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Irisheyes Lynn has her Central Park Hoodie in the blocking mode. I cannot wait to see it and post it on the blog.

Have any of you been following Quiet Life 's Donna Boucher? She is very funny with her new videos. She speaks just as I imagined.

Local news:

April 18th brings us a KNIT OUT at Northbrook Court, in Northbrook Illinois.
Lynnette at 3 Bags told me about this event.

Locals yarn shops, 5 or 6 of them, will have small displays of their yarn for sale at the event.

Northbook Court's charity is Habitat for Humanity. They are asking knitters to knit a square for charity blankets.
You can knit the square while you are there, listening to Amy Singer. She will be there signing her book.

There will be a chemo cap knit booth as well.

They are looking for Volunteers to teach in the Learn to Knit booth. If you'd like to help call one of the
participating shops:

Prarie Arts and Fibers
3 Bags Full
Magic Needle
Studio Beads

There will also be a fastest knitter and fastest crocheter contest....
I won't be winning that ....or even attempting with my tendonitis.

The Knit OUt is taking place in the Lord'n Taylor Lobby area.

Just a fun FYI.

The lovely knit I posted today is a baby blanket knit for our premies in the Infant Special Care Unit at
Evanston Hospital campus. Thanks Kathy Stetson, you are a doll. We love small baby blankets.

Ready for the Ides of March everyone? I'm always happy when they are over.

Contest winner announcement early tomorrow! Best of Luck to ya!
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Chris said…
The blanket looks crocheted. Is it really knit? I love your blog.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info about Northbrook Court.
Can you tell me the size of th small balnkets that the hospital likes? I want to pass it on to my knitting group this week.
kathy b said…

If you put two pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper side by side, that is about perfect. They have to be washed in our machine first, so cottons aren't the best. They are all used and very much appreciated.

kathy b said…

I 'll have to double check with Kathy to see if it was crocheted. I agree it looks crocheted. I think she knits exclusively, however. I'll find out. :)
You made me giggle with your sheep stealing
you will have to sneak over to Chan Knits house to get the sheep I knit him for her in The Hot Cocoa Swappin 2 swap;)(((((Hugs))))Darcy
Turtle said…
yay on the hoodie blocking!
Bernadette said…
The Central Park Hoodie is such a pretty sweater. I look forward to seeing it.

Pretty baby blanket, too... Thanks for posting the size of the blankets... I was curious as well.

Too bad I am not close to your area - the knit-out sounds fun. I'd love to see Amy Singer, too.

Have a great weekend! :)

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