Saturday, April 18, 2009

little red needles

I'm trying a new lace scarf. It isn't going so well. It is a simple enough 2 row repeat and I keep messing it up somehow.

But, I am in love with my new little red needles from Katherine. The are just the right length for me.

I knitted my first lace scarf with needles that were just a tad too long.
Just long enough to be in my way.

Not my new little red needles. And they are as light as air.

I am picturing this scarf worn with a blue jean old blue jean and bandanna theme.
I keep coming back to it.

Do you keep coming back to a color theme?

(these are aslo Cub colors.....)

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love blue/green your scarf is pretty what yarn are you using and the colorway is striking:)((((Hugs))))) Darcy

Grace said...

tell us the pattern name so if we have made it we can help you figure it out!!!

The color is beautiful!

kathy b said...

Darcy and Grace

I figured it out. It is a Berroco Lace Scarf. I am using the Mountain Colors that fireman and Zach brought to me from Colorado.

My problem was that I was watching the Blacakhawk game while I was trying to knit lace.

Jennifer said...

Love the scarf. It's a great picture.

Katherine said...

Beautiful color and the lace looks great to me!! I always get into trouble when I watch TV and try to knit lace. One or the other suffers. I return to orange and gold again and again, but Cub colors are always the best!!!

Beverly said...

What needles are you using? I love red. Is the color Ruby River. I've knitted with MC Bearfoot in that color and it is a beautiful shade of red.

Emily said...

Your needles are super cute and cheery! I bet they would make any project fun.

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