Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Giddy Yap

Howdy he ho
My sister's Breyer horses have found their forever home.
I just couldn't toss them.  The local Therapeutic riding center wanted them to give to the children.  
Hooray for reuse reduce recycle reJOY

I did a quick study on donating eye glasses as I had several pairs to go, and during the moving packing tossing part of each day I think about these things.  Study says only7% of the glasses actually get used.  Still, at Zach's insistence, I found the Lyons club box in my town and recycled them. 

I'm not recycling any yarn just yet. 

The reason I can fly through the Christmas stockings is not magical, although I'd love it to be. 
I'm in the car an awful lot as the home we are buying is over an hour away. 

More to come.
Have you recycled lately?


Anonymous said...

Most of the things I was getting rid of have gone to Goodwill. I did donate some glasses to the Lions Club. I'm SO disappointed that only 7% get used. That's terrible.

We have an old-fashioned TV that still works great, but no one will take it except the dump. I'm thinking of putting it out on "NEXTDOOR" and see if anyone wants it before I resort to the dump.

Jessica said...

We've done tons of donating lately, thanks to our recent move. I have donated old eye glasses in the past, but I have about five pair that I have held on to, as back ups. Plus, sometimes I still like to go back to the older ones.

karen said...

I recycle everything I possibly can, I even drive my recyclables to the center because I live where there is not a pick up.

(just so you know, your mom is on my daily morning prayer list forever!!!)

Unknown said...

We donated three boxes of clothes to the United Cancer Research Society that will resell them for money to fund their research and grants to universities. It felt good to get rid of some stuff and to help a cause. I am planning to donate yarn - remnants and skeins/balls I don't want anymore) to the childcare center that took great care of my girls at their old elementary school. The director teaches kids to knit.

Tired Teacher said...

I recycle all the time - newspapers, plastics, cardboard in town, thrift shops for gently used items, clothing to a local church that sells women's clothing to support their projects. I knit charity items with reclaimed yarn from wool sweaters I find at thrift shops. I twine rugs using old sheets, clothing and denim jeans. Yes, I'm a recycler.

I think the reason some glasses are not used is that the frames are too old to fit with new lenses.

Honoré said...

Oh yes, I have a growing pile to donate/recycle...seems as tho' this process is never ending!
Good luck with yours...your incentive is a good one, too!

Linda said...

My niece and her Mom would love to have those horses! They both had "real" ones...but one had to be put down last year. It was so sad....

Linda in VA

Araignee said...

I recycle all the time. We have a handy little thrift shop down the street that takes anything and everything we don't want. We've also given books to the library. I've never given away any of my stash though. That would hurt.

AsKatKnits said...

Recycling gives just the best feeling! I am a big recycler - and I am proud to confess that our recycling amounts vastly exceed our weekly curbside trash. However, I like you have yet to recycle yarn!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Re-JOY is a GREAT word!

I've been away from Blogland and didn't know you were moving. Good luck with it. Here's to energy for sorting and packing and unpacking!

P.S. I wonder if the 7% figure comes from trying to match prescriptions to needy users? I don't know if those lenses get re-ground or not, but it seems like there would be limitations when you consider how tricky eyes can be.

Betsy said...

Such a great place for the horses to go. We also recycle and are very lucky to have our local trash service pick everything up. Our recycle bin is much larger than our trash container. I also give lots to the Goodwill that is close by. The winter is usually my time to go through things and get rid of "stuff'. Rarely does my yarn go unless it's something that was donated to me that's around 50 years old and unusable! :-)

Delighted Hands said...

Yay to the horses-they will bring lots of smiles.
I like to recycle fabric from old clothes=into new clothes or into rugs!

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