Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Remind me that ruffles HURT

My left hand pointer finger is sore from that darn ruffle. I know that the process of creating the ruffle has to be a tight undertaking to make it work, but ouch! Now, I think I'll have to go into 3 Bags Full and have Jen guide me through the finishing and handle issues. For the blogpost, it is just kind of folded so and I hope you get the idea.

My son and I saved for a laptop a year or so ago. We have had some technical issues and I am hoping to have "BETTY" up and running again very soon. In the meantime, some of my favorite blogs are under the FAVORITES in that computer. I haven't been able to visit them since Betty's been down. Maybe this will teach me to have the same favorites in both computers......

Elizabeth, my Spectrum swap pal, has a wonderful cookbook on her site. She took knitters favorite recipes and compiled them into this great smart book. She's It had to have taken her much time and effort. Take a look, you'll find some new knitbloggers, too.

Huck, my golden, has a fantasitc breeder who is now publishing her training methods. You can go to her site at: and take a look. She has given me the best dog I could ever have asked for and I am very grateful to her.

Jan, my favorite knitting teacher, is reportedly in some pictures on her California knit shop's website: Yarn Lady in Laguna. I have to go and see her in cyberspace. Another lady I am so grateful to.

There is a cardinal's nest outside my kitchen window in the evergreens. There are four little eggs in it. It has been very chilly in Chicago, with nasty Lake winds, at night. I hope the pair is keeping the eggs very warm......I am hoping to hear the babies screaming for their food soon. I love how that papa cardinal is such a great parent and partner.

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Birdsong said...

I have only gotten to see a cardinal live and up close a few times in my life, so I am sure envious. They aren't out here on the west side of the country and I was awed the first time.

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