My inspiration: Jody's Garden Party Koigu blanket

I went to 3 Bags Full today for the Big I. Inspiration. I felt like the store was calling me.......I had been too busy to get there with the holidays and all. I needed my fix. Do you know what I mean? The Bags were fun, sweet and working tirelessly. I noticed this woman with a small mountain of Koigu and Claudia's handpaint. I asked to see what she was knitting. OH my, oh my.
She'd taken the Garden Party Shawl pattern and created a blanket from it. She was in the ruffled edge stage.

I had to get an image for you. Isn't it incredible? This is Jody with her creation. (One of three she is working on simultaneously) Her sister is getting the incredible work that you see on this post.

We have lucky sisters don't we?

I have a new project! I am soooo excited and I am casting on as soon as I finish the post. I choose a different yarn altogether and Jody loves my yarn too! More on mine later. I spent a small fortune. This is for my whole family to love and enjoy.
I probably won't have any fun myself knitting it up. Sacrifice. Pure Sacrifice.


Jennifer said…
Lovely project. Looks like a wonderful LYS
~Kristie said…
So gorgeous, but with those yummy yarns, I could never afford to knit it.

You're so lucky to have a great LYS to go to.
Suburban prep said…
I was feeling a pull to Three Bags on Friday but by the time I was able to go they would have been closed. Perhaps next week.
Bianca said…
Absolutely amazing! I'm working on socks at the moment. Lace-like pattern, not from a book or so. I don't have enough to show yet - (just 2 inch) so photos are following soon
Bernadette said…
Really beautiful! Must be lovely to wrap yourself in such a wonderful blanket! :)

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