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Friday, April 18, 2014

Nadine Takes the Best Photos

This litter is orphaned.  Shelter volunteers are busy bottling them round the clock. Nadine who takes the dog pictures on the website, took some of these babies on Sunday. 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

If It Aint Broken …...

dried cherries
poppy seed dressing
onions optional

THIS yummy looking salad was offered at the MILL CITY MUSEUM Cafe in Minneapolis.   I wish I'd tried it.  Doesn't it look good?  I took the picture and wrote the ingredients down for you and for me.  I'll make it soon. 
 These clover needles broke today. 
I've never had Clovers break before. 
I have another pair in a half- size smaller so I'm not heartbroken. 

I know I'm pretty much alone in my love of Wooden needles, but I will take them any day over Addis.  
I'll give the broken off needle to Pie to swat around the floors.
Just about anything is a cat toy...

The Best Thank Yous

 I personally think the best thank you is a photo with the baby wearing your hand knits.  This is my co worker Holly's newborn son with the hat I knit for him.  He'll grow into it.  The way this winter/spring is going he'll need it until July….
I don't wear much makeup.  Getting ready for the wedding last weekend, Dayna who was staying with us, offered to do my makeup.
She was genius.  She told me about the above product, Final Seal.
Apparently the Disney Princesses use it on their faces in the heat of the Florida Summers.  
Disney Princesses do not perspire. Their faces do not melt in the heat.  
That's my makeup tip of the day. 

Any tips to share today?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ramdom Wednesday

 The Easter Bunny always comes to our house. 
There will be one basket for all to share this Easter.
The Bunny told me so -
I think there's new cat toy in the basket as well. 

 After discussing TOMs with my fashion sense daughter and Channon, I went to Whole Foods and bought some.
That's correct: Shoes at Whole Foods. 
They aren't cheap either but it is liking buying two pair because they donate a pair to a person in need with each purchase. You get this neat TOMS bag, also,  that we all know is really a knitting bag, in disguise. 
 Zach took the portrait of Al getting ready for the wedding last week. I love his sense of light and definition.
I want Ashleigh B's glasses. 
I think I want her hair too. 

As for knitting-
*I Have to think back a few rows. 
The good part is that I'm on sections right now and only have to pull out a few rows of one section. 
Don't ask…I don't know how I fudged something this easy

*I'm ready to knit something different. 
I decided against the knit bunny, because the only bunnies I really love are chocolate ones and angora ones.

*Am I the only one for whom universal symbols are impossible for me to decipher? 
They make no sense to me. 

*Keep those strands of yarn coming…
contest deadline 4/30.
I'm going to add a 3rd prize of 
coffee from Chicago for another winner. 

Sure makes my mail  more fun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On Topic

Today's Tuesday Topic is :
Knitting knitting and more knitting!
(Really? This is a knit blog?)
IrisheyesLynn (co -founder of this little blog back in 2004) ,
donated the above Regia socks skeins for the Spring String Fling Raffle.
I love this colorful yarn.  My regia socks last forever.
One of you will get two skeins of this cheery yarn as your prize. 
The yarn is made in Italy. 
Keep sending me those string strands ! 
You have until April 30th. 

I will reveal a third prize later this week. 

It snowed on my way home from work last night.
(and despite the snow I could see the moon, so I stayed up until 2:02 to see the Blood Moon eclipse.  It was cool!) 
Did you see it? 

The snowy  white stuff was sticking to trees and green grass.
I don't mind this because I know it will be gone tomorrow. 
My mind is turning to summer knitting …despite the snow.
Do you have any favorite summer patterns to share?
I'd love to check them out.

 Finally, I'm tempted to knit a rabbit.
These little darlings are on Ravelry and the pattern is free.
Hmmmm….I think it is just an Easter thing and my interest will wain in a few days..
I like that they are a seamless knit and that
they don't require too much fussy 
Have you knitted a toy for a child?
The only time I've done so was a one seam teddy bear..
Maybe I'll do that again….
I still have the pattern. 
Wabbits….I love the one and only BUGS Bunny, 
don't you?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Up to my Armpits

 I'm up to my armpits in armpits..
The wrap splits into three sections at this point.
I'm using my yarn bowls to keep the strands in line. 
In a few more inches I will rejoin the yarn to one strand and resume knitting across.  
This is a very easy enjoyable pattern. 
 I found my mini chicks from last year inside one of the yarn bowls.
 Family wedding - end of the night cousins shot.
Needless to say, we had a ball. 

(Keep those yarn strands coming!  Envelopes are arriving daily) 
More on the prizes tomorrow. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Here's the 411 on 4.11

Dayna is visiting us and looking for a place to live in Chicago.
She is an amazing artist.   She's a young girl with incredible talent. She is AL's Nathan's niece.  Got that? 
I will give you the 4.1.1 on her artwork when she has her shop started up.  
She offered to do my makeup for OUR nieces wedding.
I don't wear much makeup, but I will love her helping me.
My eyes, my best feature, acted up this week. 
I have a huge vessel breakage in my left eye. 
I look….in a word…frightening. 
Should I wear a patch to the wedding?
How fetching….

Al and Zach were together for Siblings Day Yesterday.
Serendipity…… I love it. 
I emailed two of my sisters yesterday.
My youngest sis wrote me back with thanks and told me her youngest came home with head lice…
she is not a happy momma! 
Work pals have told me that around here they don't even keep kids out of school for lice anymore.

Sorry for today's randomness.  

OH: Here's the 411 on 

*The yellow yarn atop my post page is one of the yarn prizes for the SPRINGFLINGSTRING contest. 
Two skeins of buttery goodness.

The manatee on my header is from the Keys.
He was so sweet and slow and cute.  

*I don't have much to show knit wise as the wrap is moving along slowly.   Big projects in cream don't lend themselves to exciting posts ;) 
so I leave it to lice and bloody eyes to entertain you. 

*Finally , I have two new apps to share with you if you are so inclined: 
Ziplist's grocery app adds ingredients from recipes you want to try, right to your phone.


Wunderlist app is a to do helper. 
Do you wanderlust?

and share some 411 with us in the comments

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