Monday, October 23, 2006

Mid-top Socks

This lovely sock was made by Al using a Hedwig colorway. She created the pattern. I love the owl like colorway. I believe it was SweetGeorgiaYarns. I washed many knitted socks today. It is so nice to have a selection. I know socks are a bit of work, but what useful knitting eh?

I am using the Kookaburra wash that I purchased from Knit Picks. I like the soft scent. I lay them on the a free radiator. (one not occupied by contented cats).
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Alyssa said...

Pretty! I'm also enjoying my selection of knitted socks right now. One of the best things about fall! (And I think the Hedwig yarn may be Sunshine Yarns...) :)

Pat K said...

Today is the first day I am wearing my knitted socks (Jaywalkers) all day. And I used to dry things on the radiators all the time when we lived in Germany.

Karen said...

Great looking sock Ali. I love the colors in that yarn. I've been wearing my hand knit socks for a few weeks here in south west Ohio. My feet are the warmest part of my body.

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