Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Day #3, Oberweis knits

Today's knit photo is brought to you by: A reluctant Diana at my local ice cream store. Chicago Jen played along and suggested the location in a recent comment.
Diana claimed she is too fat to be in a photo. I told her she absolutely was not fat and was a very pretty girl. She giggled then. She giggled more when I showed her the digital with the yarn covering her face. It is such a shame that so many girls think they are fat.

The knit is my shell top. I am really enjoying knitting this in the round instead of back and forth.

Drop by tomorrow for another, hopefully, knit guest.


LYNN said...

You must take a photo at Borders since Group meets there. Botanic Garden also comes to mind along with one at the hospital where you work. Also one at your vets is another possibility and, how about one in the hosiery dept. of a dept. store so people can see what a really good sock looks like. My mind is racing here !!

erin said...

Tell Diana she's not fat at all! And those are pretty colours for your tank. I think I will have to visit regularly and see the neighbourhood being introduced on your blog :) This is so much fun.

Karen said...

I agree with Erin, Diana is not at all fat!!! Tell her your readers think she looks terrific. These pictures are so much fun!

Birdsong said...

A very funny feature!

Allison said...

You're getting crazier by the minute but we love you anyway. I suggest you take your next picture at...hmmm one of our favorite breakfast spots (mostly because I like to go out to breakfast-hehe). I promise not to abandon you again, if anyone asks, I'll just tell them that I took you out of the home for the afternoon.

Grandma Shannon said...

Kathy -
I've found someone locally who will do the knitting. Thank you, though. I'll need to send it from Ireland - do you know of someone there who would mail it? I can either have it already wrapped and addressed to my daughter, along with postage. I don't want her to know it's from me. Or I can send it to Ireland unwrapped so the sendee knows what they are actually sending along with brown wrapping paper and an address label and money for postage.

Grandma Shannon

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