Why hasn't anyone warned me about this lace loophole?

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

Maybe You all don't know me well enough. I need very straight forward instructions.
I picked a Lacy Scarf designed by Rebecca.

I picked it because only the middle 11 stitches of the scarf change to form the lace.
I thought I was so smart!
The pattern says Germany on the bottom.

Those 11 stitches are a slippery slope

Al had to leave for awhile and told me

"OH, your Yo's are differnt when the pattern is written from Europe."


and then she said, "I am going to have to write this out for you....
but keep on trying!"

Surrounded by purls, the pattern calls for a YO, then a slip 1 knitwise, k2tog, pass slipped st. over
The another YO
followed by purls.

Help someone Help.

Im just trying to knit these 11 stitches and Im soooo very confused......


Deb said…
Yea - yos after and before purls are tricky. But they are doable and you SEEM smart! You can do this!!
Bea said…
Oh my. For a yarn over after a purl and before a knit I usually just leave the yarn in front and knit the next stitch and there is a yarn over left on the needle. For a yarn over before a purl and after a knit I usually bring the yarn to the front purl position and wrap it all the way around so it ends up in the front purl position again then purl. One yarn over made. Did that help any. I'm not sure I'm explaining well and I'm not sure its even the answer to your question.
Elaine said…
I think the only issue is where the yarn is before the yo and where it need so be afterwards. This is true in Europe and the US, as far as I know. I've knit a lot of Danish patterns and never had a problem.

If the stitch before is a purl (as it seems to be here), then your thread is in front so you yo from front to back over the needle and since the next thing you do with the yarn is K2tog, you want it to wind up in the back. For the second yo, the yarn is in the back and you want it to wind up in the front for the purls, so you have to actually wind it one complete time around the needle.

Maybe it's different in the southern hemisphere - oh no. That's where the water goes down the drain the opposite way :-)

The main thing is consistency. Do it the same way every time and it will look fine.
kathy b said…
Deb Bea Elaine

Thanks for coming to my rescue.

Truth be told Al helped me understand it too and by late tonight I had the first 8 rows done correctly .
Mentally exhausted! Feels great. Off to bed.

I was overthinking it, AL said. She made a few marks on the ones I had to really be careful to do , and the rest I just put the yarn in front and go on. Basically what you've all helped me to do also.

Good to Have FRIENDS! Big Irish luck to yous!
Little Miss S. said…
Glad you figured it out - it can be hell :) Hope you'll keep enjoying it - it'll be worth it...
Bernadette said…
Congratulations on getting it all straightened out... Looking forward to seeing it! :)
Grace said…
just getting around to blog reading, seems like you got the help you needed!!!

Knitters are good souls who like to help!
Anonymous said…
You know I am not a great lace knitter but I agree with Elaine. The YO after a purl stitch is a complete wind around the needle, sort of a double YO, or move the yarn to the back and then do a regular YO.

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