Saturday, April 02, 2016

Loose Ends Tied Up Saturday

 * Someone at my LYS was finishing her thrummed mittens.  Based on her exasperation, I don't think I'd try it without a class. 
 *I must give credit for the gorgeous owl Mittens of Thursday's  post to SANDANDSKYCREATIONS , Simone's blog. Thank you Simone for your comment and your gorgeous work.  She has some amazing free patterns and pay for patterns if you love to fairisle. She's a find.   
*Craftsy had a list of scarf pointers on Twitter this morning.  The Most useful tips I found had to do with yardage needed to make a good long scarf in different weights. 

For a 72 inch long scarf:
Lace, sock fingering you need 864 yards
Sport weight you need 720 yards
DK you need about 576 yards

*Don't you love the DEER heads on the wall? Garden center fodder. 

*I'm about to watch our TOM SKILLING the amazing weather man give a seminar on Tornadoes that is live simulcast.  Im a weather geek.  Tom is kind of a celebrity in Chicago.  

*MY LYS is having a sale......I will get there but I swear to you Im only buying sock yarn.  I swear. 
If you want a fun podcast with lots of sock feedback, see Woolly Cakes and Woodens Spoons blog.  She keeps it to a half an hour and you feel like she's talking right to you.  

*Finally, Zach April fooled me bigtime yesterday.  He called me from his vacation iN MExico and said he was alright but he had an incident the night before. 
I was driving at the time and said, "Okay Z, let me pull over and you can talk to me"
So I pull into a parking lot, take a deep breath and said, What happened ? (a thousand things go through my mind.....) 
He proceeded to craftily tell me had been bitten yet again by a loose dog in Mexico. 
He had me going for a bit and then I said, 
Zach this better be an April FOOL joke.  
and he said,
Yup it is.  

Our family is big into April Fools. My irish Nana LOVED loved loved the day.  We honor her each year and we have a ball doing it to one another. 


Judy S. said...

I gave up on thrummed mittens, too. Glad that call from your son was an April Fool's joke; one scare like that is plenty. We used to listen for the NPR prank every year, but I'm not sure they still do that. Did you get snow yesterday as promised? We should be sending some nice weather your way soon!

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm glad it was a joke. I think I'll work on some crocheted flower squares today! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tahnee said...

Thrummed mittens always look so great and comfy, but I've also never tried making them.

Tired Teacher said...

Thrummed mittens look warm, but I doubt I will ever attempt to knit a pair.

I don't even look at yarn sale ads anymore. I MUST reduce my stash.

Karen51 said...

I have been reading your blog for about a year. I live in Wisconsin and your mention of Tom Skilling prompted me to write. I remember when he was a weatherman in Milwaukee and I was working as a LPN at the VA medical center. I later got my degree in social work and ended my career as a hospice social worker three years ago. Now I have lots more time to knit and read and travel with my husband if 37 years. Keep up your fun posts and have a good spring. Karen

Araignee said...

Those thrummed mitts look just like the kit I bought from Zenitude a few years ago and they are wonderful-so soft and warm. There is a lot tricks you have to know to get it right. It took me several pairs to figure out that using a crochet hook to attach the thrums is the way to go. It's fiddly knitting but the mittens are so worth it.

Mereknits said...

Thank goodness it was a joke! Boys never lose their sense of fun do they? Okay I am allowing you to buy more than sock yarn. go ahead I dare you!

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

That thrummed mitt looks so cozy. I LOVE that faerie sign; wanna steal that. I give everyone permission to have an unlimited sock yarn stash!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I was always going to try knitting thrummed mitts before I left the frozen North but I won't be doing that now that I'm thawing out in the South. :-)

Suburban prep said...

I was at Three Bags yesterday and found a few things and might have to return at another time.
The weather yesterday was quite the challenge so Tom Skilling had the seminar and the weather to talk about.

Caffeine Girl said...

I also have a friend who tried thrumming and didn't like it. It isn't calling me, at least not yet.
Your son knows how to scare a Mom -- so glad it was a joke!

Betsy said...

Goodness I'm glad that was a joke! My kids give me scares once in awhile too, and my heart always races a bit with they start with, "Are you sitting down?" :-). Thank you for the yardage for the scarf. That will come in quite handy. I have never made thrummed mittens but I have heard others talk of the challenge. I think I'll not try it for awhile.

karen said...

Oh I'm glad that his april fool's was one and not true!! How crazy!! I wear thin gloves under hand knit mitts then I don't have the need to thrum anything.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think I need a fairy sign like that for my garden

Gracie Saylor said...

Having lived in Missouri during most of my growing up years, I grew to be weather fixated...especially after watching a tornado head toward our farm! When I lived in San Diego for six months the weather confused me...sun...fog...sun...fog...that was it...REALLY :) I never come up with clever jokes...even in April, but I am glad you enjoyed Zach's xx

Delighted Hands said...

This is a very interesting post! The joke is funny now that it's over...nice facts to share, the thrummed mitts are nice to knit and wear-try it! I love geeky weather stuff, too!
I am addicted to watching the space station in my sky each time it's visible. What can I say...

AsKatKnits said...

Great post - thanks for the podcast recommendation! And, I love the deer!!

Alyssa said...

I want to try thrummed mittens, but when I was going to try it, I got a pair of super cozy mittens... and I don't need two! So I've never tried.

Christine N said...

I've always wanted to try thrumming! Other people's projects always look so warm and comfortable.
(And thank you for the advice you left in my comments last week!)

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