Name Dropping

Bianca of sent me these fingerless gloves a while back. I adore them. She wrote the pattern. She sells her patterns on clipperknits. The link is on her blog. (She a rockin pretend friend!)

Fireman and I have been doing things we haven't done in awhile since Huck died. We tried to go golfing. The course was in Eagle Ridge, Galena. They have marvelous trails too. Fireman wanted to go for a walk. So we did and we both ended up crying because Huck would have loved it. There was a lake, and well, Huck loved to swim. Even when we go away, his memories well up in us.

anyhow, back to name dropping. Grace of Lovin Comfort knits, another great pretend friend, gave our humble little knit blog an award. The Neno's Award. I hereby give the award on to Karen of . We are supposed to say why we love to blog. My Answer: Because of the incredible pretend friends that you make.

Pass it on Karen, pretend friend. Pass it on


Katherine said…
Dh just left to play golf and now I wish I had gone with him to walk! I'm so sorry to hear that the grief for Huck is still so fresh but I understand it very well. I can't even allow myself to think about how I would feel if it was Macy!

Thanks for the link to Karen's blog. It's one I haven't enjoyed before.
me said…
I'm glad you like blogging so the rest of us can read about how clever and delightful you are. My heart goes out to you and the Fireman and your memories of Huck.
Bianca said…
Good to see that you enjoy the fingerless gloves. :-) Big hug to you!
Karen said…
Awww, thank you for the award!!! I'll be posting it soon, I swear! Kisses, my pretend (and real) friend.

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