2 Things

The first thing:

Crazyknittinglady.wordpress.com has an interesting explanation of changing guage with the same number of stitches by changing needle sizes. Have you knit anything this way?

Second thing:
I'm glad I dont post the blogs I read, because it seems many knit blogs have been unraveled......
Have you been reading anyone new lately?

I'd love to try find some!

( I wont mention the Cubs embarassment yesterday,)

( I won't tell you that I accidentally clocked a man on my first try with a chuck it at the dog Park)

(I wont tell you about how Cricket doesn't understand that he can poop in his new fenced yard....suffice to say I'm having a party when he finally does)

And (I won't tell you how I knit an entire sock and ripped it all out during the toe finish last Saturday!)

I talk more in the comments!


Sue said…
Seems like a lot of bloggers are taking breaks or quitting completely. I need to make some new connections, too.
Knitting Girl said…
I'm also looking for more knitting blogs to follow. Any suggestions anyone?

SissySees said…
I've made friends with some readers, but I don't think I've added a new blog to my reader in a while...

Paws crossed that Cricket gets over himself and poooos in the yard VERY soon!
Grace said…
I always knit that way----I just start 2 needle sizes smaller and sure enough usually get the gauge

I noticed very few folks comment on my blog anymore, so something is going on!
sara said…
I have begun to have a feel for what needle size I should use to get gauge based on previous projects. I hadn't really noticed unraveled blogs, but that might be because I read waaaaaaay to many so I always have a backlog.
Katherine said…
Two of my favorite knitting blogs to read are Mr. Puffy's blog at: http://theknittingblogbymrpuffythedog.blogspot.com/ and Sailing Knitter at http://www.sailingknitter.blogspot.com/. Both post sporadically but are worth the effort to check on for new posts.

About changing needles--I always do that at the hip of sweaters to accomodate my spreading bottom.

Have you put some of Crickets poop in the back yard to "entice" him?
Karen said…
I just follow blog comments along from one blog to the next. You can reach the end reaches of the internet this way!!!! It's fun!
Anonymous said…
not about knitting but if cricket has not yet pooped in his yard pick up the poop where ever he does and put in his yard scent will give him the idea and if you put it in a far away spot he will usally always retun there instead of pooping all over the yard good luck

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