Knitting towards the Superbowl...Chicago tips

My fingerless are finished. Somewhat Bears blue don't you think? In preparation for the upcoming SuperBowl game I'll be including some knitting tips.

You may want to visit and order some White Bear comfort cuffs if your wrists/joints are sore. They also carry Bearfoot, Mountain Colors yarn. My favorite Bears are the Blue Sky Alpaca's Bobby Bear and the one seam Bear from Blah, Blah, Blahhhg blog, posted last February.(free pattern, easy, even I could do it!)

Stay tuned. More Bear hype to come.
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Donna Boucher said…
Congrats to your team!
Da Bears!

I hope you win!
Birdsong said…
The excitement builds! It's fun to have a team that you really want to root for. Love the mitts; what about blue nails to go with?

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