Take my Dishrag Yarn Part 3

Hooray. Kim of Knitswithasilentk blog will take the yarn ! She has over 50 dishcloths in her Ravelry queue. Check out her blog for her latest beauty. Thanks for all the other offers but I can only take the dishcloth from Kim now. Just think if I had yes to all of you! I'd have the best dishcloth collection in town! It was tempting.......however :)

This is a candid shot of some tulips. Some of many that are cheerily blooming. You know I prefer candids.

Happy knitting to all today. Are you ready to stay in and knit if the Health officials declare a shut in? Im ready!!!! Lace it will be.
And an emergency supply of Coke, wine, and pajamas. What is in your swine flu shut in knit preparation kit????
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said…
My kit contains Diet Vanilla Pepsi, lace shawl knitting, afghan/couch, dog in lap and all 13episodes of Firefly.
Bianca said…
Here it is officially named the Mexican flu. I am not worrying about it at the moment...LOL! (must be due to the allergic stuff I am regularly going through) But at the moment in my kit is yarn and needles to knit fingerless gloves, a good glass of milk, or a cup of coffee and our home cinema...hehehe
PurlingPirate said…
Lots of Coca-Cola, my Shipwreck shawl (will I ever finish?!?!?!) and a bottle of aspirin. I figure if they close the schools and businesses, I'll be up to my eyeballs in 3 year old son and going on 3 year old husband.
Grace said…
lots of yarn lots of tea bags and not enough snacks Xanax and Zoloft

would you really return the dishcloths, Sometimes people just HAVE to give----just curious!

Kim is knitting my wee sock, can't wait for it to arrive
Dez said…
My emergency kit contains lots of juice, the 10 sweaters in my queue, my kitty, all 10 seasons of SG-1, 2 seasons of Doctor Who, and of course Ravelry. :)

(can you tell I have just been waiting to get stuck in my house so I can watch all of that/sit on Ravelry for hours?)
I have project bags put together so I would just need some salt and vinegar chips and chocolate.Hugs Darcy
Jackie said…
O boy, all those tulip ? they are beautiful. Loving it.
Kim said…
I'm so happy to be receiving your dishcloth cotton - it's so pretty! I'll have to think of something special for your dishcloth!

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