Finished Before the Storm


My friend Anne, made me this vase.   It is square with "Frogs" on the bottom to catch the stems.  I didn't know how it might show; but I adore it now that I have used it.  

I wanted to cut them before the storms hit.  We were under a tornado warning for a bit, then a watch.  I wanted to show you my finished socks just after the warnings were done.  

I have to remember that it easier to knit both socks without months between them.  But things happen.  I am keeping these for me.

These are to demonstrate that I do know how to knit socks that fit me.  See the cuffs? They aren't tight.  I have fat there and I don't want them tight and irritating. 

Just another pose outside where the photos seem better.  

To end, I want you to see that we have green starting around here.  Tomorrow is May first and we are supposed to have another week of 50 degree weather.   It has been a bugger of a Spring so far.  You may say it wasn't Spring, save for a few days. 

What is next? I Am off to peek  at Some Wraps that came in my in box today.  If nothing interests me, I'm starting more socks.  Thanks for coming by.....


Tired Teacher said…
The socks are great - love the colors. I like loose cuffs, too.
Judy S. said…
Stay safe! Tornados are scary. Nice work on the socks; what pattern did you use?
Araignee said…
Congrats on the sock finish!
I've been mesmerized watching the Kansas tornado drone videos. So scary but so amazing at the same time. How things like that exist is beyond me.
kathy b said…
No pattern to the socks Judy. Just ordinary cuff, then a few rows before the hee1, then hee1, turn, gusset and body to toes.
I do a round toe.
Vera said…
Cute socks and I like that vase!
Great socks! And a lovely little vase...
karen said…
that vase is a treasure!! love your socks too :)
Nance said…
My mom would love those socks. She is forever cutting the bands on hers because they feel too tight on her.

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