I've started the little red scarf which may or may not have pockets! I have to get to the yarn store tomorrow and see if there are any skeins left to match. I had time to knit quite a bit this weekend. Just a simple rib pattern. The color is very raspberry and pretty. I dont think it shows up quite true in this image I took.

I wasn't sure who the scarf was going to be made for. Then last night a very dear woman I work with saw the scarf and admired it. I decided then and there I'd give it to her when I finish it. Now that I know who I'm knitting it for, there is an added joy to the knitting for sure!

The kitchen is coming along. I'll post pictures soon. We have been eating out quite a bit. I have some opinions to share!!
Maggiano's Corner Bakery........disappointing. Sort of blah. I remember it being better
Noodles and Co......I guess you get what you pay for. The four of us ate there tonight for 35.00. Just so so again.
Lou Malnatti's pizza: perfection in pizza, I order the thin crust. MMMMM
McDonald;s..........ALWAYS PERFECT, I still love it.

We have been grilling a little to so as not to order out constantly. Thanksgiving meal at my parents was extra good now that we are without a kitchen. Leftovers were sent home with us, and they were doubly good too!

Any suggestions for dining out ? I'm open to suggestions. THANKS
I talk more in the comments!


Scarf said…
This is really good Scarf and i like red scarf so much,,,,Thanks
SissySees said…
Love a red scarf! I'm pondering a hoodie, and I'm sure I'll be sorry when we're at the beach that I didn't knit it before we went.
Katherine said…
Malnatti's--yum!! That would be it for me every night! Pizza, pizza, pizza. I could even eat it for breakfast (and have), but I have to have thick crust and extra cheese.

The scarf is so cute and a beautiful color. I know what you mean about knitting for a specific person. You just put extra love into it when you know who it belongs to.
Celia said…
Can't wait to see the new kitchen. I know there is a point where going out to eat gets pretty blah. It will be so nice when you can get your own homecooked meals.
Karen said…
Oooohhh, pretty scarf - your co-worker will be so tickled when you give it to her!!!

In theory, not being able to cook sounds wonderful - but I can definitely see how it would get old really fast. But your brand sparkly new kitchen will make it all worth it!!

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