Monday, September 29, 2014

Wild and Wooly

My niece, Quetzl  has her MACH in Agility.
Her nickname is the Princess.
Her highness visited with my sister and family this weekend. 
This dog is on alert 24/7.  She is a magnificent example of the working breed. 
I was exhausted watching her. 
My sister has a Gordon Setter too, Dashielle. Darling Dash as I call him takes life as it comes..on his own terms, and he's stubborn. 
Between the two they weigh 140 lbs. 
They swam in Lake Michigan.
At our house, Quetzl scared Rosalyn half to death.
There was a barking commotion, my sister yelling,  
"SOMEone grab her collar" .
I grabbed Roz.  
Everyone settled down. 
Roz and Company remained in the locked basement safely until they left. 
For all their training, they do lack a bit of HOUSE etiquette.
But hey, they are my sister's kids and I love her.  My sister the veterinarian ….
(the shoemakers kids and all that you know) 
Two little yorkies are looking good to me right now...

On our way to an " other side of the family"  party yesterday, we passed a sign that said, "Lllama open house today"
Fireman gets a gold star, or a cold beer, for turning the truck around and letting me visit. 
My goodness they are soft creatures. 
One was making this soft purring kind of sound. 
I was good; I did not buy alpaca. 
When we got to the party I told Barb, my nephew's wife's mother (got that?) that I had to stop to see the Alpacas because I'm a knitter.
She said, very matter of factly, 
"I know. I read your blog every day"
I threw my arms around this woman. 
My own sisters dont read my blog …ever!
I was so touched. 
Barb is a doll.  She is an ovarian cancer survivor.
When I was falling apart in 2006, she noticed, she cared and she reached out to me. 
I better knit this woman something don't you think?

Was your weekend Wild and Wooly?

Friday, September 26, 2014

A LIttle Bit of This and That

 Friend Abby tried her hand at entrelac. 
It wasn't her thing.  She was going to rip this out and I suggested she use it as a hot pad. 
She could also fold it in half and make it a Book/Nook Cover.
She could also seam three of the sides and make it an eyeglass case.
Dont' you think?
 This is my garter cowl. 
I'm into the navy and loving it. 
It will be 2/3rds navy and 1/3 wheat. 
The i cord edging will be aqua. 
Miss Pie is now pretty brown. 
I think this is due to her sunbathing on the screened porch all summer long.  She's kind of a mink.  

Busy weekend, fun plans.
My veterinarian sister and her husband and the dogs will visit. 
Sunday is a family party with Fireman's side for 3 great nieces and nephews.  Birthday fun.  
Our weather is ideal: high 70s all week and no rain.
More of the same next week. 
We feel kind of entitled around here due to our miserable winters…
We appreciate great weather ..whenever

I began reading Brain on Fire Yesterday. 
Not sure I'm going to be able to stick with it; it is very intense.
It may hit a bit too close to home.
I'll keep you posted. 

What are you knit/weekend/reading Plans?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lots Of Pictues: Lake Geneva Wisconsin Hiking Trail

 We Parked at the Big Foot State Park lot. 
It was almost 1 pm.
 There is a bait dispenser at Big Foot Beach. 
Your only option was night crawlers.
 The sky was picture perfect. 
The temperature in the 70s.

 Every house a mansion.
For your viewing pleasure as you walk the trail. 
It winds through the properties and you can peek at it all as long as you stay on the path. 
 It wound  through a golf course.  Lots of old trees and a lovely clubhouse. Private Club. 
 Wooden boats. 
Money….do you see money? 
I did. 
 The landscaping varied and some properties had incredible flowers still blooming perfectly.
 Fireman adjusted his pace for me. 
We drank water. 
We walked 6 miles or more.
My steps soared to over 10,000 then over 20,000.
 The leaves are just starting to change a bit.
 With all that money, could someone replace the slide.
This thing is hazard from MY childhood days...
 We really didn't stop on the way out,
the way back we stopped twice. 
I had a Kind bar, Fireman likes Cliff bars. 
 I got a bit crabby as soon as the parking lot was in sight.
 But the scenery all the way along was such a great distraction.
This was Fireman's favorite mansion.
The path goes 21 miles around Lake Geneva. 
We did over 6.  

