Friday, February 11, 2005

LYS to be on Today show

Al tells us that 3 Bags Full will be visited by the TODAY show Saturday Feb 12 to highlight their BOYS knitting classes. Al will be working tomorrow, so she might just dress like a boy and get the notoriety.

Lynn is here helping me learn to post my own photos! I think its her Lenten offering or something.

I watched Fargo last night for the first time and my HUSBAND noticed someone knitting. I was probably trying not to drop a stitch and looked away, hence he noticed before me. It was very endearing that he noticed!

Isnt Lynn's sweater coming along beautifully? I enjoyed seeing it and touching it at Knitover last weekend.

My WIPS that are getting my attention right now are: Another knitting Pure and Simple sweater Using Linie 116 from Online , spirit. Just the sleeves left

and My SOCKAPALOOZA pals socks.

Here's to 3 Bags Full in Northbrook Illinois and the Today SHow spot. The owner is Lynnette and her son is teaching the BOYS knitting classes on Saturdays.

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