Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Predictable Gardner Knits

 There are at least 3 Bunnies in my yard daily.  I'm no Rabbitologist so I can't tell them apart. Pretty sure they are siblings.  I think they are darling.  I have lots of grass and clover and they are welcome to it.  They entertain the cats who watch them from the porch.  

Thanks to all for supportive comments.  I am kind of ashamed of myself.   For Heaven's sake we have our health, we have everything.  This house is adorable and we still love it.  The porch is my haven.  I think it is the house showings that I have to conquer.

I brought my leftover blanket to a friends barbecue last night. I think I knitted a full inch or two on it!  It is my go to for brainless knitting now that's for sure.  Good thing too or it would never get finished. 

Helping at the shelter today.  Need to visit my mom today or tomorrow.  So happy to be off on a HOLIDAY weekend!  
This is still new and wonderful for Fireman and I.   
Our climbing Hydrangea is about to bloom.   
My columbine are great this year.
The chocolate Joe pye weed is doing well and spread since last year!  
I've gone to marigolds for the sunny spots of my yard and coleus for the shade.  SO incredibly boring but they are workhorses for me. 

Have  a sweet Sunday. 
And you are all right, you ARE Not pretend friends in the least.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Support Group Please Emergency Meeting Called to Pretrend Friends

Slow and steady wins the race eh? 
This is my sister's wild turtle that lays eggs in her yard in Minnesota each year.  
It is a big fun deal for them.  When the little ones hatch at night and run to the little Lake Josephine, she's thrilled. 
I would be too. 

Below is my Fade to Grey Poncho Pattern. 
Super easy pattern. 
This is what my mind needs right now!

We have put our beloved old house on the market. 
Like 15 showings in 14 days. 
We are in no hurry to sell, we still love it here.
The showing frenzy here is making me very kooky birds.

I run around like its Christmas and I'm having people for dinner each showing. 
Except you never get to let the wrapping paper fall where it may and sit around and eat the turkey leftovers. 
I'm not complaining....oh dear I guess I am!

We've never sold a house before.  We've lived here 30 plus years. 

Each showing means crated each of the cats in their crates in the basement.  I cannot handle the thought of someone accidentally letting my little Blind Girl Pie out the door, or any of them actually. 
So they are a little stressed out too.
Except Tank. 
He has been found contentedly sleeping in his crate at all hours. 

Hints? Tips? Any reasonable mantra will be appreciated.
This is cutting into my knitting time folks. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Poncho in the Heat

 I am so not complaining about the weather.  I love it.  Sure it is humid, but my bones are not frozen.  The windows are open. The porch is heavenly.  Storms excite me when they are not severe.  So this is my bulky knitting for our first 90 degree day of the year.  

Call me kooky.  You are not the first! It is called the Ribbed Poncho and that's probably enough information for now. I dont' expect a deluge of requests for a super bulky yarn knit up in summer.  I totally want this ready for campfire nights.  

I got gauge first.  I took the stitches off the needles last night to check the size and it is perfect ladies!  150 stitches are not hard to wrangle in super bulky wool ease.  
 Fezzy boy is on patrol on the porch. He was unafraid of the storms last night.  He wants those chipmunks and birdies and bunnies in the yard.  Once night falls he wants those flying insects that come to the screen. 
These Irises are having their best showing ever!  Did I tell you though, I lost 5 rose bushes over winter?  Ah well.  I planted zinnias instead.  By seed. They are a no brainer and I adore them in August and September.   

Have a great Thursday!  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dress it Up

So I am not a fan of ITO yarn but it is a summer option 
so I thought I'd share these shots from my LYS.
I found the ITO to be like dental floss for knitting. 
I have a very cool green color sitting in the stash. 

Summer heat is here and I Love it. 
I'm wearing a Calvin Klein sundress and it feels awesome. 
It is full length but sleeveless. 
Covers up my Hungarian legs. 
oh Wait!
The woman at the RX support hose store said I should not blame the Hungarians. 
She says she sees Irish women with very big calves. 
She hasn't seen my relatives photos however. 
That would sway here, no doubt. 

