Sunday, July 08, 2007

Super Fashions.....Family Circle August 1972

How about that snazzy knit -right- in -the -pocket kerchief vest? C'mon, if anyone out there in blog land actually knitted this back then or knows someone who did.....fess up! There's a prize in it for you.

I came across the Magazine in our library freebie bin. It was 25 cents then. The lead: 20 super fasions to knit, crochet, sew-PLUS handy Knitting Guage. (the handy gauge was no longer in the freebie .)

If anyone wants to see more, let me know. This is a fun trek back in time. Oh, and the font back then was miniscule. There are more cigarette ads in this magazine than anything else.

Ling-Ling the first panda gift from China to US was 21 months old. The Bundt Cake with a tunnel of filling was announced. There are a few douche and feminine spray ads......both of which are not suggested for use anymore. Oh, and the feature:

Julie Nixon Eisenhower;s White House herlooms you can stitch.

The Money-Saving Main Dish of the month: Hot Dog Reuben Sandwiches. Sauerkraut, swiss, may, fankfurters , butter, prepared mustard , atop rye bread, broiled in the toaster oven.

What a find eh? I couldn't wait to share it with my blogfolk!


monica said...

I didn't knit that vest, but I do have some Vogue knitting magazines from the 70's and 80's. I found myself saying, "what were they thinking?" But it is also neat to see the classic designs from then and saying " I would knit that .... and wear it" It is fun to look back at them.

Kim said...

Careful, now --- some of us were wearing things our mommies knit out of those magazines "back then". . . (No built-in hankies, sadly.)

Pat K said...

I've got some old knit and craft mags. Some things in them are obviously pretty bizarre, but there's a lot of good inspiration in them, too. I wouldn't get rid of any of mine.

Kathy said...

I was 20 at the time, and not knitting much. Trekking over the mountains of Colorado as a newlywed! What fun...memories!!

I have many knitting magazines from the late 80's thur "modern times" and still find classic patterns from time to time. Usually a slight modification brings things back to life quite nicely. Perhaps not the hanky, however!!

hege said...

The black and white is kind of cute, though, except for the collar! ;) I have some crazy mags from the seventies, too. Even worse than that!

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