Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ten Things Saturday

 Every little flower deserves a shot today. 
Tank does, too. 
He has decided the porch is safe even in the daytime. 
In the past. he only came out to the porch at night when the bugs were on the screen. 
Cats teach patience, to me. 
Tank is still evolving as our cat after 2 years. 
I'm back to socks as of yesterday. 

Here are ten things I'm grateful for this Saturday:

*Linda, a new reader of this little blog. 
Welcome Linda! 

*The sun is out and coaxing all the little tiny leaves on my bushes to spread in its warmth. 

*Al's at a wedding in the Outer Banks and she's texting me photos. 
I love hearing from my kids. 

*Fireman and I rode our bikes to the Chicago Botanic Gardens yesterday.  It was a
 flat, beautiful ride. 
Am I becoming a rider? 

*The Cubs new manager got himself thrown out of yesterdays game.  Hooray, Finally, someone with a heartbeat in the dugout!

*I'm looking for new sock yarn today. 
Making a trip to Three Bags always makes me happy.

*A friend, said just the perfect things to me yesterday regarding the sad twisted situation with my mother and my father. 
If you are a praying person, say one for my sweet mom please. 

*It has been warm enough for me to sit on the screened porch this week.  We have our warm and cool days, but the ratio is improving!

*We drove with the windows down this week. 
Once.  Yippee

*Baseball, contenders in Basketball, and  playoff Hockey are all a part of Chicago this week! 

What's making you smile?

Friday, April 17, 2015

2nd Chewy Review .....Picky Cats

Today's post is brought to you From

I am to tell you that I do not receive any money for reviewing. I do receive treats and such from them for a blog review monthly.   Well, the cats get the treats.

This month I said I'd try the EVO wild cravings grain free Herring and salmon treats.  Not one of my 3 cats would touch them. 
I tried tricking them and putting them in with their normal food and they ....(really)...they ate around them.  

So a thumbs down this time for our Chewy gift. 
I ended up putting it outside for the chipmunks. 
I couldn't waste them!

Here is one of my favorite images Zach took IN Mexico. 
Such a pretty kitty -

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's A Wrap....Or a Skydive Stole

I really loved knitting this Stole. 
Cabin Fever Knits pattern. 
One row repeat. 
Lace....(Squeal....I finally learned my second lace pattern) 
I used Jitterbug sock yarn in beige for the stole and cream for the fringe.  The pattern does not call for fringe, but I wanted some fringe. 
Love me some fringe. 
I gave it a lovely little bath in a basin and opened it up on towels to block it.  No pins, just a bit of shaping and it worked. 
The lace really opened up. 

Neutrality...neutrals....let's call it quietly pretty. 

This baby is all mine.
I see myself in it in the Outerbanks with Al this summer as the nights get cool.  

Oh yeah, I've already cast on another. 
There is some happy knitting going on here....

I hope you are having some knit happiness today too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bikes, Blocking and Baby Kittens

 When it is cooler near the lake, you just go west a bit and you have a lovely spring day.  Today: case in point: 50s  in our town, 
68 in Caldonia, Illinois near Rockford.  

Fireman and I rode our bikes at Rock Cut State Park. 
It was all fun on the trails until We hit the hills. 
I don't like to call trouble to me, but I kept thinking, if I crash and ruin my knitting wrists I'll be so unhappy. 
The trails were hard, the hills were harder...and yes I got off and walked my bike up several of them, 
and the downhills were kinda scary.  
Still I won't get thrown from a bike like I would on a horse, and the workout was great.  I will ride again soon, but on the flat please. 
The true reason behind the drive out there was so I could visit my new maine coon Kitten again. 
Here is Fireman with Fezzik's mom, Tilly. 
Fezzik is too cute for words.  Period. 
Let the countdown begin. 
He comes home May 7th. 
and here he is .....

Oh and there was knitting.  I finished the shawl stitches on the ride to the State Park and I fringed the ends on the way home.
It is blocking right now. 
I cannot wait to show it to you tomorrow. 

