Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday FInish

 I finished my simple boot cuffs for Al. 
They were very easy. 
I have lots of yarn left. 
I knit with ARAUCANIA Milodon Color 9
100% wool. 
Simple cuff and then stockinette followed by another cuff. 

I'm so impressed with myself....
I knit in the car in the dark last night,
in the round. 
Fireman and I went to Milwaukee to see 
Brit Floyd. 

Fireman loved Pink Floyd. 
I had a vague memory of their :sound
and a few songs. 

I was going along to be kind.
It was, honestly, a great show.
The lighting, the sound, the back up singers.
I could have done with about an hour less of it...
they get kind of ...trippy....
but you do these things for someone you love. 

and then you get to knit on the way home. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh Spring, Where fore art thou?

 I am seriously wanting some warmer temperatures here in Chicago.  This photo was taken in Virginia on a golf course last year. 
I have the itch to putt and chip.  
I don't have a long game and I don't have a short game. 
They say the short game is more important, so that's my goal this year. 
It is cold today.  40s. Sun is out though so that's a huge thing!

These are my Boot toppers for Al. 
Super easy.  They will look really sharp rolled over her boots.
She doesnt like to knit on DPNs so this is a fun little gift for her.
They count as socks okay?

 I wanted to see if I could knit some socks from the book: 
Socktopus: V-Junkie.
Okay, so I can knit the pattern easily...but do I want to?
I don't like a pattern on the top of the foot body. 
I'll let this one set a spell before I make a decision.
I do love the Lorna's lavender yarn! 

Garden dreaming is underway as well.
I need to prune my rose bushes. 
I am planning to plant 3 more bushes in the garden this year. 

The moss roses did so well near the gate that I will plant more this year there for sure. 

I am also dreaming of some big hanging plants for privacy and beauty on my far porch corner.  

Last year at the Botanic gardens they had huge pots of curry that smelled divine.  I am having trouble finding curry seeds. 

Are you knitting?
Dreaming of a summer activity?
Planning your garden?
( I know some of you are well underway in the warmer areas of the country and I LOVE seeing your gardens.) 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

At the Movies

Found this stormy photo on a google page. 
I love a good thunderstorm. 
I was awakened to a thunder clap last night and was happy to welcome it to Spring. 

Zach has posted these snowdrop lovelies on his photo page:
I love their bowing stance....

I'm deep into the planning stages of my purple sock. 
Let's see how far I get on the needles today.

Big big pretend friend news ahead.
Two pretend friends are visiting; one in April one in May
I'm so excited. 

Now for the Movies: 

We tried to watch Jersey Boys, the movie last night.
It was so bad we had to shut it off. 

We watched a documentary on K2 the other afternoon. 
I do not understand the desire but I did manage to like the movie. 

Did I tell you we went to see McFarland USA ?
It is a good story and a Disney feel good movie. 
You don't have to rush out and see it but if you catch it at home some night, it is worth the time. 

I'm not really reading anything right now. 
What are you reading? 
Seen any movies?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shi Bui

My pal Linda just knitted this amazing color block scarf.
It is more of a shawl. 
It is more of a coat.... if you ask Linda. 
I think its Shi bui yarn and pattern.
It is a costly knit, but then again, it can be used as a coat!

Linda sees something and buys the yarn and knits it. 
She's amazing. 
Lauren is modeling the knit. 
Lauren was my patient many years ago as a premie. 
This is how Linda and I originally met. 
Thanks LAUREN! 

Despite the fact that we got 6 inches of snow yesterday, the birds are singing their hearts out this morning. 
I love a bird with a positive attitude! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Spring Snow

 Okay I'm going to stay positive about the weather today.
I don't have to go out and drive to work so who can complain?
I'm so looking forward to 60s and thunder on Wednesday. 
This is the picot edge (ala Carole Knits) that I frogged on my Love Story color, Opal socks. 

I've done the picot edge well before but on a bigger yarn.
This yarn is worked on size 1 needles and I had trouble SEEING where I was going on the pick up round.  I ended up twisting it. 

So I Frogged it.  

Here I am nearing the middle of the foot and toe ending on the new sock.  I did a garter stitch cuff to start this one. 

I like the Opal color pattern, but the yarn is not very soft.
It is 75% wool and 25 % poly. 
I think they will wear well.
The skein is a value at 20 dollars, as I can get two pair out of one skein.  

I think I have to go pet my Lorna's laces lavender now.
I can't wait to cast on with it on size 3 needles. 

Cubs baseball begins in 2 weeks at Wrigley Field.
Did you knit to NCAA basketball this past weekend? 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Patterns For Spring 2015...

Just for fun, Happy Spring. 
Free Ravelry knit patterns to consider.

 This is Spring Seeds Neckwarmer.
You get to knit in big worsted yarn and look at the pretty finish!
I'd consider this.
In purple. 
I might actually be able to see what I'm doing!

 This is Cucumber.
As in, Cool as a...
It is reversible and would look great on Al!

How about Felted Spring Nest? 

 Knit Spring Ruana.
Perfect for our ever changing Spring weather in Chicago.
Odds of my knitting this: close to never : never.
But I can still love it. 

Finally, cheep cheep:
Easter Spring Chicken. 

and on that note: we are expecting snow Monday and thunderstorms on Wednesday. 
You know what I'd prefer!
Bring on the thunder!

What do you think of my SPRING collection?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday Prompt

Just had to show you the cat's eye makeup I came across this week.
Maybe for Halloween....or a cat show....or my birthday!

We are nothing if not whimsical here at IRISHEYES.

Read a fun prompt today: 
what do you always carry with you in your purse: 

I am addicted to flossing. 

*a camera.
be it my phone camera with the new lens or my old
Nikon D40.

*The Blessed Mother. 
I have Our Lady Of Guadelupe medal from Zach's last Mexico trip...

*Stick. I have to have some lipstick in my purse. 


*My paper calendar. I'm old fashione that way.

(in the past I always had dog cookies with me too....)

How about you?

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