Wednesday, September 07, 2016

So I Changed My Project and Mind

 No shame.  Ripped out the shawl last night.
See all those awful short row holes?  Bad enough they show but they also show the path of my mistakes in the pattern.
Here's the thing.  Love the yarn. 
Cast on for The hat instead.  
I hate to count and keep track etc. 
I'm a lazy knitter. 
I'm happiest this way. 

Here's last night's chicken salad: from McCormick
I used the dressing and made up my own others. They were: chicken, celery because Fireman just loves celery, (isnt that odd)
carrots and apples, a Granny smith. 
Next time I'd use Rice vinegar and add water chestnuts and ramen noodles. 
This was a bit bland, but a lovely light dinner none the less. 

  • One more thing: I'm officially OUT of Hunks and Chicks contest.  Sigh. I made it so far this year.  Kirsten Bell and Prince Harry were my big hopes.  Good luck to the rest of you still in the running!  Handeyecrafts annual FUN!

    Vera said...

    Love that yarn, but yay for being able to change your mind! I've had some trouble with short rows in an attempted sweater....
    Your salad looks/sounds great. I love celery...and cumin.

    Betsy said...

    Well that's the fun thing about knitting. You can change your mind anytime you want, rip it out and start all over again on a project that makes your heart sing! I hope your new project makes you much happier. That salad looks absolutely delicious.
    Blessings, Betsy

    Judy S. said...

    That sure is pretty yarn; I'm glad you're using it for something you like! Recipe sounds yummy!

    Tired Teacher said...

    Your yarn and your decision on what you knit - definitely no shame in that.

    The salad sounds delicious - Granny Smith apples, chicken and celery - a yummy combo.

    Linda said...

    The times I do something with short rows, I try to use german short rows - so much easier and look better! If you are substituting, you do have to do a different process - but that is easy too - meaning if they would say count 10 and wrap and turn - you would count 11 and then do the german short row technique...

    Linda in VA

    Anonymous said...

    Love celery, odd? NOT AT ALL! LOL I LOVE celery. It's one of my favorite foods and it finds it's way into almost every meal!

    Sometimes it IS the meal.

    Araignee said...

    I'm a lazy knitter too. I hate keeping track of stuff.

    Anonymous said...

    I frogged an entire sweater this week, so I know where you're coming from.

    Bridget said...

    I am a big fan of celery as well.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have either ripped something out and started again, or just decided that it's all not working and ripped and abandoned. I used to feel slightly ashamed, and then realized it's MY knitting!!

    Katherine said...

    Great recipe!! I'm into sesame oil in place of olive oil these days. It gives an extra zing of flavor. I am going to try your recipe. I join you in my total and complete dislike (I would say hate but that's a little strong) of short row! I avoid it at all costs. I did short row in the citrus dishcloth for the swap but I WILL NOT be doing it again anytime soon. Your hat will be lovely.

    KSD said...

    Those animals are awesome! I think I like the buffalo (bison?) most.

    Thanks for the comment on the contests. In perfect honesty, I'm surprised Prince Harry "lost" when he did. He's SUCH a cutie. But then, Viggo has been in the contest every year; he obviously has his fans.

    No judgments on your frogging. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out. I long ago decided that yarns will tell us what they want, and don't want, to be. It takes a while for us to hear, though!

    Delighted Hands said...

    Too bad about the shawl but I get it-the hat will be happy knitting for sure!

    Mereknits said...

    I HATE short rows, and even though my Mother told me that is not a nice word to use it is exactly how I feel about them. Great yarn.

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