Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Messy Morning

 Taking photos at my LYS Three Bags Full, led to this discovery. 
The Tutto Bump Stole- 
The pattern is also available on Ravelry if you don't want to purchase the entire Tutto a Mano book.
The yarn is Isager and you need 5 skeins to make this fun cowl.
I like the bumps.  
Just thought I'd show you....
 I'm head over sock heels for my new Frolicking feet yarn in neon blue and navy.  
I tried Knitpicks double pointed needles for the first time yesterday.
Just in time for Valentines' day, I'm in love.
The feel so good in my hands .
I love wooden needles and these are the creme de le creme for me. 
Only 10 dollars by the time they are shipped, I'll be ordering more for sure.  The coating in the needles is slick but not slippery. 
Finally, today I have a puppy rant. 
Just look at the size of these dogs at the park.
But I digress.
I was helping in the operating room this morning for the animal shelter.   We operated on 7 puppies. 
I had the lovely job of wrangling them out of their pen and getting them in a carrier to transport to the next door office. 
Seven puppies get very very excited when a human enters the shelter for the first time in the morning. 
They have pottied in the pen during the nights and they exuberantly jump all over the poop in an effort to greet me. 
It is everywhere.  The jump in it and jump on each other and race around, delighted.  
Let me tell you it is a huge mess. 
God love the puppy fosters. 
Kittens will put their noses in the air and point at the opposite end of the area where they relieved themselves.  They would no sooner jump in poop than bark.  
Ahhh puppies. You have to love them but they are mess makers! 
One learns very quickly to wear the rattiest clothes you can when you are dealing with pups! 

Happy Messy Morning.!!!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Up and Running. Hello!! I'm BACK!

 I finished my alpaca hat for Fireman this weekend.
He loves it.  It snowed a bit last night so he wore his hat today to shovel.  
I ended it felting it a bit so it would fit perfectly. 
I have great felting luck, I always have. 
I hope this keeps him warm for many years. 
The alpaca was special as it was from the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.  I looked at all the vendors before I choose this supersoft and barely processed fiber. 
As I said in a photo less post earlier this week, I doubled the yarn strands to get a good weight.  

This is my Superbowl hat. 
My winning yarn from the Pine Ridge raffle was some of this Knitpicks Bare that the donor dyed. 
I simply cast on 60 with the yarn held doubled. 
Ribbed for an inch. 
Then I did an increase row and knit a few rows. Then 
I did a second increase row, (knit 5 Make One) 
and knit straight for a bit. 
Then I started hat decreases using SSK because K2Tog hurts when I am using cotton or doubled yarn.  
I love it. 

It is a gift for my friend's daughter who is having chemotherapy.
I hope Becca loves it. 

It is so beyond good to have a working computer at my fingertips.

Thanks for bearing with me while I waited for it. 
I'm off to leave you long comments now....

Monday, February 08, 2016

Monday Meme Number 6

Here we go:

Ssk or Knit2tog?
Double your yarn or knit faster?
Ravelry or Pinterest

Stop n stretch or drive right through
Mountains or desert
Watch sunrise or watch sunset

Flu shot or no flu shot
Tissue with lotion or plain tissue
Mosquito repellent or cover up

Walter Payton or Payton manning
Pets in your bed or close the door
Wash your fruit or not

Sort of a mush mosh.  

I will answer in the comments.  Join any or all if you wish

Here s hoping the computer arrives today!  Return to photos tomorrow.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

sport knitting

 Looks like we are going to be without photos until Tuesday.  Stay with me.... I will try to keep this fun.

I bought more sock yarn today.  Frolicking feets' Robins eggs color.  I have no business buying more sock yarn.  Hee Hee so what. ?  I saved on shipping by purchasing at my lys.  must support the lys

Do all of your social activities pile into the same week? despite my best efforts to space events out the universe demands
That I lump my get togethers, together .  I have stuck to the lunch rule.   I just eat less at lunch and I love staying in at night.  

