Friday, September 16, 2016

Finished..(in First Place)

Kathy's hat finish. Second place.   Kathy finds it lovely and she loved the yarn.  The brim is not snug, so suggestions please.  Kathy has not washed or blocked it yet. 
Kathy wants to remind you this is the riftstone hat Designed by James Emslie.  Book 8, Malabrigo IN CENTRAL PARK.  Kathy thinks it is weird when people speak using 3rd person, but today she thinks it is amusing. 

 Allison's finish, In first place, the Fireside Shawl from the book Weekend.  Allison used Frolicking Feet sock yarns which came in a 6 color kit.  Cost : 30 -40 dollars.
Allison felt it was it was easily memorized.  
4 pattern rows. 
They had you do the increases and pattern rows on the wrong side, but it was harder for Allison to see the pattern that way. ( she had to turn it around during the knit up. )
Allison knit it in 2 weeks, and yes Kathy is bragging. 

Allison wants a pin shawl. 

The Division Champions are ....
the First Place Chicago Cubs. First to clinch their Division.
Backed into it late last night, thank you St. Louis Cardinals. 
Kathy has never thanked the Cardinals for anything before. 
The Cardinals are historically amazing and kill Cub fans hopes on a yearly basis...
for the


Tired Teacher said...

Great-looking knits. No suggestions for the brim of KathyB's hat: a 2x2 rib is notoriously stretchy.

karen said...

wow! lots of knitting going on over there. My daughter can knit but chooses not to....hopefully one day she'll change her mind!

Vera said...

Love both finishes! From a non-sports person: Yay Cubs!

elns said...

As a Giants Fan watching and waiting desperately for a win on day 4. I thank the Cardinals too. I'm totally okay with them imploding. Now can you send some craptastic juju towards the Dodgers for me? I loathe the dodgers.

Araignee said...

Lots of fabulous mother-daughter knitting going on! I am so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Cute hat ---- to snug up the brim you could sew in some elastic band OR crochet in some elastic thread.

Betsy said...

Beautiful hat and shawl. Isn't it fun to do projects together? I love talking knitting with my daughter.

Summer said...

That hat is so pretty ♥

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful knits! Glad Kathy is happy!

KSD said...

Kim really likes third-person-ism. Hooray for Kathy and for Allison; beautiful work by both.

Teresa Kasner said...

Such a lovely daughter and so talented.. like her mom. Good job on the 2 projects! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

For the hat you could weave some thin elastic through the wrong side of the brim to tighten it up. I have to do that for Dave's grandma's beret.

Stefanie Ng said...

I like how your daughter used color for her shawl. Amazing she got that sucker done in two days! I've heard what Wanderingcatstudio suggested. Haven't tried it myself but mayhap that'll help?

Mereknits said...

Thanks to Joe Maddon who could not desert us fast enough, without him our poor little Rays aren't even worthy of a mention, worst season ever!

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