Review of the VIEW Stick

***** 5 stars.
Given to me by Katherine in Frugal swap.
Made by Sundown Products in Cape Coral GL
Makes itsby bitsy lace chart much easier on the eyes.
Eliminates need to enlarge chart at Kinko's.

I have been able to correct my last two lace mistakes on my own.
Eliminates need to drive to yarn store and ask for help
Eliminates need to beg Al to find a spare moment to fix it for me.
The lifeline is very much still there, and I move it up just about every repeat.

I have not memorized the 6 different rows that are involved in this diamond like look.
I take it one row at a time.
I am able to take it along in the car.
I can knit it with baseball on the TV.

I thnk I can say
I am hooked on lace.
and charts.
I feel like I've learned a universal language.

No wonder I have ben so tired.
Good tired
Brain tired.

Im off for a nap. :)

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Alyssa said…
I'm so glad you are using (and liking) charts! They really make everything easier.

That view stick thing-a-ma-bob is pretty darn cool. I might have to get one. By the end of the day my eyes are worn out.
I love gadgets:)(((((Hugs)))) Darcy
Bianca said…
LOL! Wonderful tool! :-)
Karen said…
I've never heard of the View Stick before - but I think it's a wonderful invention!!! I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for one of those.

I'm so glad you are loving lace. Yes, take it one row at a time. Just like life - one day at a time. Anything is possible if you break it down into small steps. :)
Katherine said…
I'm so glad you are enjoying charts (and the chart holder!). Charts are the only way I can knit lace. That's a beautiful scarf. Are you making it in pink?

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