When we got back to the car I was CRABBY.
Needed our turkey sandwiches from the leftovers of the night before. 

It was a gorgeous day. 
I finished the day with 24000 steps.
and yes I walked around inside my house like a goof ball to get the last 60 steps in to watch the number turn on my New balance wrist pedometer.  I felt tired but good.  

Then I went to bed. 
And the most bizarre thing happened. 

As I started to fall asleep I began to shiver uncontrollably.
For a half an hour. 
I kept thinking it would stop.
I pulled the covers up.

I went downstairs and put a hoodie on over my p js.
IF i wasn't' so tired I'd have taken a hot shower. 
I shivered in the kitchen waiting for my heating pad to microwave to hot. 

Then I got under my covers again and slowly stopped shivering. 

Maybe donating blood the day before and maybe not drinking so much during the hike…..
maybe it was dehydration?

(Oh I knit on the way up and back! ) 

Have you had an attack of the shivers?
What's your favorite hike?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Knit Night at Threebags was really nice. 
Head over to the blog if you want to see some knitters and their WIPs. :

This woman was protecting her identity. She was knitting the Diamonds Cowl in Lorna's laces. 
I love all things Lorna.  

This E.R. worker was also protecting his identity.
The Witness protection program must be at an all time high…

(I sent AL the folder for SCHOOL.)
My neighbor showed me her pumpkin growing in her yard. 
She called it a 
Volunteer Pumpkin.
It seeded itself from last year. 
Love a volunteer! 
This has happened to us in the past with cherry tomatoes popping up in odd corners of the yard. 
Thing is, When they pick their own spot, the thrive. 
 I may be incognito myself later. 
Fireman and I are trying to hike 8 miles along the Lake Geneva trail today.  There are no pottys along the way. 
Wish us luck. 
Our plan is to hike this afternoon, watch the sunset over the lake and head home.  
We don't get to see many sunsets over the water here. 
Lake Michigan is east of us so we can see plenty of sunrises, but I am not that morning person! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My List for Today

In no particular order,
Without fanfare,
and with room for adjustment
this is my very ordinary day plan:

*Donate blood.  Round this time a few years ago I had surgery and needed to be transfused twice.  Gotta give back.  
Gotta beat fireman in our race; he always finishes donating first. 

*Knit ---oh Road To China Light yarn, I'm in love. 

*Roast a 16 pound turkey in the oven.  No it isn't Thanksgiving, but it was on sale.  If I'm going to give blood, I have to have a good dinner right?
Gravy counts as fluids; they always say drink plenty of fluids today. 

*Doctor appointment-
Feeling great.  Is there a direct correlation between this and not working since August 8th?  
Yup, the units I  work on have slowed to a crawl and I'm only too happy about it. 
Sort of retirement practice…
adjustment?  What adjustment?  This is heavenly! 
I feel a bit guilty about this..
and that's simply silly.
Hospital nursing for 31 years is no picnic. 
I eat better, get my steps in and 
feel better than I have in …..
a long time when I'm not doing nurse work. 

*Read your blogs - 
I love to read your blogs. 

*Show you this amazing knit up that was on String Theory's blog this morning.
Clever clever clever. ….don't you love clever?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

 This is Liz.  She is wearing the sweater she knit: 
Coloratura on Ravelry. 
She used Claudia's Handpaint. 
This sweater is knit in strips. 
I can knit strips.  It has no buttons. 
I don't like knitting button holes or sewing buttons.
But remember yesterday's post ….I swore off sweaters. 
I think I better stick to that for at least a month..

