More Gift Hats Regina Made

Regina is  much admired by me for her constant giving of time for the needy.   The hats are too fun.  I am sure someone needs a hat in this crazy Spring.  Thanks Regina.

Im working on that second sock.  I'm in the home stretch. 

So much going on here , a11 good, but the darndest things are happening. 'The DH1

truck arrives today, after we have stared at the front door Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   They never de1ivered a package.  We had to trave1 to get it . THen the truck shows up today, and natura11y he cant find the package  .  I was my very nice person and said,  "That's because we picked it up today"  And "Its not your fau1t" 

Goofy things going on!


Judy S. said…
Crazy! Let me know if you get this post!
Araignee said…
What a cute herd of hats!
karen said…
what a beautiful array of hats!
Tired Teacher said…
I had a similar situation with the post office this week. There must be something in the air.
KSD said…
I've never dealt with DHL; I wonder if they're always this crazy.

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