Friday, August 26, 2016

Our Home is Blessed

Because My mom cannot Bless our new house, and because my dear friend Kathryn was in town to visit her dear mom Mary, we got together. 

Mary is nearly 90 and amazing.  
Mary said she'd be honored to Bless the House. 
She blessed the outside first. 
She got teary.
Then we came in, albeit very slowly with the help of her snazzy new red wheeled walked, and she kept blessing. 
In the kitchen she said, 
"May the Bloody Mary's Start at 11!"

Mary is from New York and never lost her accent. 
It is awesome. 

My friend Kathryn brought us a house warming gift. 

She's a vintage head vase!  Oh was I thrilled. 
I have NO nurse stuff.  Only a few ornaments. 
I . just. Love. it

There was a tiny bit of knitting last night!
I showed Kath and her mom my present box and let them pick a hand knit. 
Kath took the cashmere socks.
Her mom took a shawl I made with alpaca from last years Sheep and Wool festival. 

Hooray  now I can knit more!


AsKatKnits said...

I second the kitchen blessing... Hahaha!

May your home overflow with love as well!

Donna Boucher said...

I love your nurse vase. So excited for your move.

Kim in Oregon said...

What a great post!

Vera said...

Yay for bloodies by 11! Love your new nurse vase - that is awesome. Everything is coming together so well for you. May joy & happiness fill your home always.

Katherine said...

Love, love, love the nurse vase! It reminds me of the kind of knick knacks my mom used to keep on shelves in the dining room. When you talk about your new home my heart swells with happiness for you and Fireman, and Al and Zach. My prayers are with you all, and all my wishes for great peace and joy in your new home.

Betsy said...

I love this post and the idea of having your home blessed. That nurse vase is amazing. I'll have to look for something like it for Mandy. I hope your new home is filled with love and laughter. Enjoy your knitting my friend.

Judy S. said...

Fun post, Kathy! Love the vase. What's the garden like at your new place? Enjoy the first weekend in your new home and have fun exploring Lake Geneva. It's a very fun town.

Delighted Hands said...

So nice of her to share her love; the new vase is perfect!

elns said...

I was so touched by Mary coming to bless the house. I love it. Your nurse vase is absolutely gorgeous. What a great start for what is already a lovely home by having you and The Fireman in it!. xoxo

Araignee said...

Already...such beautiful memories in your new home!

Tired Teacher said...

The nurse vase is wonderful, but I can't believe you have NO nurse stuff.

Mary sounds like a fun lady.

Stefanie Ng said...

What a hoot Mary is! How cool your house was blessed outside in.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it very gratifying to be able to share the things that we knit! I know your friends will love their new woolies.

Mereknits said...

Best story of the weekend!

Yarn Miracle said...

A present box is a beautiful idea.

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