The light coming through....

I took this image of our ash tree a few weeks ago. I am beginning to feel like the light is coming through in my life again. I don't have much knitting to post, but wanted to say hello! I am working on a hat for me, just like the one I made Zach, only in teal. Al tells me her boyfriend Pete would like one for Christmas. So another hat it will be. That is a good goal for me next.

We begin a long overdue kitchen demolition tomorrow. I may have to post about it as we go along.

What are you knitting? ANything????

I talk more in the comments!


Jennifer said…
Good luck! It sounds exciting and scary at the same time. Please keep us posted of the progress. It will be fun to watch. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly.
Guinifer said…

Great photo, we haven't many leaves left around here.
SissySees said…
I'm feeling perkier this morning than I have in a few weeks too. Some good music on the short commute in did it for me...

Knitting? I happen to have to FO reports from the weekend. Rare. I haven't been knitting much either.
JustApril said…
I love the light photo, and hope the kitchen stuff happens quickly for you.

As for knitting, I'm working on a pair of scrap yarn socks and soon will cast on a practice lace stole.
Celia said…
Finished a lace ribbon drop-stitch scarf yesterday. I currently have a brown hoodie for my daughter on the needles. It's the corona hoodie from Canary Knits. Really need to get a hat made for my son. He's grown out of his newborn hat.

Goodluck with the kitchen remodel.
Katherine said…
Can't wait to follow the kitchen remodel progress! It will be a "pain" for a while but well worth the trouble!

Hats are great for getting back into knitting after an away time. I'm knitting a swing vest for DD and it seems to be taking forever.

Love the light photo, especially since our trees aren't turning yet.
Bianca said…
Socks at the moment, and a pair of beautiful gloves!

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