I finished the softest hat last night.  The yarn was alpaca from the sheep festival last fall.  I had to double the yarn throughout.  Itis gonna be way warm. It is just the teensiest too loose.  A very careful hand felting ought to do the trick.  Eucalan here I come!

Here in Chicago we haven't won the Super Bowl since both my children were born .  I worked for the 85 game.   We rolled TV s into the multi patient room. 

Can I just say for the record now that my expectations for the Cubs this year are higher than ever.  I'm going to set myself up.    I'm going to bleed cubbie blue.  

Are you hoping for a big year in some sports way. Oh and I will watch all of the summer Olympics!
How about you!?

Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday Friendships

I was able to take stock of my wips yesterday .  Tally3 socks , one hat and one fingerless.  Oh and the leftover sock blanket and the feather and fan in Val's gifted cotton.  So 7.  That is a lot for me. And wheeeeeee.  I feel like casting on more.

I managed to figure out how to put an old photo up for you today. My roses did so well last summer against the old garage .  there is pretty beveled glass in the doors and windows. I may salvedge them one day before the garage hits the dust

So I'm posting from the I pad.  And I'm leaving comments on your blog from it too. So punctuation has to be. Forgiven.

Off to donate my blood and then lunch with an old pal Mary who is in town. Mary and I have many sisters but we always say love ya like a sister in our notes to one another .  Mary is incredibly smart. We did not know each other in college as nursing students.  When we both took jobs in our NICU everyone insisted I would love her.  How did they know?   I approached our valedictorian with caution....and everyone was right.   I still love her 3o years later.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

no photos post.

Tis always a big challenge for me to post without my laptop.  Tis on the fritz.  Devoted husband is standing at the Apple Store trying to be patient as I type this.
I bet I could knit the rest of my leftover sock yarn blanket if I stood at the Apple Store.  But I cannot knit standing up and you know they don't put chairs in their stores.
I knit about an inch on the blanket while  we watched the Martian yesterday.  I'll do the math.....3 hour movie equals an inch on the blanket.  You have been there you have done that too. You understand it may be finished by 2017.   There's no rush and it is pretty but you just have to trust me. Today. Sigh no photos

gotta pass along that I love vita tops muffins. The blueberry variety.  Oh and I eat them frozen

I cannot seem To stick to a sock so my plan is to put the current in progress socks on needless im not using and let them take turns.     I only want to knit socks.    I have sockitis.

Fireman just returned alive from th e. Apple Store.  .  The computer has gone to heaven....
Weighing our options. This may cut into the sock yarn budget.....

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Shout Outs, Did all My Friends Have Fun at Play?

 This imperfectly crocheted wash cloth is all I got. 
 I am able to say with certainty that Fixation and me just have to be together with a hook.  I cannot knit with Fixation, it hurts. 
But the hook and I do fine with fixation. 

For you Major Jen, the bulldog knit pattern from Ravelry. 

For Kim in Atlanta, 
my snowdrops are coming up in the yard.
My yard thinks it is spring.
It is not anywhere near spring in Chicago.

For Katherine in Texas,
I just adore Fixer Upper the show.
Jo is so sweet.  Their clients are so sweet. 
Is that how Texas Is?

For Deb and Daddio,
are his project days over?
It was fun to see what he liked to do.
What was his favorite project?

For Amy,
your crocheted flowers are genius. 

For Beth, 
I love your lemonade socks. 
I started and stopped with a skein of Judy's sock yarn yesterday.
I started at 64 stitches and after a few inches of very entertaining color changes, I decided they would fit a very large man's foot. 

So I frogged and went to 48 stitches. 

For Meredith,
Happy Anniversary of becoming Lil Buddy's momma.
Will you  let his hair in the back grow. ....I love a little boy with long hair....

Did you celebrate Valentines day in Japan? 

Do any of you remember Bozo's Circus? or is it a Chicago thing?
Fireman and I found a tape of me on the show in 1970.
I thought it was lost.  Fireman taped the Tour de France over it long ago.  Yet when we played it last week, there was a snippet of me, my mom and my sisters preserved!  My mom had an adorable bee hive hairdo.  She was stylin let me tell you. 

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