Irish Lace

I'm lace knitting.
I am knitting lace.
What are you knitting Kathy? Oh A lace scarf.
I may knit this scarf pattern only for all my gifts this Christmas.
This would eliminate learning another pattern and yet, continuing to knit lace.
I am such a cheater.

Thank you one and all for the encouragement and tips.
I'm the real winner here.

Do you know what Irish Lace is?
My Grandma, my Irish Grandma, My Nana
from County Mayo God Help Us,
called cobwebs in the house

as in "Oh there's a little Irish lace in the corner there"
and she'd grin as she dusted it away, '

She called St. Patricks Day
Patricks Day, with the emphasis on DAY.

She never wore green.
People would ask her why, and she would say :
I don't need to wear green,
I've the map of Ireland all over my face.

Have you an Irish friend who uses such
delightful language?
My Nana came to the US at 22 years of age.
She never lost her brogue.....

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Karen said…
Look at you go with the lace!!! Love the Irish cobwebs story. :)
Bianca said…
Ohhh... your Irish Lace scarf is beautiful! And in green it would be smashing too
Marguerite said…
The scarf is looking very pretty.

Have a great Patrick's DAY.
Anonymous said…
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I love how your life lines coordinate with your row counter.
Anonymous said…
The scarf is beautiful! You are most definitely knitting lace!!

Nothing is lovelier than an Irish brogue. You can listen to it for hours!

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