Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pattern Talk....but First

 Al sent this photo of her Oklahoma Fog this morning. 
Rather spooky!
Are you ready for Halloween?
Have you eaten any CANDY yet?
I've been good but I will have a baby ruth bite at some point...
Here's your awe photo for today.
Puppy at the shelter yesterday.  Look at that brindle!
I think we had 6 puppies from two different litters .
Generally the puppies go to home fast. 
Don't let his worried eyes worry you. 

Looking at Hat patterns again yesterday, I realized:

*I love Wooly Wormhead patterns.

*If the pattern says short rows...I'm out

*If the hat includes a seam...I'm usually not interested
with the exception of the THAT EASY GANSEY HAT pattern

*If Kitchener is involved. ...blech (see above)

*If I can use Zara then it is a yes!

*Zach is my hat guy.  By far and away he has worn the hats I've knitted him over and over again.  

*I'd like to see more patterns with 
sock yarn. 
Most of them use sock yarn doubled.

I'm going to put a hat on now and head outside to cut down more dead trees with Fireman. 

Hat thoughts?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Distracted with Hats!

I happen to LOVE this pattern.
It is free. 
It is fun to knit

I have a new baby gift  in pink, and a big sister in purple so far.

I'm working on a denim blue one....for ME!

Gotta love zara yarn.

Tried a date bread from scratch yesterday.
Fireman is loving it. 
Very moist. 
If anyone wants the recipe just search for one with coffee in it. 

Off to the shelter to assist the Vet. 
More later. 

Oh my CUbs......last night was difficult

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Not to be Negative: but Negative EASE rocks.

Chicago Botanic Gardens had a pumpkin event last week.
A friend sent me this photo from the event. 
I'm here to tell you I'm almost finished with my second Seventh hat. 
Love the pattern, the Zara yarn and the negative ease.

I really didn't understand the negative ease idea until this hat. 
I'd explain it as a way to get a perfect fit on a warm hat that won't fall off.

Negative ease is only a knit term,  or so I've read.
You can't obtain negative ease with fabric and sewing.
It is a way of assuring things will be hugging your body.
Be it a sweater that shows your curves, or a hat that really really works.  

So if the hat is knitted with a stretchy yarn, like Zara, it is created with fewer stitches in the pattern than you would normally cast on. 
This is how the negative ease is achieved. 

In other words, it won't work with cotton or a yarn that does not have any spring in it. 
Don't even try it friends. 

Busty friends who knit sweaters that applaud those curves, are using negative ease.  
If you want drape, use more stitches and there will be no cling. 

I'm not creating any patterns, but understanding this concept is a AHA for me. !   I'll look for more hat patterns with negative ease.

Let's be positive about Negative!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday World Series Q and A

Good Morning!  
?What is your favorite fabric to wear?
(mine: cotton, flannel is a favorite) 

Who woke you up this morning?
(Miss Pie.  She got through the gate . It has taken her 8 weeks to figure this out.  She jumped triumphantly on the bed and began meowing and rollling and celebrating) 

Last time you had to turn off the announcers and turn on the radio for a sports event?
(I know many of you don't do the sports thing.  Joe Buck drives me crazy if you know baseball.  I turn him off and listen to Chicago Cubs radio announcers. Plus the feed is ahead, so Im not as nervous) 

Last fast food item you ate?
(Starbucks frappacino light) 

Last item you had knit regrets about?
(I have never worn my Skydive Stole.  It is so pretty, but,
it itches me.  What should I do with it? )

Last time  a family member said to you,
"When are  you going to finish that thing?"
(recently.  Fireman saw me car knitting the never ending sock yarn blanket.  I COULD finish it right now.  But it is not big enough for my liking yet. )

Are you still working on a New years Resolution?
(I am . Boundaries.  Always working on the Boundaries.
I did set a boundary this week: I will be home for the WORLD SERIES.  Plans changed.  Sorry if I disappointed . I know it is just a game.  But it is so much more really.   It is about endless hope and optimism.   
Look at this as my chance to keep my New Years Resolution friends. 

Last great amatuer photo you saw?
(Teresa your fog photos last week were amazing. 
Zach your photos on FB in Mexico's Canyon with your friends made my heart soar this weekend. ) 

Do you feed the birds?
(I do.  :) Sunflower seeds . But not every day. )

Do you know someone who is an organ donor recipient or donor?
(Yes!  My mom's pal got a heart transplant and did wonderfully!)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

We are in the WORLD SERIES

Thank you everyone for the texts, the emails and the fun support.  WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Someday Saturday

*Someday I'll knit this. 
I love the top down construction.
It uses Rasta in bulky though.
This pattern is on Ravelry:
The Road to Gimmerton
by Melissa Schaschwary

*Someday We will have all the dead trees down,
but for now we go at it one tree at a time.
Yesterday was a 7 hour day of chainsaws and cutting and a fire to burn the branches. 
It was our 7th day since September of full day woods/tree work. 
I like doing it. 
However, it is pure hard labor. 
And it makes me HUNGRY

*Someday I will get to a bee meeting around here.
For now, I'm too busy on the Shelter Board and Im gearing up for our big GALA.   

*Someday the CUBS are going to go to the World Series and win it ALL.
Beyond excited......

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pekapeka Seventh Hat and THe Cubs are ONE Game away!

First up knitting is going great. 
I'm in the groove knit pals.  
I'm working on hats.   I need a baby hat and a big sister hat to match. 
Negative ease is my new best friend.
It means the hat is designed to stay on your head.
Amazing, right?  Nothing worse than a hat that is a fit failure.

LOVE this pattern. 
Pekapeka Seventh and wait for it...
it is free on Ravelry! 
Using Zara yarn which has some bounce to it. 

That's the CUBBIES in the backround of the photo.
I'm beyond excited.  Katherine and I are holding our collective breaths even though we are a thousand miles apart.
This is our Year! 
Some pitches are sheer torture for me. 
The games have been long and with the west coast starts, very late. 
Bring on Saturday's game!

Finally, this is one of the decorations the former owners left in the crawl space.  
There was more.  Some were beyond broken. 
But there was a 
Santa in a crane lifting toys. 
That one had a movement mechanism that actually worked. 
The Lakeland Shelter here has a resale shop and they wanted them.  
Yeah!  Recycle

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