On to the next knit

I finished these socks on Wednesday. Although they do not match perfectly, I think they came out great. They belong to Zach now. Next up: I'm using up some leftover yarn and making a pocket scarf. I think having pockets in a scarf is a great idea. For as long as I've been knitting I've thought it would be fun to make one. So here goes. ...

My sister in law gave me a belated birthday gift at our Thanksgiving. She baked 3 boxes of Christmas cookies for me. I love cookies. What a fun and perfect gift. Since the kitchen is in the middle of a makeover, the cookies are especially appreciated!
The hopes for the coming week are priming, painting and laying the floor. :) One day at a time.....
I talk more in the comments!


Katherine said…
I new kitchen for Christmas and cookies while you wait--perfection!

I love the socks and I'm of the "nothing has to match" school. Can't wait to see the pocket scarf.

BTW I am still blogless. Must have been some mean hacker!
Beverly said…
Nothing beats a nice new pair of handknitted socks. I need to knit some.

I'm so jealous about the homemade cookies. I love holiday goodies.
SissySees said…
Cute socks. I need to finalize my plans for holiday baking... next week.
Celia said…
Tiger print, cute!

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