I'm Making Bunny Rabbits


These are the one square bunnies .  They are a free pattern on Rave1ry.  I'm bunny making to force spring to come.  I'm a1so taking it easy on my hands again.  The med we tried did keep my hands from shaking, but it was a med for a med. and that's crazy town.  I can contro1 a hook much better than need1es.  It wi11 have to suffice for now. 

I'm enjoying your b1ogs and your Spring.  This time of year I so want to 1ive in a southern state.  But this Spring is a new one for me and I'm going to find a way to 1ove it.  

IT may have just gotten to 50.   Degrees.  I have to run.  There's very ear1y yardwork to do.   The birds have 1eft a rotten mess of sunf1ower she11s under the feeders.  I hope it is not frozen! 

Have you been switching things up in your neck of the woods?  

I haven't forgotten you, b1og pa1s.  I 1ove seeing you on Instagram .  


Regina said…
Hi Kathy! Love your bunnies. happy spring. It will be 66 degrees this afternoon. I plan on gardening.
Love you buns!
It's a very windy day here, and it's supposed to blow in some super warm weather tomorrow! Can't wait!
Araignee said…
A flock of bunnies! It's going to be in the 70's here for the next few days. That is crazy. Everything is in bloom and the pollen count is high already. Ugh. I am not over the winter itchies and the spring itchies are on me again.
karen said…
well now I know it's spring if you are making bunnies. They are so sweet!!
Nance said…
If only you knitting bunnies could force Spring to come! Perhaps if Some People in my neighborhood would TAKE DOWN THEIR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS that would help, too.


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