Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Alpaca from Peru

Dear old neighbors, Milt and Abby went to Peru.  Milt's bucket list. 
My gain!  Abby brought me a late birthday gift of alpaca yarn. I may just sit around and pet it for a while.  
It's perfection in the skein. 
It doesn't know what it wants to be yet. 
It just wants to be petted.

Thanks for all your helpful thoughts with the water softener, etc issues.  Diane W. I got your message.  I love to hear your voice. :)

I started watching the Great British Bake off show at Linda's suggestion.  Love it.  Now I have my knit show ready for the winter months.  Are you a fan? 

I must finish with my highest hopes for the Cubs. 
The Magic number is 10.  
We are going to the World Series. This. is. our. year.
Won't you join me? 


Katherine said...

Oh please give the alpaca a pet or two for me. Go Cubs! Go! Go!! Go!!! I've never seen them looking better.

Vera said...

Alpaca is Wonderful!!! I still have some my sister-in-law gave me...hoarding for the "right" project. I'm not into sports, but I will say Go Cubs Go!!

Tired Teacher said...

Petting and squishing makes alpaca yarn happy - just sayin'.

Like Vera, I'm not one to follow sports, but just for you I'll say, "Go Cubs - it's YOUR year!"

Betsy said...

I love alpaca yarn. There are several alpaca farms around us here. What a nice gift! I don't follow sports much either but for you...Go Cubs, Go!

Summer said...

Nice yarn! Have a lovely evening ♥


Teresa Kasner said...

You KNOW how I am in love with Alpaca.. can't wait to see what you make with those luscious colors. Shawl? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Delighted Hands said...

I love alpaca! It makes great hats and mittens as long as it gets gentle use.
It would be a great cowl because it is so warm and luxurious!

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooooooooo...alpaca! I have a nice skein in my stash. You'll have to let me know what you decide to make. I just may join you. Mine is DK weight and is a medium brown from a beautiful, mustached girl named LUCY.

Lucy even gave me a KISS for buying her yarn. (It was a bit sloppy, but much appreciated on my end. Not sure what Lucy thought about it. She was keeping mum.)

Araignee said...

LOVED the British baking show. I went out and bought a KitchenAid because of it!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Co-workers from years ago moved to Peru and I jokingly said send me some yarn. I received an email asking for my address but never received the yarn. Darn! Always love looking for or receiving yarn from around the world. Have fun with it.

Tahnee said...

Wow, there probably isn't a better spot to receive Alpaca yarn from than Peru, it must be so soft!

Caffeine Girl said...

Still a Cubs fan, huh? That's OK. We'll let you stay north of the stateline!
Alpaca yarn is so beautiful! But it really itches me, so at least it's one kind of yarn I'm not tempted to buy.

karen said...

how nice to have friends who bring back YARN! you are one lucky knitting duck!

Amy at love made my home said...

What a lovely gift! Yes, I am a fan of the great british bake off as it is called here, it is on tonight in fact, love it! xx

Judy S. said...

Nice yarn! What are you going to make with it (after you finish petting it?)

Mereknits said...

i bought alpaca yarn last weekend and you are right it is so soft

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