Friday, April 20, 2007

Beautiful Mary models Claudia's Handpaint Shawl

My neighbors are a good bunch. Little did Mary know when she got an inkling to have her haircut today, that I would catch her anawares and ask her to model the shawl. Doesn't her hair look great? The shawl, I am sorry to say, is NO softer after the first washing. I didn't have any Kookaburra left and used the Eu. stuff that is a no-rinse product.

I HAVE to rinse. Do you rinse when you shouldn't? Usually I skip as many steps as I can when it comes to laundry, cooking, what is this rinsing compulsion? I am a huge Sandra Lee semihomade cooking fan. She shows me how to skip steps.....The only thing I don't my naps.


Karen said...

That is beautiful! I love those colors. Great job! And great job on the modeling Mary.

monica said...

That is so pretty. I wish it had softened up for you. I am a rinser too. I love the colors. With you on the nap thing, I function a lot better with a daily nap or two .

Webbies said...

Great is stiff or scratchy?? Too bad it is not as soft as you would like, beautiful pattern

Alisha said...

Love the shawl!!!

Personally I wish I could skip laundry all is a never ending struggle. I swear to goodness makes me batty.

Naps are the best. I hit snooze on my alarm at 6am and instantly am thinking when I can sleep again LOL Trouble is I hardly ever nap...I usually end up puttering doing something that could have waited....maybe with this good weather I can begin to cat nap a bit in the yard.

Beverly said...

It's a lovely shawl. The blues are pretty.

When I soak I'm not a rinser. I've used Eucalan and at the moment I'm using Meadows Wool Wash.

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