Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Meme Time Again!

Feel free to play along.  It's Monday Meme time.

1. What did you do during the Masters?

I knit 6 mini sock keychains. 
And I watched the Fat Squirrel podcasts.
And I teased Fireman and would take my earpieces out and say, "Oh my gosh did the ball go in the hole?" 

2. What is your most recent knit fail/change my mind/don't want to knit this afterall?

I have already given up on the Lousia Harding yarn and shawl.  I haven't ripped it back yet, but I've lost all interest. 
I also returned the second skein of yarn because I'm just that sure I'm not knitting a big  shawl. 
Which is not to say I didn't like the yarn. I did. 
I still like it.  But it is just going to be a cowl someday. 

3. When was the last time you walked in the rain?
Only for 40 minutes but I had to get off the couch and get out of the Masters, er, house.  
Oh and every bit of exposed skin was freezing!

4. Do you like to get yarn as a gift?

I do I do I do.  In fact my family knows I get a tinge sad if I don't get yarn gifts.  But they also know I buy yarn for me pretty often :)  

5. When is the last time you had to repair a handknit?

I just had to repair the toes on my newish socks. 
I  made them this winter but the toe pull through was weakening.  Good thing they were for me.  So I reinforced the toe.  Oh and I had a dropped stitch I hadn't noticed. 
Seriously, I should be more attentive. 

6. If someone was going to knit you the perfect sweater would it be a Fisherman's Irish sweater or a Lopi ?

LOPI!!!! Someday I may just have to knit one. 
I'd want to steek the front.  
Whoa....that's a lofty goal!  I've always loved a Lopi. 
Icelandic over Irish.....I'm half Hungarian you know.

7.   When was the last time you raised your voice?

Yesterday.  Fezzik stole my newly knitted keychain sock WITH THE KEYS attached  He managed to take a row of stitches out.  

8.  Do you take blog photos with your phone or a special camera?

Both.  Mostly my good camera.  But if I'm in a pinch I'll use the i phone.  

That's it.  Just 8 questions this time.  

See you in the answers and thanks for comments!  


Araignee said...

1. I won two gold medals with my skating team. When I walked in the door last night all The Mister was interested in was telling me about......The Masters. Boo.
2. My handspun Crepidula was a big fail. Too itchy. I tried wearing it twice.
3. I am always in the rain. know. I had her pad trained but The Mister vetoed it. :(
4, No, unless it is given by a knitter. Non-knitters have no idea what makes good yarn.
5. Hmmm....I was always fixing Daddio's socks. Nothing since.
6. You can't find a bigger fan of Lopi than me. I have several sweaters already but I think you can't have enough with our cold, damp winters.
7. Hmmm...don't know. Things have been pretty calm around here for a change. Knock on wood.
8. I don't have a smart phone (!) so I use my Nikon or the cheapo Kodak I keep in my purse.
Happy Monday!

Vera said...

1. I did some shopping and watched the snow fall (again). Did not watch the Masters, though many of the guys I work with were on site for it (again).
2. A pair of sox for my hubby. Yarn is in time out...will try again in a little bit...meanwhile cast on a pair for myself (with yarn that had also been in time out).
3. This morning - from my car to my office. Better rain than snow...
4. Yes! It's a great gift - especially when coming from a fellow knitter.
5. Not that I can remember...but my knit sox are all new and sweaters are still in the unfinished phase (confession time).
6. I'll say Fisherman's sweater which I think is a lot more work. I intend to make a Lopi this year (ha!)- but all those cables on a beautiful Fisherman's sweater? Would drive me nuts, I think.
7. The other day when Tyg, our cat, tried to bit my leg.
8. No blog...yet...I keep thinking about starting one. Would use both phone and regular camera.
9. Ooopppsss...just 8 today!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

1. I was doctoring my poor horse
2. That pair of Feather and Fan socks with the sparkly navy yarn. They are just a distant bad memory...LOL...the yarn has been recycled into my sock yarn blanket. Love Feather and Fan. Just can't seem to knit it.
3. It's been a while since we've had a good rain but when ever it was I was in it. Chores don't stop for rain. :-)
4. I do!
5. Not long ago....had to repair a heel on some socks
6. Lopi....for sure!
7. Saturday! I was screeming at the top of my lungs at those awful dogs attacking my horse!
8. My iPhone is always handy( except when it gets locked in the house) so it gets used most of the time but I do think my camera does a better job.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've got a pile of knits that need to be repaired... darn moths!

Katherine said...

I love your Memes!
1. Watched. No easy way out for me! I did make it to a yarn change on my blanket though.
2. Even though I love seed stitch, the seed stitch sweater was just too much. Hats/gloves--okay. Sweater--crazy!
3. Last week. The fur-babies will not go out in it alone so I have to stand in the rain to get them to go out.
4. I like to get yarn as a gift but it seems to work out better, knit-wise, if I choose it myself.
5. I have a sweater that needs repairs but I haven't tackled it yet.
6. Fisherman's absolutely.
7. Oh please don't ask anyone in my office that question. They would each have their favorite story.
8. Camera, but occasionally with the phone when I catch the pups standing still.

elns said...

Your memes are always great! I love reading everyone's comments and especially YOUR answers! I'll play along today and post on the blog. It will be good for me to get something up there :)

Linda said...

I actually didn't watch the masters for some reason! I had planned to... I did see the ceremony - and my heart broke for Jordan Spieth.

I had started a short row (german short rows) shawl. And at first I was liking it. But all of a sudden, last night, I said - I really don't want to continue this. Just wasn't liking it enough to spend a lot more time knitting it!

I recently found a hole in a multi directional scarf I made a year ago. A scarf that took me quite awhile to knit. I about cried! And I have no idea of how to fix it!

The last time I walked in the rain - was last week while running errands.

Don't have a phone - so I usually take my photos with my Samsung NOOK now. so much easier than getting the camera out each time and dealing with it. this way - I just email the photos to myself and download them!

I do like getting yarn for gifts. But it doesn't happen often. I am usually the one giving it as a gift!

Linda in VA

Anonymous said...

Answers on my blog!

Oh that Fezzik ---- I'll bet THAT made you raise your voice but good.

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

1. We don't have cable here anymore and there is no more Project Runway, Project Runway Jr., or Under the Gunn to catch up on anymore so dinner is eaten either looking at one's smartphone or reading a book or Kindle. I got some major knitting done this weekend.
2. I probably don't continue a knit or hook if I'm just not into it anymore. I would say my most recent frogging was that of my BFF's infinity scarf.
3. I was drizzled upon while dumping garbage yesterday. Otherwise I'm always armed with my pocket umbrella and Hunter boots.
4. Hell yeah! I'll take yarn anytime.
5. Sock surgery took three hours yesterday while listening to my G-Men.
6. Hmmm, I think a Lopi. Knitting a colorwork jumper is on my list this year which I'm failing miserably at.
7. I raise my voice a lot here in this house.
8. Usually I take pics w/our Canon EOS Rebel T3i. 6s photos only happen if we're not home.

Delighted Hands said...

I knit socks and a baby sweater during the Masters while listening to a book and saying uh, huh! when he got excited!
Yay for yarn...from another knitter! I would love a fisherman's sweater.
I don't yell.......I laugh!

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