Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Looking and Listening

 The tiger lilies are generations old.  Yet, they still come back and bloom.  I caught this shot at dusk and so it is blurred.  I didn't want to use a flash.  So don't adjust your screen or put on your glasses.....it's just blurred that's all.  

My current WIP : Sally's Slippers by Renate Haeckler. Free on Ravelry

Sally's Slippers have this cute top and interesting geometric construction.  I have to admit I was muddled with math as I tried to figure out how to make my size.

(Ravelry photo ahem..not mine) 

I actually knit a guage swatch, and felted it.  My square shrunk 1/2 inch.   Allison predicts this is the doom of sizing.  She says just wing it and it'll work.  

If it felts too small, nobody gets hurt. I swear.  They will be cute enough to give away.  I really wanted to see if the yarn I was using from ancient stash would indeed felt.  Indeed it did.

My goal for today is to be the best listener I can be.
I may have to pin my tongue to my lip to succeed but I am determined. 
That or wear a piece of duct tape over my mouth.

I'm finding that keeping my opinions to myself can be a gift to others. 
and to me!  

Monday, June 27, 2016

Last Monday Q AND A of June 2016

My second necklace finish.  This one knitted in Misti Alpaca Cotton and Pima Silk.  I have to block it.  It is
 the Assemblage pattern by a woman named Kirsten Johnstone, 
as I mentioned last week.  It is mine because me and cotton love each other.  
Today's Monday Questions and Answers, 
here we go. 
Let's have fun....

*Where do you keep your favorite old patterns? 
I keep mine in a red three ring binder. 
Sort of old school and obsolete eh? But, it works for me. I still have to have that piece of paper, (sorry trees) in my hand.  

*When was the last time you got to bottle feed a baby?
I got to feed three abandoned kittens at the shelter yesterday.  Oh joy for me. I love to feed.  They were sloppy and vigorous and hangry !!!!

*What knitting will you pick up and enjoy today?
I started a silly pair of slippers that will be felted. Why yes, it  is in the 90s here and humid.  Why do you ask?

*Can you do a flip turn? 
Do you think this is a knitting question?  No, I mean the swimming thing.   I cannot do a flip turn. Never could. Water up my nose no matter and afraid to hit the wall with my head.   Watching Olympic trials with swimmer fireman made me think of this question. 

*You just won a raffle. 
What's your pick? 
*Craftsy on line class?
*Independent yarn dyers sock yarn?
*mystery yarny gifts in a wrapped box? 
(my pick is the mystery box) 

*You can photograph anything perfectly and show us on your blog tomorrow. 
What will it be?
We have so many fireflies blinking in sync the last few nights.  Our yard is like a faery land. I'd love to capture them all mid blink for you. 

* Name a New knit website to check out please-

*Name something you only drink in summer-
Iced tea!!! 

*You are give a new skill
Do you choose
a) talk to the animals
b) talk to the dead
c)talk on the radio and have your own show for a night

Oh I'd take the radio in a minute!

Have fun.  Oh my gosh, next week is JULY!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday One Words


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Caturday Special

Allison's Lincoln mid stretch.  My grand kitties are so dang cute.   Have a wonderful Saturday. May all your troubles be little ones....(my mom always said that) 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Odd thought...

So big mail fun today.  Unexpected bag from Chewy.com with a water bottle and a beach towel and flip flops.  Just because. Thank you Sydney at Chewy.com.  I love being a blog reviewer for you anyhow.  

This is Linda at my LYS with her latest creature feature.  She knits up these guys and they are amazing.  I'm in the mood for a fresh new knit.....I have to finish my second necklace and then I'm open to ideas. 
I have this odd desire to knit a Christmas Stocking in June.  Should I go with it? 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drawings and Diapers

Ellen sent me this awesome San Fran mug just because! 
Zach won her National Parks Coloring book. 
Ahhh Ellen.  You shared 2 cuppas with me this morning.
I thought of you.   I smiled.  I love the mug.  I love a maily gift. 
I have been throwing things out in prep for our moving. 
I found Zach's baby calendar.  I wrote something on every day of my children's first year of life, in their calendars. 
Co-incidentally it says that on this day in 1991 Zach drew with a green marker that Allison gave him. 
He started young.  I'm not sure if Al got in trouble for this....
she probably did.  

I've told you before that my mom always gave diapers to new moms.  I've taken over her idea.  Moms are thrilled with them. So we have a new baby to welcome to the Firehouse fold. 
I got them diapers and this darling sundress and hat. 
It was knitted by someone at our senior center. 
Isn't it cute????

June 23rd already....!!! What?
It is going too fast! 
Soon, the Tour De France
Soon, the 4th of July
Soon, the Olympics

Why does summer go so fast? 
I know.  Cause its very short in Chicago!  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Photogenic ones...

 Fezzik looking intently...at I don't know what!

Al calls this her easy Dr Seuss Scarf... I think.
Snazzy sunglasses lady.  
We don't want to get too excited yet, okay well 
we already are, but we may be going to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival together this fall! 
One of my new favorite dinners is grilled Romaine salad.
Have you grilled your Romaine yet?
You slice a full head in half . 
Drizzle with a little olive oil and put it face down on the grill for a bit of char. 
Remove it, drizzle some dressing on it.
Add some fresh corn on the cob kernels
add some cherry tomatoes halved
sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
It is really heavenly.  

Happy Wednesday! 

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