I'll be porch knitting in a few. 
Up early for spay neuter surgeries this morning. 
Thankfully the Chihuahua mix was not a biter. 
They can get a bit snarly with the injection.
On to his forever home now!

Do you wear summer dresses and skirts?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Poncho New Phrase

 Love my old garage.  Such personality.  The side windows are old wonderful glass.  Functional? Nah. 
Great visual...yup. 
 Fireman had a early May birthday.  He wanted this REI hammock.  He got into it in the yard yesterday and fell fast asleep. 
I'll take the futon on the porch thanks. 

My Meme prompted me to want to make a poncho.  I actually sat and got gauge last night.  Whoa...I think I'm growing up.  
It is the Fade to Gray poncho.  No author that I can find.  

I had fun reading your Meme answers.  Seems there are many lay z boy nappers !  Only one taker to go with me when I win a hot air balloon ride. That surprised me.  

I need a quiet porch day today.  Retirement has been a whirlwind lately.  How did I ever have time to work?

My mom was very cute last night.  My neighbor was talking about her mom and instead of saying she had macular degeneration she said she had immaculate degeneration.  I love it.  That's what my sweet mom has: immaculate degeneration of her mind.  

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Monday Meme! This or That????

Mr. Fezzik is photobombing my 3rd Spud and Chloe Susan B. Anderson Leaf scarf. 
This one is in Noro Odori Colorway 878
Silk, wool, angora and mohair blend. 
To me it feels like cotton. 
Yarn on clearance for 13 dollars or 50% off at Mosaic Studio in Mt. Prospect Illinois. 

Let's have fun....I love Monday Meme day!

*Do you love Noro or not so much? 

(Both.  I'm cheating already.  I love their colorways in skeins, but I don't always like the way they knit up with the crazy colors.) 

*Are you more likely to wear a 
poncho or a shawl?
(Shawls always look like I'm trying to pull off a look that I simply cannot accomplish. 
This one is tough. Answer:  Poncho. Don't judge me please. Now I think I better knit one.  I don't even have the super ugly one I knit in 2004 anymore. 
It was last seen in a cat bed .....)

*Which brings you more joy, 
Casting on or Casting off?
(Oh always casting on. The eternal knit optimist here. Sometimes when I am casting off I'm just so done with it that it is more a break up than a finish.)

*Are you more likely to knit a baby a hat or booties?
(Hat. For sure) Little baby heads are so dang cute with hats on.  I live in a cold climate....and my mom was a huge believer in putting a hat on a baby whenever it went out of the house. More on sweet mom later this week.)

*Does anyone in your family fall asleep in a chair or do they fall asleep in bed?
(Fireman dozes in the chair....then he gets in bed and can't sleep...go figure) 

*Would you rather win a hot air balloon ride or a dinner cruise? 
(Now food is involved, but I won't let it sway this one. I would like to try a hot air balloon ride someday.)

*Do you watch the awful news or do you avoid it?
(I watch it. Somedays I won't turn it on until after the first ten minutes of horror.  I do have an insatiable need to watch the weather segment. This despite the fact that they pretty much tell us what the weather did all day, and then guess at tomorrow.)

Do you go to the movies or wait for them on cable?
(I prefer to watch them at home.
I can't resist that buttered popcorn smell and it costs more than the movie tickets and I'm cheap. Plus I can CONTROL the movie and not miss a scene when I have to inevitably have a potty break.  Better lighting for knitting during movies at home, no question. )

Thanks and I wish you all a great MONDAY! 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Three Purples and a Pattern

 I guess I'm gravitating to purples in my yard without realizing it. 
Hmmmm, perhaps I need to knit with some purple.
And here we have my Spud and Chloe free Leaf scarf pattern. 
Like my notes?  They are a mess  to you, but I get them!

Happy Sunday.  

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