Friday, April 29, 2016

The Good and the Not So Good

 We'll start with the good news.  
I was able to get this awesome sock project bag from the recent sale at Amy Beth's Fat Squirrel site.  
It is enough to make me want to knit owl socks. 
I love the zipper pull!!

More good news:
We watched  a movie with lousy reviews and liked it anyhow:
A Walk in the Woods. 
The scenery is great.  After I got used to looking at Rob Red with many wrinkles, and figuring out Nick Nolte's graveled voice,
it was pretty cute.  

Now for the fail, which we all know is part of the process.
Painful growth and all that. 
Fezzik is photobombing my shawl photo. 
My Thin Ice shawl is now a shawlette.
I only had one skien of Louisa Harding.

It is a fail for me because let's face it I don't block things.
I got it really wet and stretched it out and let it grow and
...just no. 
I also changed the pattern and put a ruffle on the end. 

I'm just going to continue to be amazed at all of you who knit pretty shawls.  
You really do amaze me!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Riddle me This

I took these pictures on the same day.  They are a little riddle for you....

I just thought it funny that people were in the river and the gosling was in a nice dry towel.  :) 
The kids were part of a school group near our forest preserve. 
The Gosling was brought into the shelter when an owner's dog retrieved the baby .  They just checked her over.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Ahhh the rainbow. 
Ahh the fences in Kentucky.
Ahhh to flowering trees on my block. 

Today I'm going to give you the reasons I love to knit socks:

because: buttons and I don't mix.
because:  one skein of yarn makes a garment
because: you don't have to change needle sizes during the project
because: you don't have to purl if you don't want to for most of the sock
because: I love portability
because: I live in a day and age where there is more sock yarn than ever before to purchase and make into socks
because: giving socks as a gift is pretty nifty
because: you can make them as simple or as complex as you wish
because: there are whole books devoted to sock patterns
because: you can make a garment with one strand of yarn 
that is just amazing
i love that part
A sock can be one skein of yarn without any breaks or ties or ends to weave in!

because: I can knit according to the seasons in any seasonal colors that excite me.  They do excite me.  

because: you can fair isle socks or not
because: socks are socks whether you are knitting for a baby or a giant person's bigfoot
because: socks get holes in them and you get to knit more socks
because you don't have to put a zipper in them
and because one of the very few , lets say two, parts of my body that will allow me to wear wool and not itch
is my feet!

Why do you love to knit socks? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Posting Late Today

 I had a rush of a morning.  It started with my lap top not taking my password.
This led to screen sharing with a Phone rep who was very patient.
He was in Canada.
You know I've been on awhile when I start asking where they are talking to me from and how is their weather...
I do love Apple products for their free phone support. 
He fixed my issue and don't ask me how, but we are up and running. 

I ran out to meet a friend for coffee, which was on my calendar. 
I took the never ending sock leftover blanket. 
Oh, if this blanket could talk...
I've been taking it with me for over a year now and it has heard quite a bit! 
My funny friend Helen from Ireland says, 
"Silent night on that now" when she doesn't want to be repeated.
I think I've told you that before. 
She is a crack up. 

Then Fireman and I walked in the woods nearby and these flowers were blooming everywhere. I don't think they are trillium...are they?
The trees have not leafed out yet so the floor of the woods are awash in blooming tiny flowers.  Yellows, pinks, whites.   
Oh and I have been liking the construction of this hat for quite some time.  It is on my list for someday. 

That's all for today. 
I'm off to knit on my pretty purple pink socks. 

How's it going in your part of the world?

Monday, April 25, 2016

MONDAY MEME .......I'm going to question you!

(My feather and fan blanket would make a nice curtain eh? I worked on it this weekend)

Happy Monday MEME day. 
Hope you enjoy .
Play along!

Have you washed your winter woolens and put them away?
(oh yes.  Just this weekend. )

What do you wash your wools and knits in ?
(I used Eucalan but it is a no rinse and I had to rinse anyhow
I usually am one to skip any step possible, but I can't wrap my head around no rinse...)

Do you have a favorite iced beverage in the warmer months? 
(I do love a passion tea from Starbucks) 

Would you consider yourself or a family member in your house to be a nosey neighbor?

(Sigh.  I think we both are nosey.  But Fireman gets the prize here.
We have lived here so long that we have seen houses torn down and  rebuilt.  We are so close to other houses it is hard not to wonder what the heck is going on over there.  


Time when you were so hungry you ate something and thought it was amazing, when you knew it wasn't. 

(I canoed down the Chicago River on New Years.
It was freezing and iced over in spots.
A friend handed me a LUNA lemon bar 3 hours into the haul.
It tasted so amazing. 
I've tried them since....and now I know, it was the hunger talkin!

I read that department stores are going to have to close many sites.
I'm guilty, I order by mail.
Is there a store you would really miss if it closed a building but stayed open on line?

Honestly the only thing I'd miss is a DSW shoe store. 
I have to try shoes on before I buy them.
From a emotional perspective, my mom loved Marshall Fields in Chicago and we were sad to see it go. 
I remember running between the clothes racks with my sister and getting the stink eye from my mom there many a time. 

What was your most recent purchase related to knitting?

I scored a Fat Squirrel sock bag on Friday night at 8pm.
She makes beautiful bags for projects and I want to support her. 
She makes me laugh......I find her so funny.


Do you use a row counter?

Sigh. I've tried but I don't remember to click it ...
So I use a pen and paper and I cross off rows. 

What is the main color of the current project you are devoting your precious knit time to:

Purples and pinks in a sock I just cast on.  


What is the shortest and longest your hair has ever been?

Longest: Grew it to donate in 2006.  
I think it was several inches past my shoulders.

Right now.  
I had it cut super short last week. 
It sure is fun. 
Fireman says its cute. 
My husband knows to give any haircut a compliment around here! 
I do think it is cute and sassy.....
Dee it is as short as yours! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Support Please

Alright, bloggy pals.  This is my Thin Ice Shawl coming along 
albeit s-l-o-w-l-y. 
I need your reassurance that it will really block into a semicircle magically some day. 
Right now it looks like a big old mistake. 
I'm so glad I didn't rip it out a month ago and I just put it aside to simmer.  
So, if you have to burst my bubble, that's okay. 
I have many bubbles.... 
 Score this: Kavu bag: last years model 60% off. 
I'm getting compliments right and left as I use this baby. 
Perfect purse size for me. 

It holds a paper calendar because Something in me can't get organized with my iphone calendar. 
I need those pages....
Thank Goodness all the little calendars are on clearance now too. 

Finally, I took this photo of goat art in Knoxville. 
Just because!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Single Sentences Post...This will be Hard for me...

 ThreeBags Full shop pattern cowl; I've started it. 

Tulips are blooming in my neighborhood now. 
The Better than Basic Pullover would itch me, but how about you? 

Fireman says I often turn the camera on an angle when I shoot. 

This squirrel showed up in my yard yesterday wearing a pink collar. 

I try to keep things happy here on my blog;I know there is much sadness in the world.

Prince is in Heaven with Freddie Mercury and that makes me smile. 

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