The Rainbow Shawl

 I finally have something to show you.    I had to correct many mistakes with this garter shawl.   I used a sock yarn and I had no idea how it would pool.   

I really love the outcome .  My dear yarn obsessed Fezzik snagged it in one place.  Allison will help me fix or hide that soon.  This is a gift to her friend Lucy, who we love.

The pattern was made up by my old knit shop friend. I told her I wanted a shawl with no point.  She called it a shoulder drape shawl.  Cast on ten stitches.  Row 1 increase every stitch.

Row 2 increase every stitch (40)

Then increase in first and last stitch each row until desired length.  Bind off. 

The biggest issue for me was to look at the worked stitches frequently to be sure  I had not dropped any stitches.

I will add the photo in a few minutes.  I have to have my photographer help.  

There you go!  Finished ready to gift to Lucy.  I'm going to start another today.  I like the drape you get with garter.  I just have to be careful.  Did you see we have sun?  Going to near 60 today.  I'm overjoyed.  Porch knitting for sure. 


Araignee said…
What a great gift! It's been so chilly here you need a shawl.
Ruth Ann said…
Love this! Can you let us know what yarn you used and what size needle? Thanks!
Tired Teacher 2 said…
The yarn behaved wonderfully - no real pooling that I can see. Lucy is going to love this shawl.
KSD said…
Pretty, pretty. Have you ever seen a Faroese shawl? They don't have a point (almost said "pointless," which isn't true) and are supposed to stay on without tie or pin.
That is really smashing. Just settles nicely across the shoulders and the neck...brilliant shape. I do like the variegated yarn. Gorgeous gift too! Keep well. Amanda x
Judy S. said…
Way to go, Kathy! I bet your friend will love it.
karen said…
very very pretty!! love the pops of color!
Nance said…
I like it! It looks like city lights at night.
kathy b said…
I used sock weight yarn and size. 10 circ needles.

sarah said…
It looks great!
Jo said…
Such a pretty colour, Allison's friend will love it.
Absolutely stunning! Well done!
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