gets all cattywampus and isn't a life line at all.

So here I am NOT knitting into that bluecolor lifeline at all
Just let it hang there and keep on knitting the pink stitches.

TO some of you this is important.
To those of you who haven't ever knitted lace
and keep reading, USE A LIFELINE

I hope Ive saved some confusion
for anyone who thinks like me.
Kathy b

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said…
I've done that--knitted the lifeline into the stitches. I've done that a few times so I guess I don't learn very quickly. I also lose my place in the middle of a row if I have to stop to answer the phone. So, I stick a Post-it on the chart over the next stitch. Isn't lace knitting fun!!
Kim said…
Also, if you have stitch markers, do NOT put the lifeline through them.
Pat K said…
I'm using a lifeline on my Maplewing shawl. I don't want to cast on 600 stitches again.
Emily said…
Thank you for the insight. It is emblazoned on my heart.

Although the possibility that I will ever knit anything lacier than a pair of socks is not great.
Angel said…
You know I think I have been tempting fate, but I have never used a lifeline when lace knitting. Maybe its because I haven't ever knit anything bigger than a regular sized shawl..... anyway, good advice on the lifeline.
Beverly said…
I don't use a lifeline. I tried once it wasn't for me, so I'll keep tempting fate.
Elaine said…
I'm one of the people who advised you to use a lifeline, but to be honest, I never do. I know I should but I've always managed to recoup somehow when I've made a mistake. Maybe next time I will.

Hope your Easter was wonderful

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