Would you rather ride a horse or a bike? 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fringe Questions

 Our forsythia are in bloom. 
This means all kinds of things in the natural world like:
-it is time to go bass fishing
-and to prune your roses from winter's  harm
and my personal thoughts;
-and to buy new yarn for summer shawls....

Here is Skydive about 40 inches finished. 
I have Katherine to thank for sending me this pattern years ago. 
I have decided to add fringe to the ends and I'm a bit worried I won't have enough yarn. 
As I recall Fringe eats ups yarn right? 
When blocked, 
Stop laughing please, I will block this shawl,
it will be a few inches wider and longer. 

I hope you have a sweet day. 
It is sunny and 60s here and that's sweet enough for me. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Suggestions Please for Yarn...

Our world is becoming green again. 
The cardinals are nesting in the evergreens right outside my kitchen window.  Zach stole this shot of Daddy cardinal yesterday. 
Those are not my tulips, but we are finally seeing tulips ready to bloom in my neighborhood. 


Progress is being made on my Skydive Stole. 
I'm over the half way point. 

I will bore you all with knitting another immediately after I cast off with this one. 
I'd like to knit the next with a yarn that has some fuzz to it. 
Suggestions anyone? 

On Saturday I was walking and passed an injured bunny.
A runner stopped and we watched as a police officer shoveled it into a big box....and took it away.
The sweet girl looked at me, and said, 
"I think I'm gonna cry" 
There are a lot of big hearts in this world and they never get due credit.   It's the Circle of Life and all that...poor bunny boo.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturdays Off

 I am still so in awe of being retired, that I don't know how to handle Saturdays.  Or Sundays for that matter. 
Why is it that these days feel twice the hours of the other days of the week? It is luxurious. 
On most weekends, the attending doctor would bring the nurses donuts.  We didn't need donuts  We needed fruit. 
We all started the shift not touching them, and by 10 AM they were gone, or at least mostly gone. 
Every. Single. Weekend. 

You would think without that donut factor, I'd be a stick thin person  right now.  Nope. (By the way nurses bring in more home cooked casseroles and treats than any other staff on a regular basis) 

I was working on my shawl, my lace shawl, 
last night, while watching Twice Born. 
It is a new documentary PBS series on in utero surgeries and the lives of the doctors and the patients. 

I know doctors are important.  It bugs the beJeezus out of me that it is not about the nurses. 
Do you think as time goes on, I'll be less defensive?
They talk about the doctor's families and their missing out on softball games for their kids, and they seem like very nice people. 
They neglect to mention how well compensated they are monetarily for their efforts.  
The ones at the bedside day in and day out for hours and hours at a time on Saturdays and Sundays and night shifts, are the nurses.  
It isn't glamorous to show nurses changing IV solutions every half an hour while trying to remain calm and see their patients big picture.  It is not TV worthy I guess to see how much stress the bedside nurse is under now a days.  
I always marveled at how many people interrupted me, the nurse, as I drew a medication or hung an IV or was actually listening to a patients heart. (stethoscope IN my ears) 
These same people wouldn't interrupt an auto mechanic looking at their engine, but they chat away and demand a nurses attention during the most error prone times. 
Customer service is the big catch phrase. 
The nurse has to be it ALL, and be it ALL for customer service surveys now a days. 
It isn't that we don't want to be it all, 
most of us were guilty of being too good nurses. 
We wore the hats of social worker, (no coverage on weekends)
infection control, pharmacist, transporter,
gate-keeper and security.  I have to  mention
the most important hat: recognizing the earliest signs of  demise,
and acting on it. 

OH my goodness where did this post go? 
I know you all have been wonderfully supportive of nurses whenever I post about my career.   
I just have to vent after watching that really good show about patients and their DOCTORS. 

My hat is off to every nurse out there still practicing. 
You have my prayers. 

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