Why i like to make Holiday Christmas Stockings

1. You only have to make one!

2. Big gauge, few dropped stitiches

3. So many options for adding interest for the knitter each time.

4. This Ann Norling pattern (I changed the snowflake design to trees) is easy peasy.

5. Quick, I knit it in a week with not much time to knit.

6. You can keep it OR give it away.

7. I made this one more masculine.

8. It will hold a lot of loot!

9. This pattern knits flat until the heel flap.

10. Someone will be very happy with it!
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said…
Yes, someone will love it! It is very pretty and beautiful colors. Also, I like the knit flat aspect!

It's strange that in all my many years of knitting I have never knit a Christmas stocking.
kathy b said…
This way my very first stocking Katherine. Very fun .
Turtle said…
nice...stockings on my list for soon!
Grace said…
very cute!!! Love holiday anything!!
Kim said…
I also love that a Christmas stocking is fewer stitches per round than a normal stocking, yet it never really gets fiddly. It's "smaller" than a regular sock but it's bigger.
Sue said…
I'm with you. I always get bored with the second sock of a pair. With Christmas stockings each one can be different sizes, colors and styles. Fun stuff.

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