Thanks to all of you who shared in my failures.  
I'm not alone.   I felt much better and stopped licking my wounds…
moving on….
 This amazing sunset was Friday's unexpected treat. 
Nevermind the sun is no longer working overtime round here.
She's still beautiful coming up and going down. 

Lest you think I can see the sunset easily from our congested little suburb, I have to tell you: This was taken from the prairie that is preserved just so we can have a sunset over the horizon spot.  I'm still romanticizing farm life….and big skies ….
The only farming around here is my garden. 
 I'm very cheap.  Very cheap. 
I purposely plant orange flowers so in the fall I'm color coordinated.  I plant dark coleus in pots so they look great with pumpkins beside them. 
My moss roses are all orange and they look the part right now. 
We have a perennial called,  indian flower
that is autumn colors as well. 

Our spring is full of blue irises, blue columbine,
purple hyacinth, pink peonies, yellow daffodils and a pink lily.
When they fade for the season, it is great to have my oranges, rusts, and yellows in place for a strong fall showing. 

My new knit project is the above cowl in different colors. 
My model was explicit: she did not want to be in the image.  So sorry about your chin.  Hope you are unidentifiable! 

Have you felt Road to China light yarns?  
Oh my oh my.  It's soft beyond soft. 
This pattern is a shop pattern. 
It is garter after garter after garter in two color blocks.  
The trim is I cord edging picked up all the way around in yet a third color. 
I'm back in the saddle again!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Brutally Honest...

 I went to Three Bags Full's Knit Night last night to take photos for the blog.  ( a new post is up with some great ideas at 
This was the only thing I could find that I felt comfortable wearing there. 
It is an old Ribbon scarf from years ago. 
I had thought about wearing the vests I made in the last year. 
They all had issues.  
They were primarily cotton and they grew and grew…

I felt like I'd wasted so much time and money on these vests. 
Lessons learned. 
While I can be happy that I knitted them and conquered reverse shaping, finally, I knit them in the wrong yarns. 
Two of the three will literally become kitty property.
They will be stuffed inside the baskets that the cats love to sleep in during the winter months.  

My most successful knits are not sweaters and vests.
I'm successful with scarves and hats and socks and stoles. 
(Fingerless gloves too.) (perhaps because they usually involve wool which I can wear on my hands and feet and over a coat) Wool is my friend.  Repeat Kathy B. wool is my friend. 

Perhaps, because, quite honestly, my pretend friends, I don't' have the patience to knit sweaters and vests without losing interest.  
I'm so monogamous that I cannot think of working on more than two projects at a time. 
If something takes me more than say 3 weeks, I'm bored with it. 

So I have to be brutally honest with myself:
I have to ask more about the yarns I want to use and think more seriously about the project before I get all giddy and cast on. 
The failures in knitting make me really unhappy.
Even though I've enjoyed the time knitting, if I don't have a product in the end….well then it is just a activity I enjoy and not a good use of my money. 
I'm very pragmatic. 

Okay, deep breathe, I love this craft. 
It is good to learn lessons. 
Have you noticed anything about my knitting that would help me in this area?  
I'm open to suggestions.  My friend Karen, an expert knitter, sums up my knitting styles perfectly.  She makes me think about how to improve.  She tells me to LOOK at what I'm doing. 
She encourages me to count… so simple and so effective on the lace fingerless finish. 

Hey, that was a great finish. And a stretch for me due to the lace, I can feel good about that success...

 Karen is knitting or well, weaving these days. 

She's making squares and joining them to be a lovely scarf. 
The colors are just so soft and lovely! 

I succeeded with patty pan squash this week. 
Olive oil, lemon pepper and lots of garlic. 
The lemon pepper was , to be brutally honest, the farm stand ladies suggestion. 

Speaking of  failure….
Rozzy's having accidents again. So now we try Prozac.
At the pharmacy, ahem
they shouted out, 
BOYER FOR THE CAT to the counter please.
I smiled and looked at them all and the other customers and said, 
"Yes, my cat is on prozac..and she's worth it"

Hope your weekend is full of knit joy and success. 

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